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DIY Network Entire Site Photo Display and Message Board This easy project is a great way to display photos, postcards, messages and more. Get the kids to help! Fabric + Cardboard + Glue + Clothespins Make Paper Flowers Using Cupcake Liners These colorful paper flowers are easy -- and inexpensive -- to make. Fun Rainy-Day Craft Holiday Crafts DIY Network/Topics / Crafting Make Stamped Wrapping Paper Decorate plain paper using materials found in the home. Outlet Covers with Pizazz Step 1: Source some outlet covers and buy crafty tape. Crafting Custom Table Decor Use paint markers on dinnerware for personalized flair. Rate My Craft Are you crafty? Message Boards Visit our crafting message boards and join the conversation. Top 100 Crafting Projects 1. « Previous 123...67Next » All About… More Topics Got a Problem? Need help with a project? Post Problems & Get Answers Advertisement Most Popular Experts' Showcase Find inspiration or just steal ideas from the best renovations and remodels done by the DIY Network pros.

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I ♥ mathematics {platonic solids garland} Oooh….it’s been I while since I last posted. We had a smashing Christmas and new year. Hope you all did too! ¡The AntiCraft! Glaistig Half beautiful woman and half goat, the Glaistig is a mythological creature of Scotland and Wales who was by some legends malevolent (seducing men into dancing with her, then sucking their blood) and by some benevolent (a guardian of cattle or children). She wore a long green robe to conceal her goat parts. I imagine that she might also wear this hat to conceal her eyes (and her intentions).

DIY Furniture: An Awesomely Inspiring How-To Book I don't buy a lot of how-to books these days. It's not that I dislike reading, but rather I tend to go to web for most of my instructional needs. Sometimes, however, I come across a book that looks so amazing that I just need to get it. That's how I felt when I discovered DIY Furniture: A Step-by-Step Guide by Christopher Stuart. It's now at the top of my reading list; I plan on ordering a copy ASAP. The book features 30 designs by top-notch designers that range from interior seating and storage to garden furniture.

Quick 'n Easy Camisole Absolutely the fastest camisole you'll find. Double decreases along the top points form a neat braided edge, and no other finishing is necessary. Sew up the side seams, work in the yarn ends and that's all there is to it. origami stars tutorial Many of you asked if I could make a tutorial on how to make the origami stars from this post. I tried my best to make the steps as simple as possible! It takes some practice to make the stars Cybersocks Argyle Sock On-line Socknitting Classes with Edie Eckman Introduction I designed this woman’s argyle to be made in the traditional way, with the ankle and instep knit back-and-forth, and the foot knit in the round. Christmas cracker templates By Kate on December 10, 2011 I can’t imagine tucking into a Christmas dinner without pulling a cracker first. I love the naff hats, the cringe-worthy jokes (and just the tradition of it all). Crackers are so easy to make…and if you don’t fancy making some for the table you can make some miniature ones to hang in the tree. They also make really cool gift boxes.

The Story: Accessories—hats, mitts, bags, etc…—are my favorite things to knit. They’re usually quick and don’t have to fit to a T to be successful. And I feel more free to use colors that I might not want to plug into an entire sweater—right now I want everything (little) to be orange. To my list of accessory things to knit, I’ve added vests. I confess that I’ve been wearing a sleeveless polar fleece thing under my coat, but now that I have a little more time, I plan to make myself a knitted version to live in. Stellated dodecahedrons! Hello there. I seem to be stuck in a geometric-paper-model rut at the moment! I promise this will be the last one for a while! (I have just white-washed a lot of the walls in our home so I have been looking to make some colourful objects to hang up…these are just the job). Making stellated dodecahedrons is fairly time consuming and requires a light-touch and a fair bit of patience…so teenagers/adults only!

toy patterns All the patterns in the Toy Patterns Shop are available as PDF downloads, and range from 5 to 28 pages each. Printed paper versions are not produced, and a mail order service is not possible. Each pattern includes photograph(s) of the finished toy, and the size of these have been kept small so as not to use too much of your ink. The number of photographs will vary from pattern to pattern, depending upon how many are available, as those in older designs were only taken as a reference before the toy was sent off to the magazine. However, patterns of recent designs contain more photographs, including close-up views of important details to help with the making-up process. Foliage - Knitty: Fall 2007 Using double-point needle, CO 4 sts, leaving a 6-inch tail. Work back and forth on 2 needles as follows: Row 1 [WS]: P4. Row 2 [RS]: [Kfb] 4 times. 8 sts. Divide sts evenly between 4 needles (2 sts on each needle) and join to begin working in the round. K 1 round. After the first few rounds have been worked, place a safety pin or split ring marker in the work to indicate the beginning of the round.

ORI-REVO-MORPH: An animation viewer of ORI-REVO models 2011 Jun Mitani, Univ. of Tsukuba The latest version is Ver.1.0.0. Contents (目次) Updates (更新情報) [2011/11/15] This webpage was opened. (Webページ開設) Wool Works: knitting guilds in California To add a guild to this page, please use the guild submission page. Sheeper Than Therapy Fresno, CA Contact: Fran Tanner email: World Wide Web: Program meetings are at ARC Fresno, 4567 N Marty on the 1st Saturday of each month, from 9:30 - 12 noon, with no-host lunch following. Knit-Nite is held on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at a local restaurant. DIY: Simple Paper Windmills for Children Older DIY: Simple Paper Windmills for Children by Alexa Hotz Issue 34 · Children's Summer · August 24, 2012