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I ♥ mathematics {platonic solids garland} Oooh….it’s been I while since I last posted. We had a smashing Christmas and new year. Hope you all did too! My computer died just before Christmas and it’s taken my hubby and I a while to bring it back to life…which is why it’s been a bit quiet. Now seems like a good time to thank all you lovely lot for visiting minieco over the last couple of years. In between posts I regulary use pinterest so do pop over and check it out if you haven’t already. There seems to be a bit of a Polyhedra craze going on at the moment. I have put together some templates for a ‘platonic solids‘ garland. Simply chop, score and glue together. Don’t forget to thread your cotton in whilst glueing the pieces together….I forgot! I’ll try to get a better photo of it in situ…our conservatory is really bright and sunny but the rest of the house is pretty dark (especially in this miserable weather). If you want something a bit more subtle then you could make the polyhedra white with some neon/gold thread!

¡The AntiCraft! Glaistig Half beautiful woman and half goat, the Glaistig is a mythological creature of Scotland and Wales who was by some legends malevolent (seducing men into dancing with her, then sucking their blood) and by some benevolent (a guardian of cattle or children). She wore a long green robe to conceal her goat parts. I imagine that she might also wear this hat to conceal her eyes (and her intentions). by Sami Preuninger Suggested Reading The Fairy Tradition in Britain by Lewis Spence Popular Tales of the West Highlands by J. Difficulty Strong Intermediate Click here for definitions of difficulty levels. Finished Measurements Fits most adult female heads, 19-23" in circumference. Download Glaistig Ribbed Cable chart (pdf format) Materials Koigu KPM (solid) or KPPPM (variegated) [100% merino wool, 175yd/160m per 1.75oz/50g skein]; 2 skeins in the color(s) of your choice. Gauge 16sts x 24 rows = 4"/10cm in Ribbed Cable pattern, slightly stretched Design Notes: This hat is knit bottom-up in the round.

Knitting Library | Beginners' Knitting Resources If you'd like to learn how to knit or are returning to knitting from a long absence, the following resources should be able to get you going. Your local yarn shop (LYS) Nothing can take the place of having a real live person show you what to do. The folks at your LYS can guide you to the right yarn and needles for your project as well as help you out if you get stuck. They may also offer knitting classes, which are a great way to learn and to connect with other members of your local knitting community. Your local library Your local library may have books and videos that cover basic knitting techniques. Videos at Casting On: Knitting: Purling: Casting Off: Illustrations at

Instructables A wallet is something nearly everyone carries and uses daily. It is an excellent canvas for personalization. There are dozens of Instructables for wallets; some are practical, some decorative, some weird and wonderful and possibly not very useful. There are denim wallets, plastic bag wallets, Altoids tin wallets, wallets that light up or store data, wallets that aren't actually wallets at all... There are enough here to make a different wallet for every day of the month, for several months. But that many wallets is overkill. So make a wallet! 3 quick ways to watch TV shows for FREE Quick guide to being able to watch your favorite TV shows for FREE! With the ever increasing amount of TV shows available to watch on TV, it has become even tougher to try to view them all. With a ridiculous 500+ number of cable channels available to us it’s surprising that some shows are even watched at all. The rise in popularity of foreign UK-based shows such as “Dr. Unfortunately not everyone has a DVR or TIVO available to them, so arises the need for alternative time-shifting capabilities. There’s a whole number of ways that one can get TV content from the internet and onto their PC but, to keep it simple we’ll I”ll mention the three easiest. 1. Clicker.TV is a Chrome browser extension that simplifies the process, and allows you to search, save and watch all the full-length TV shows, movies and Web series available online. 2. Project – Free TV is standard on-demand video streaming site that hosts links to uploaded videos hosted on third-party sites. It’s that easy. Stay tuned.

DIY Furniture: An Awesomely Inspiring How-To Book | Man Made DIY | Crafts for Men | Keywords: upcycle, how-to, shop, furniture I don't buy a lot of how-to books these days. It's not that I dislike reading, but rather I tend to go to web for most of my instructional needs. Sometimes, however, I come across a book that looks so amazing that I just need to get it. That's how I felt when I discovered DIY Furniture: A Step-by-Step Guide by Christopher Stuart. It's now at the top of my reading list; I plan on ordering a copy ASAP. The book features 30 designs by top-notch designers that range from interior seating and storage to garden furniture. A Knit Knack Shop Welcome to You! How to knit small circumferences w/ one long circular How to knit small circumferences using one long circular needle If you understand the concept of knitting with two circulars it is easy to switch over to using one long circular to knit a small circumference. The two techniques are very similar (same basic concept) and which you use will likely depend on the circulars you already own or your budget for buying new circulars. Also, some people prefer using one circular because the dangling ends of a second circular can be considered distracting. I like working with a 40" Addi Turbo circular. My size 0 Addi is 47" and that works great as well. This technique has been around for ages, some people say their grandma or auntie did it, but it's explained in a booklet published by Fiber Trends titled "The Magic Loop" so that's what most people now call it. I received the Fiber Trends booklet as a gift after I had already learned the technique so I was prepared to trade it away. Instructions for using one circular: See Picture 1 below.

Internet Archive: Free Download: Sita Sings the Blues origami stars tutorial | minna may » blog Many of you asked if I could make a tutorial on how to make the origami stars from this post. I tried my best to make the steps as simple as possible! It takes some practice to make the stars look perfect, so don't be discouraged if you don't get it the first time! If you have any questions, leave a comment and i'll answer!

Quick 'n Easy Camisole Absolutely the fastest camisole you'll find. Double decreases along the top points form a neat braided edge, and no other finishing is necessary. Sew up the side seams, work in the yarn ends and that's all there is to it. Made on any standard gauge knitter. Sizes: S-M-L Body Bust: 32 - 34 - 36" Garment Width at Bust: 32.5 - 35.3 - 38 Garment Length 13.6 - 14.3 - 15" Materials Required: Bonita cotton by Knitcraft, approximately 5-6 oz Machine: Knitking 881 punchcard, but any standard gauge machine may be used. Tension: 8 1/3 on Knitking or Brother. Gauge: 7 sts, 10 rows = 1" Abbreviations: see Crop Top in free patterns section for a list of abbreviations. Begin at lower edge. Each point is worked separately. NOTE: There is a technique that will help prevent the little separation at the center front where the points divide. Knit exactly as for Back, except do not bind off the 5 remaining sts at top of point. Go to Free Patterns Page Clearwater Knits Home Page

Knitting Techniques <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0;url= ntASuzT&_rdm=QWB4WBsNf93a5.JvV&p=J1c4gcNvvUVf4W1FboFgXo%3D9%7C%40%7CbGtbzz%2C5f95zET%7C%40%7C4B5cWBJ.JvV%7C%40%7C%7C%40%7C%7C%40%7CAZAzzzTbF%7C%40%7CZGEbF%7C%40%7Cep%7C%40%7C19c4NW4cGEAFZGGTAETbAEGG%7C%40%7Ct+nMHSyAH%7C%40%7CT+7RyFj_T&ga=1ZpMxCszsYAAJcbfjC0sJ9FaWXUFxys44ti6ABYS4XNoWLDcGU8QoWnGtkY5vXSd1d5IBfKVFuFDG6ao%2By5c%2FZQ6kAAr1cdouqLCADCp%2FbjZUb91%2FH%2F8TFW%2BnmQAaVbXjl8qiX272ubXIMdwz8sAtg%2FsliHSNBGAgDZOxysnzVjMBICZ0lD9klwH%2FgW6Ge%2FuoSisipZ5RKL%2Bxe3taxVxBg%3D%3D&t=gnojs" /><center><p style="padding:1em; font-size:1.5em;">For search results please <a href="

Christmas cracker templates By Kate on December 10, 2011 I can’t imagine tucking into a Christmas dinner without pulling a cracker first. I love the naff hats, the cringe-worthy jokes (and just the tradition of it all). Crackers are so easy to make…and if you don’t fancy making some for the table you can make some miniature ones to hang in the tree. They also make really cool gift boxes. I’ve put some templates together if you wanna try. Here’s how: 1) Download the pdf and print onto thin card. 3) Score along all the dotted lines. 5) Fold along all the vertical lines. 6) Fold along horizontal lines as shown. 7) Bring ends together and join using a glue stick or double sided tape. 8) Tie one end with a length of cotton/ribbon/string* 9) Wrap a gift/sweets/hat/joke/confetti* in some tissue paper 10) Pop inside cracker and tie the other end with cotton/ribbon/string* * delete where appropriate!! Job done!! Hope all your Christmas or Hanukkah crafts/preparations/plans are coming along a treat.

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