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Mary Corbet’s Needle ‘N Thread

Mary Corbet’s Needle ‘N Thread
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Japanese Embroidery Center | A Brief History of Japanese Embroidery Phase 9 "Seasonal Poems" Japanese embroidery (nihon shishu in Japanese) is an embroidery technique that goes back more than 1600 years. In its early stages Japanese Embroidery was only used for decorating items used during religious ceremonies. Human Leather Exclusive Products - Exquisite Wallets, Belts, Shoes enbrouderie | embroidery for ducks Collage Candy Jane Nicholas Stumpwork Embroidery My Own Labels | Custom Labels, Personalized Favor Tags, Coasters, Bookplates, Note Cards, Place Cards Embroidery as Art Animal Series Paper Dolls Linda is the author of the blog called "The Paper Collector" which is a treasure trove of paper dolls, vintage ephemera and advertisements. I adore the illustrations of the Animal Series of Paper Dolls, cerca 1890s featuring an owl, a pig and other animals dressed as human beings. From her blog: "Here's Mark Woodcock on these fabulous animal paper dolls: Here are a few uncut advertising paper dolls. They're 4.5"x7". Four of them are stamped on the back "U.S. Standard Baking Powder" and one "Flag Coffee."

New Page des MODELES de BRODERIE BRETONNE- GLAZIK - Le blog de sophie TOUS les Modèles de broderie bretonne ( G L A Z I G ) de cette page ont été dessiné par mes soins je les fourni par simple demande par mail ; LA SEULE CONTRE PARTIE QUE JE DEMANDE C'EST UNE PHOTO UNE FOIS FINI La photo Que vous me fournirez , ne sera mise sur le blog qu'avec votre accord, sinon elle ira dans mes archives je ne fourni pas plus de 2 MODELES à la fois Le modèle sera retourné par mail au format A4 et en haute définission (on peux diminuer le modèle de 25% pour avoir un rendu plus fin ) Mes modèles sont uniques merci de ne pas les diffuser ou d'en faire commerce sans mon accord Pour le matériel auteur à contacter: Partager l'article ! inShare

Tênis Tênis Palmilhado Processos de Modelagem: -Encapar forma, riscar divisão e cortar; -Riscar altura do traseiro na seguinte regra: Nº da forma + 20mm + (10 à 12 mm); -Riscar linhas básicas; -Desenhar contorno da gáspea, deixando c/ 1cm abaixo da linha A; -Desenhar biqueira c/ 3 mm acima da quina da forma; -Desenhar ferradura; -Desenhar taloneira; -Desenhar pepa; a) Giro - Fazer giro a 2/3cm da linha AD partindo de A; - Deixar espaço de no mínimo 2mm entre parte superior ra ferradura e a linha de vinco b) Padrão com giro - Após ter girado o padrão é preciso suavizar as linhas e confirmar o desenho. d) Padrão pronto para destaque de peças - Desenhar as linhas de todas as peças do modelo; - Marcar os pontos do atacador. e) Gáspea - Destacar a gáspea conforme orientações da figura abaixo; - Lembrando dos riscadores e piques para costura strobel (overlok). f) Biqueira - Posicionar na linha do vinco e destacar; - Marcar piques de centro. g) Reforço da biqueira - Destacar peça conforme orientações da figura abaixo;

worksofhands Berlin Susan’s Bird Patterns | Downeast Thunder Farm Following is an archive of all the felt bird patterns I’ve created to date. They are presented in reverse chronological order – the newest ones are at the top of the list. This crazy collection began with the Mama, Papa, and Roo owls that live in the header of my blog. After 70+ birds, you might say I’m a bit obsessed with them. A Note on CopyrightI am happy to share these with you for your personal, not-for-profit use. You are encouraged to make these in any form (ornaments, felting, quilting, appliqué, etc.) and sell for, non-profit fund-raising. At this time I cannot grant permission for commercial use of my patterns. Downloading Patterns The bird patterns are in PDF files. Where to Purchase Nice Felt Where I live, the local craft stores only carry the polyester felt in very basic colors. “How To” Tid BitsAdding Wire Feet to Your Felt BirdsEmbroidery Stitch Cheat Sheet Projects Submitted by ReadersClick here to view bird projects submitted by readers. The Familiar Eastern Phoebe