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Paper Kawaii - Free origami instructions, photo & video tutorials, diagrams, downloads and more!

Paper Kawaii - Free origami instructions, photo & video tutorials, diagrams, downloads and more!

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origami yoda instructions origami yoda instructions Star Wars Yoda, you recognize it? Another Yoda origami tutorial Make Your Own Modern Wooden Mail Organizer - Tuts+ Crafts & DIY Tutorial Need a stylish way to keep your keys and mail organized? This wooden mail organizer is the perfect solution to all your organizational needs. This quick woodworking project is a great way to test out your carpentry skills! Poppyscabin Well! talk about getting carried away....Yes i have definitely done that all right. I am just loving doing my Easel board cards, and this soft Lemon is just too scrummy. Today i have a LOTV stamp "Baby Christening" I decided to make it for any Gender hence the Lemon theme.

Origami Modular Spinning Top Folding Instructions Origami modular spinning top is a fun and easy modular toy. It really spins nicely when thrown. You can watch the video at the end of the page to see it in action. Another unique feature of this origami is that it requires 7 unit and forms a heptagon (7-sided shape) when completed!

Ultra Cute Origami Easter Bunnies with Cotton Bums - Oh So Very Pretty I know there’s been an influx of Easter-related posts on our blog – we’ve made a card and watercolored some eggs, and the next thing we’re going to share are bunnies! I’m not actually quite sure how bunnies are related to Easter, but a quick search on the web came up with a children’s story, a number of medieval church art inspirations and whatnot! All I remembered was that as a child, whenever we had Sunday School, our teacher would often bring a bunny for the kids to see and pet. Being a competitive little kid, I challenged my teacher once why she would bring a bunny, but not allow any of us to bring it home as a prize.

valentine puppets are my fave On Tuesday I said that nothing says I love you quite like chocolate and cream cheese. Correction: nothing says I love you quite like puppets. Just look at these happy little guys. To make your own you’ll need: - printable downloads (at the bottom of the post) - scissors - small brads - sucker or popsicle sticks Simply print, cut on the dotted lines, attach limbs with brads and tape a stick to the back.

Origami - Artis Bellus: March 2013 I like to fold models with geometric patterns, and tatos are great examples. A tato is a traditional Japanese purse, a kind of container that can be used to store flat items. It can also be used as an envelope, and it is a great way to send invitations. These are two of my favorite ones: The tatos in the pictures above were created by Tomoko Fuse.

I Gotta Create!: Tinfoil Rickrack Tutorial We're going to get crazy with tinfoil! That's right: tinfoil. Aluminum foil. It's the perfect material in all its glittery silver splendor. It's cheap. It's plentiful. Origami - Artis Bellus: Videos The models and video instructions are intended for personal, non commercial use only. Copyright of the origami models and video instructions belongs to the creator/designer/diagrammer. The videos available in this page can be linked, but cannot be uploaded to other sites without my written consent.

3 Monkeys throwing around some....PAPER!!!: Freaky Friday!!!!! Make your own Glue Dots for a LOT less!!!! It's Freaky Friday!!! What is Freaky Friday? Things get crazy and mixed up!!! Favorite Free Christmas Fonts Yesterday I shared some of my Favorite Free Ampersands. Today I’m sharing Favorite Free Christmas Fonts (Part 2). I shared some with you last year, but have found some more new and fun ones that are great to use for prints and graphics. The best part about these fonts and dingbats is that they make my job SO much easier!! They are so easy to use and can jazz up any print to make them look TEN TIMES better without doing a lot of work. I hope you like these fonts and dings as much as I do.