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Universal lamp shade polygon building kit

Universal lamp shade polygon building kit
I saw a lampshade made out of the shape below at a friend's house, so I traced the shape and made my own. the lamp i saw used thin plastic for the pieces. I believe the original design for this lamp was done over 30 years ago by the firm Iqlight, they sell pre-cut parts in case you do not want to make the parts yourself. Below is the shape as an image, and i've also attached a DXF file. You will need sheets of paper or plastic that allow light to get through. The stiffness of your material determines how large your pieces can be - stiffer material for larger pieces and larger lamps, thinner material for smaller pieces and smaller lamps. (see next step) You will need a lamp fixture - just a raw socket on a cord. I experimented with a number of different plastics and sizes for the parts, here are my results: - HDPE: works well, looks good, cheap and easy to get. - Vinyl: I did not try it, probably want to use thicker pieces since it is not very stiff. but you can use colors! Where to get it:

Tea-time – Tea Steeper Design by Pengtao Yu Timely Steeping I am in love with the Tea-time tea steeper for its intuitive design and simplistic interaction between tea leaves, water and steeping time! A flipping action, akin to starting the timer, sets the tea making process into action. Designer: Pengtao Yu Tea-time is a 2011 Spark Awards entry. Exotic or Overkill? Series of 18 Extreme Leather Furnishings Suppress any shocked response and consider how often you end up sitting in something made of leather (or slip your feet into leather shoes, pull out a leather wallet, etc…). There, now let it loose – what do you think of this curious furniture series? It is the real deal – constructed with everything from alligator scales to zebra skins, buffalo pieces to ostrich parts … and more. Horns, tusks and tails make the reality of the mostly-leather creations a present visual factor in a visceral way – anthropomorphic elements (legs and armrests) augment the life-like feel of these furnishings. Michel Hallard is an artist and craftsman who is very aware that his furniture can make people uncomfortable – even if the materials he uses are soft and supple. It would be too easy to dismiss these items as macabre and sensationalist.

- StumbleUpon Super Macro Your Cellphone Camera With A DVD Lens I’ll admit, Super Macro Your Cell Phone Camera With A DVD Lens is one weird title. However, if you just moved to a blu ray DVD player and you’re looking for some good use for your old DVD, cnflikt (who also took the shots for this tutorial) came up with a hack to enable you to take super macro shots with your cellphone. Of course you’ll need a camera phone for that. cnflikt uses the notorious, yet old-skooled K800i, but any camera phone will work here. First thing is to get a lens for your camera phone. Anyhow, if you went against my advice, you’ll find the lens under the place where the disk goes. Ok, I’m only kidding on this one. If you opt for the cardboard option, just make a round hole in the cardboard. Just use some duct tape (as indicated before) to mount your lens directly, use or blue Tack to hold the card mount. WOW.

Niche Carving: 5 Ultra-Modern Plywood Furniture Products This wonderful woodwork by Kyle Buckner is hard to categorize – contemporary, sure, and custom crafted … but beyond that, these elegantly sculpted tables and chairs seem to span a wide stylistic gap without feeling as if they were created by various designers. The pieces draw on everything from classic hand-made wood furniture to contemporary metal-and-glass home products, but are unified in terms of quality, finish and abstract form. Using traditional stains on top of modern plywood-bending techniques, some items feature over a hundred layers of carefully-assembled slices used to create their dynamic curves. In general, there is a kind of expressive, sculptural and retro-modern look to them in terms of their volumes, oak wood and high-gloss finish choices, but at the same time the use of glass and metal is creative and contemporary.

How To Style a Hair Bow - A Beautiful Mess - StumbleUpon Love bows? We do too! Learn to make a pretty bow with your own hair so you can feel extra fancy. 1. Here's a second option. Thanks so much Katie! Turn a DVD Lens into a Cellphone Macro Lens Redux So, why exactly do you guys have a case of bullets lying around the office? @Pimanrules: A case? I wish. With ammo prices as high as they are I'd love for a case to just magically appear in the office. Dear Ammo Fairies, I would be very thankful if a whole case of ammo would appear. Love, Jason @ Lifehacker @Jason Fitzpatrick: Thanks to the macro lens it looks as if those are actually reloads, I believe I saw some lands and grooves on the very bottom edge of the slugs. @flyingwolf: I haven't gotten into reloading yet, although I'm seriously considering it. I did most of my bulk ammo purchasing several years ago... then I got busy with a new baby, work, etc. and wasn't going to the range as often as I had been. Reloading .22 isn't really an option so I'll just have to suck it up on those prices, but .40 and .45 are definitely worth the initial expense of setting up a reloading bench.

Fascinating Lamps by Calabarte | Pondly Calabarte is the pseudonym of a Polish artist named Przemek Krawczynski, whose art takes on a peculiar but incredibly beautiful form: cool lamps. The name itself is a portmanteau of two words – art (obviously), and calabash, the fruit that carries his imagination. The calabash is a bottle gourd originating in India, although Calabarte gets his supply from Senegal. Due to ancient domestication and usage, the bottle gourd has an incredibly tough outer shell. Due to the combination of dark, thick material with a light source within, the primary art of his work, however, shines in the dark. Hard work, beauty, an exceptional degree of detail and a marriage between mathematical geometry and a rampant imagination – all imprinted onto the husk of a Senegal calabash. Described as the art of light, Calabarte’s artistic tendencies truly took off in 2009, when he made his first gourd lamp, by chance of coming across a calabash. Website

house diorama Left: The actual house, Right: The paper diorama I always ALWAYS forget to photograph these before I put them under glass. Then I have to deal with the ever present glare and reflection of myself in the glass. Erg. Sorry. Our wonderful friends, the Smileys, hosted our family last May at their house near Washington D.C. This is their long-overdue thank you gift. Do you see where I accidentally bent the grass? I used a new glue this time, the MS Crafts Fine Tip Glue Pen. Now I'm ready to replace the snowy bird diorama that has stayed on my mantel all through the summer. "Patchwork Elephant" T-Shirts & Hoodies by Karin Taylor To see more of my range elephant art/paintings/prints/products, please click here aloha and welcome! f you like this elephant tshirt you might like my other elephant tshirts hereSee my full art portfolio hereFollow my blog click hereFollow me on Facebook click hereFollow me on Twitter click herePreview my book Beyond the Stick Figure click hereVisit my youtube videos to see my paintings progress from start to finish click hereListen to Paper Boats song collaboration with Silkwinders (my lyrics/les king music, guitar, vocals/andrea webster – video and vocals) produced recorded by les king aka uncleblack of treetops records click hereI can be contacted any time via email 61 sales of this tee and stickers so far! Thanks to everyone who’s bought one!! Join me at Karin Taylor’s Solo Exhibition, ‘Braids, Birds, and Blossoms’ design also available as greeting cards and wall art here Greeting card Small framed print with off white matt in mocha timber frame Tags

Pattern and Video Tutorial: Loom Knit Mesh Bag Loom Knit Mesh Bag by Kristen at GoodKnit Kisses 41 peg (or new 40 peg in pink) Knifty Knitter Extra Large Round Loom - Yellow 3 pegs of Spool Loom Skill Level: Beginner, level up Uses: Personal size Mesh bag for the beach or shopping. Yarn: 1 ball nylon crochet thread 90-100 yards 1 ball cotton 90-100 yards *or 2 balls of cotton Abbreviations: EW = E-wrap P = Purl Flat Panel- 1. Building Base bag – 2. Main body of the Bag – 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. Handle for mesh Bag – Spool loom. 2 strands 1.5 times diameter of yellow loom or 52.5-54.5" long depending on material. Weave the icord into the top of the bag between the knit stitch columns. ©2011 GoodKnit Kisses

"Aquamarine Mermaid" T-Shirts & Hoodies by sandygrafik Lovely Aquamarine is a teenage mermaid with beautiful curly blue hair. She loves to swim across the turquoise waves among her best friend, a little sea horse. Kids Tshirts & Hoodies: Aquamarine Art Prints Aquamarine Stickers Coraleen is another beauty from my mermaid series, available as T-shirts and Art Prints Tags aquamarine, aquatic, blue hair, fantasy, sandygrafik, mermaid, ocean, seahorse, siren, underwater, green, myth, mythology, cute, starfish, wavy hair, curly hair, aqua, seafoam, patterns Register your email address to be first in line desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait Dismount Creative – M&J Challenger 2! Dismount Creative is as a place for people to step out of their day-to-day routine and get together to make cool, modern crafts. Here are the great projects she came up with for the M&J Challenge 2. Project 1: Tie-dye Camera Strap Like many bloggers I carry my camera almost everywhere. Materials:Muslin 3” x 60” RIT Dye String Squirt bottles Hardware store chain 36” Leather: 2 strips 3/8” x 12” Rivets + rivet setting tools Directions Sew along the length of the prewashed muslin strip and then turn it right side out using a safety pin. Project 2: Simple Ribbon Camera Strap My little Diana Mini is way too cute to be carried by the 70’s vinyl strap that came standard. Materials:Split key rings – 2 Ribbon – At least 36” Jewelry Chain – At least 24” Weave the ribbon through the chain and knot on each end to secure.Attach the chain to the brackets on your camera using a split key ring. Project 3: Braided Wrap Bracelet Directions: Project 4: Sparkly Bolo Cord Bracelet Directions: Visit Like this: