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Extending JavaScript Natives Most built-in JavaScript types are constructors whose prototypes contain the methods and other properties that define their default behavior: You can’t delete or replace a native prototype, but you can edit the values of its properties, or create new ones: Et voila! Our code gets a useful array extension for free. However if you brag about doing this in production code, expect to get pummeled by a wave of fierce disapproval. Some of it carries weight. How To Use node.js, request and cheerio to Set Up Simple Web-Scraping Introduction: In this tutorial, we will scrape the front page of Hacker News to get all the top ranking links as well as their metadata - such as the title, URL and the number of points/comments it received. This is one of many techniques to extract data from web pages using node.js and mainly uses a module called cheerio by Matthew Mueller which implements a subset of jQuery specifically designed for server use. Cheerio is lightweight, fast, flexible and easy to use, if you're already accustomed to working with jQuery.

61 Best Social Media Tools for Small Business Banana Republic and Susan’s Neighborhood Shirt Shop could be using the same social networks—Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc.—but their marketing plans and their marketing tools are likely quite different. Enterprise solutions are great for the big guys, but the rest of us are in the market for something more our size. Small businesses are eager to find valuable tools that take a lot of the time and trouble out of social media marketing and that do so without costing an arm and a leg.

7 Essential JavaScript Functions I remember the early days of JavaScript where you needed a simple function for just about everything because the browser vendors implemented features differently, and not just edge features, basic features, like addEventListener and attachEvent. Times have changed but there are still a few functions each developer should have in their arsenal, for performance for functional ease purposes. debounce

Removing, Replacing and Moving Elements in jQuery Home : Articles : Removing, Replacing and Moving Elements in jQuery Tutorial by Matt Doyle | Level: Beginner | Published on 8 June 2010 Categories: Learn how to use jQuery to easily remove elements from the page, replace elements, and move elements around. In Adding Elements to the Page in jQuery, you explored a number of ways to add new HTML elements — such as paragraphs and images — to a page. Riot.js — The 1kb client-side MVP framework Riot.js is a client-side Model-View-Presenter (MVP) library that weighs less than 1kb. Despite the small size, all the building blocks are there: a template engine, router, event library and a strict MVP pattern to keep things organized. On a finished application the views are automatically updated when the underlying model changes.

Developers Getting Started DIY's API is open for use by any institution or individual. We only ask that you follow the content guidelines and other terms found in our TOS. If you have any feature requests or questions about our roadmap, please let us know. A Basic Request Kdenlive tutorial - color correction suite Good photography doesn't just happen. Careful attention to lens settings, depth-of-field charts, and lighting will produce quality images but even those, since the days of the earliest photography, have been taken into the darkroom and adjusted. Read the other parts in this series: Part 1: Introduction to Kdenlive Part 2: Advanced editing technique Part 3: Effects and transitions Part 5: All about audioPart 6: Workflow and conclusion

20 JavaScript Frameworks Worth Checking Out The number of web applications being created and used has grown rapidly since the new millenium. And importantly, so has the sheer complexity of them -- specially on the front end. No more static pages, no sir! You have a ton of sections each interacting with each other and the server and yes, it's as complicated as it sounds and just as hard to pull off. Today, I'd like to talk about a few choice JavaScript frameworks that aim to simplify front-end application development. If you think jQuery is the answer, you lose a cookie and get an F grade!

Datatable demo (Server side) in Php,Mysql and Ajax Grid view is a very important web component in modern web. Sorting, searching, pagination is not a easy job in HTML tables. So many grid view framework out there, DataTable.js is the most popular among them. It is open source, light weighted, highly flexible and customizable, features like AutoFill, inline editor, sticky header, responsive, Supports bootstrap, foundation. A Require.js multi-page shimmed site: How-To I’ve been working with RequireJS a lot lately and found it really improves the way I manage my code. I had previous experience with Require in the context of some of my Backbone posts, but I’d never used it on a more traditional multi-page site before. The process of setting up Require on a multi-page site can be pretty confusing, so I thought I would put together this tutorial to help out others who might be stuck. Overview

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