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Build a Storage Sofa

Build a Storage Sofa
PDF version A sofa that you can build with a fold out seat perfect for storing extra pillows and blankets. Based off a sleeping pad foam cushion, so seating surface doubles as a guest bed. Handmade from this plan >> Dimensions Dimensions: I did a little tweaking on the design to decrease the cost to build (my sister wanted double cushions for the look) and also to increase the storage compartment. Materials and Tools Shopping List: 1 – 30″ x 72″ x 3 1/2″ Foam Camping Pad or Cushion 1 – 9×12 Paint Drop Cloth 6 yards upholstery batting 2 20 oz bags of pillow stuffing 2 1/2 yards of burlap staples 3″ screws or 2″ pocket hole screws 1 1/4″ screws wood glue spray adhesive 2 – 2×4 2 – 2×6 2 – 2×2 4×4 (You only need about 2 feet for the sofa legs) 1 – 12′ AND 1-8′ 2×10 2 – sheets of 1/4″ plywood Tools: measuring tape square pencil hammer safety glasses hearing protection drill circular saw nailer sander staple gun level countersink drill bit Cut List Cut List: Step 1 Back Step 2 Step 3 Back Batting Step 4 Side Batting Base Related:  bricolage

The4inONE: March 2011 Her name is Mónica Tort Bori, and she was born in Barcelona (Spain), 1971. She was graduated in the Escola Massana, Barcelona in 1998. Ceramist since then, in 2004 opened a ceramics shop-studio in Pamplona (Navarra, Spain), where she works, exhibits and sells her pieces. …ceramic technology is varied, there are lots of posibilities, what I most like is to experiment, prove all thecnics…that´s why I do all kind of pieces, always one-of a kind or limited editions.Every piece is born from an idea, after you prove and experiment with it, you pass it through your hands, choose the clay, the adecuated thecnic, the colour, the glaze,the high finish…but there is always something that no depends on you, that you dont control… that´s what you discover when you open the kiln… that´s the magics.” All the ceramic pieces you see in NiuTaller, her Etsy store, are handmade, mostly in porcelain (1250º).

Deco-Den's Photos » short history Japanese ‘Hime-Den’ [姫電] comes from Hime meaning “Princess” and Den for Denwa or phone. Hime-Den refers to girlly keitais who have money — average and total monthly cellphone bill for a regular Hime-Den is about 60,000 yen per month or $530 USD and time to decorate their phone! Every Hime-Den needs a Deco-Den [デコ電] — which literally means, DECOration DENwa/phone that is encrusted in Swarovski, rhinestones, glitter, seals and paint. » about the group deco-den doesn't only include phones, it can be how you decorate your keys, makeup sets, camera, etc.. also! you don't have to have a deco-den, so if you're interested in how to decorate your phone, the pretty pictures we have or if you want to talk about anything related~ please join❤ {macramé: half knot spiral} washer & wingnut bracelet By Kate on October 25, 2011 Hello there! I finally got around to posting after a hectic few weeks. I’ve been working on a big project which is all done and dusted now so I will be making more frequent updates between now and Christmas…phew! I sincerely wish there were more hours in the day! I’m hoping to post another Halloween craft in the next day or so. It’s comprised of a’half knot spiral’ (and is even easier than the square knot bracelet I showed you previously). A few people left comments about the last bracelet saying it looked like it may take too long to make. By the way thanks to all you lovely people who ‘liked’ my facebook page. Full tutorial after the jump! How-to Please note: I have used different colored cord in the tutorial so that it’s easier for you to figure out whats going on! 1. 2. 3. Note: You fasten this bracelet as you would a friendship bracelet.

Project Hello Kitty Deco-den iPhone | Hello Kitty Junkie I have mentioned it before to some of my friends (and even kittified my iPhone’s theme)… But this time, I am going to REALLY Hello Kittify my phone! ^_^ By now, everyone has heard of deco-den (or dekoden)… It has been super popular in Japan for years — every little thing gets decorated over there! Keitai (mobile phones), mirrors, business card holders, Nintendo DS systems, watches, keys, pens, lipsticks, lighter cases… Even nails! I love the mix of crystal rhinestones, pearls, miniature sweets and all other *shiny*pretty*girly* things. And a few packets of rhinestones (pretty sure I will need more)… Crea has tons of beautifully deco-ed out pieces that are so inspirational. I know what you’re thinking because it crosses my mind all the time — this is so not practical!

sewing 101: recycled paper basket Thanks to a few recent online purchases, I had an enormous pile of long brown packing paper strips in my studio. I couldn’t bear to just recycle it; it seemed to have so much crafty potential. So tasked with the challenge of creating a project to help get organized for the new year, I decided to turn that pile of paper into a woven basket. Folded into strips and edged with stitching, the paper took on a whole new quality that calls to mind upholstery webbing or even leather. Read the full how-to after the jump! Materials long lengths of paper (I used packing paper, but wallpaper scraps or gift wrap would work great, too.)sewing machineglue or hot gluepaperclips Instructions 1. Starting with a large piece of paper (mine was 30″ wide), begin folding the strips. Next, sew along one edge of the strip, about 1/8″ or so from the folded edge. Then repeat along the other edge of the strip. 2. Weave the strips together so they create a large cross shape. 3. And that’s it!

Deco Deco Magazine Finds Deco Materials in Your Closet! ~ Drop Dead Cute - Kawaii for Sexy Ladies Deco & Deco Volume 8 has the brilliant idea of taking apart hair accessories and jewelry to use as deco material. You can download the issue here but the inspiration to look in unusual places is now all yours! Strapya World for Kawaii Cell Phone Charms & Deco Dreams

La trousse de la rentrée et son tuto But I mostly noticed when, trying to get into a stationnery store, I got kicked out by a guard sorting the clients out... no kids, no entry... (Ok, that didin't really happen but, you never know, maybe, one day...) Ceci dit, il faut en avoir (du mérite) pour affronter les papeteries et autres rayons 'rentrée des classes' des supermarchés ces jours-ci... c'est la foire à l'empoigne, les gosses qui pleurent, les files kilométriques à la caisse... l'horreur! Anyway, anyone trying to go to the 'back to school' department of a store needs a lot of will and bravery... people are lining for hours or wrestling over a map, the kids are crying... a total nightmarre!

sarah’s snowflake panels + light [a big thanks to sarah at cursive for sharing this fun diy project with us while amy takes a much needed day-off] over the holidays i made lots of paper snowflakes to decorate our place for a holiday party. after the new year i couldn’t bear to throw away my delicate little friends so i decided to make a snowflake panel (+ pendant light!) out of them. my idea was definitely inspired by tord boontje‘s until dawn curtain. for the snowflakes i raided our recycling bin that was overflowing with junk mail and bills (ick). a little scissor angst perhaps? sure. i turned my credit card bills into something beautiful. paper snowflakes are often deemed “holiday decor”, but i feel the overall pattern of them together on the panel divorces them from that look. and hey, i live in a freezing climate where it’s not going to be warm anytime soon. my philosophy is to embrace it and enjoy its beauty while i can. – sarah *click here for a sneak peek into sarah’s home materials needed for snowflake panels: