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Free origami instructions, paper craft, graphic resources & more ^.^

Free origami instructions, paper craft, graphic resources & more ^.^
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My Crafts (JeN) - AsianFanatics Forum Sammeh, on Mar 5 2006 9 05 AM, said: I like the purple swan, it has a shimmer to it. Or maybe it's just because I'm not wearing my glasses =\. Anyways, good job! I just noticed those straw flowers. some of the pictures are taken with my cellphone (like the purple swan, but it was made with nice shiny papers) JeN Sacreble, on Mar 5 2006 9 27 AM, said: wow this is impressing...really shows that you like to do stuff.. I tried to make a swan like yours one time...and got tired after halfway.. hey ! About the straw flowers, it isn't that hard, maybe at start ! ' it's finger killing lolz ! Hey everyone i just added few stuff ! From wat i have found but no time to do it !! JeN !

origami yoda instructions | how to origami origami yoda instructions Star Wars Yoda, you recognize it? Another Yoda origami tutorial origami yoda instructions,how to make origami yoda,how to make a origami yoda,yoda origami instructions,origami yoda,origami yoda book,star wars origami yoda instructions,van jahnke origami yoda,origami yoda finger puppet,van jahnke origami yoda instructions,origami yoda finger puppet instructions,origami yoda diagram,instructions for origami yoda,easy origami yoda instructions The Things She Makes: Papercraft Stars A few weeks ago, I posted a paper geometric heart tutorial and have fallen back in love with simple paper crafts. The next shape that seemed obvious for me to become obsessed with was stars. There are many a tutorial of this simple technique to transform a flat 2D star into a 3D embellishment, but here is my contribution. What I Used: Card Pencil / Ruler / Scissors Optional: template For this DIY, I created myself a simple 5-point star at the size I wanted and used this to trace around on my coloured card [but any star printed from google/Word/Pages/cut from a magazine will work just as well: Once you have traced around your template, cut your star and mark the center [note: this does not have to be exact at all. Using your scissors, score lines from this marked center to each point of the star [on a 5-point star this is 10 lines in total]: Now, for the folding - starting from the top point and working our way anti-clockwise. ...then to the line to the left, fold this away: see you next time x

Un lustre imprimé en 3D qui crée l’ambiance d’une forêt mystérieuse by le blog sur les fichiers 3D et l'impression 3D Les deux artistes hollandais Thyra Hilden et Pio Diaz ont réalisé un lustre imprimé en 3D permettant de recréer une ambiance de forêt mystérieuse. Le design de cet objet 3D imite la forme d’un enchevêtrement de branches, une fois allumée, la lampe projète sur les murs des silhouettes d’arbres. Cet objet a été inspiré par les dessins très détaillés du biologiste allemand Ernst Haeckel. source : Piodiaz "Cute Food For Kids" ? Modular Origami Diagrams « Flotsam and Origami Jetsam Oh St. Patty’s day is near!!! For many (I am only speaking of Chicago, cause that’s what I know) it is special day celebrated in any place that serves alcohol, by the Green Chicago River, or at the parade. In honor of such a green holiday I am posting triangular pyramid tip box instructions and a Celtic cross modular (In deference to it being the holiday of a saint and all.) The tip box is made from a bill and closes. The modular is of an almost identical unit that an Italian folder, Franco Pavarin, published, with one difference. Tip Box Instructions 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

折纸玫瑰的简单折法教你如何折纸玫瑰 - 纸艺网 折纸玫瑰的简单折法教你如何折纸玫瑰 折纸玫瑰的制作方法非常多,有复杂一些的,也有简单一些的。有的折纸玫瑰爱好者比较喜欢复杂一些的折纸玫瑰,因为这对于他们而言是一种创新和挑战,但是还有不少的朋友喜欢简单一些的纸玫瑰的折法,对于他们而言,如何折纸玫瑰是一个比较重要的问题,复杂程度他们并不关心,所以这也就需要一些简单的纸玫瑰的折法出现,来帮助更多希望亲手折叠处纸玫瑰,但是没有充足时间学习和练习的朋友。毕竟纸玫瑰的简单折法应该是人人都喜爱的,因为不用花很多时间就可以轻松完成一个纸玫瑰的折叠和制作。 下面将要看到的这个折纸玫瑰的简单折法教程已经在互联网上流传已久,相信不少朋友都已经按照这个简单折纸玫瑰的折法进行过练习,效果应该也都不错。 1.和所有折纸玫瑰的折法是一致的,选择自己喜欢的方向纸张,同时颜色也自定的。 2.然后在这个矩形结构的基础上,将方形纸张中线所在的那个边缘向上进行翻折,翻折的宽度大约有1厘米左右即可,这个宽度也可以根据自己的需要进行调整。 3.将此时的折纸模型再按照横竖对折的方式,连续两次折叠,折叠成一个小的正方形。 4.在这一步主要还是制作预折痕(和其他折纸玫瑰的制作在这里都是相似的,例如折纸玫瑰教程:简单手工折纸玫瑰花的折法)。 5.上面的步骤完成之后,我们便得到了如图所示的折纸玫瑰折痕样式。

3 Monkeys throwing around some....PAPER!!!: Freaky Friday!!!!! Make your own Glue Dots for a LOT less!!!! It's Freaky Friday!!! What is Freaky Friday? Things get crazy and mixed up!!! So I am mixing it up today with a little post that I did a while ago that has gotten tons of visits- a GREAT money saving tip- Making your own glue dots!I love to craft. Second to that, I love to save money! here is what you need: You need some Aleene's Tack-It-Over & Over glue. For the next step, you want to fold your backing sheet in half. Fill up your sheet with your dots!!! I am experimenting with bigger dots like Glubbers or Jumbo Sticky Rounds in the Stampin' Up catalog. The hard part is over!!! This picture shows the dots drying. The big dots look funny drying but they are drying just fine. When the dots are totally dry, they will be clear all the way through. I have used these dots for over two years. I reuse the label backings over and over. I love money saving tips, it keeps more money in my buy stamps with!!!!! Now go glue dot something....with HOMEMADE glue dots!!!!

6 voitures particulières pour changer de la routine Au Canada, en frais de transport automobile, nous sommes plutôt conservateurs. Nos bagnoles de tous les jours ont généralement 4 roues, entre 2 à 5 portes et des dimensions raisonnables, bien inspirées des véhicules d’antan. Bref, nous sommes véhiculairement traditionalistes. Mais ailleurs dans le monde, il existe une multitude de voitures particulières, inhabituelles ou même totalement étrange. Renault Twizy Une voiture électrique avec portes en option. Mis en marché comme l’idéal véhicule de mobilité urbaine pour les jeunes gens stylés dans la mi-vingtaine, le Twizy va à l’essentiel. Ce petit véhicule électrique est donc tout adapté aux grandes villes de l’Europe occidentale. Tata Nano La Tata Nano a une historique bien intéressante. Mais bon, vous aimez l’idée, mais vous trouvez que le devant ne semble pas avoir été assez gonflé à l’hélium? Chery QQ3 Cependant, le nom de cette voiture est, à lui seul, une excellente raison de se la faire importer. Tata Magic Iris Daihatsu Tanto

Dave's Geeky Ideas Just a note to say I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth! I’ve been doing a lot of work on this blog the last few weeks, it’s just not very apparent. I have been: - Migrating images from Photobucket. I don’t know what I was thinking, but the vast majority of my images were hosted there. - New art. - Cleaning up existing art. - Enlarging old images. - Nixing weird posts. - Editing my written work. I’ve been chipping away at it, and I still have some work to do. When I first started this blog I was honestly just goofing around. Once I am done the repairs I have some big plans for this blog, in terms of layout and content (ever heard of Sketchfab?). In the meantime I will still post new content (both here and at Geeky Hockey – I’m also doing some repairs there too), so please stay tuned. -Dave Like this: Like Loading...

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