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Tipped - The Javascript Tooltip Framework

Tipped - The Javascript Tooltip Framework
Tipped allows you to easily create beautiful tooltips using the jQuery Javascript library. Evolved from the popular Prototip library, Tipped takes tooltips to the next level by using HTML5 to give you full control over the look and feel of your tooltips. Canvas graphics The entire skin of the tooltip, from shadow to loading icon, is drawn using Canvas. This means that tooltip styles can easily be changed without having to create any images. Canvas based tooltips also have the advantage that they look great in every browser, even in IE6! Javascript API With the powerful API provided by Tipped it's possible to quickly create and control tooltips customized to your site, all it takes is a few lines of Javascript. And more... Check out the demonstrations below or head over to the documentation to discover more awesome features. Related:  JavaScript

Documentation | Spritely Spritely is a simple plugin with only two key methods, sprite() and pan() both of which simply animate the background-image css property of an element. The difference between the two is that a 'sprite' image contains two or more 'frames' of animation, whereas a 'pan' image contains a continuous image which pans left or right and then repeats. Typically, in either case, you would use a png file (with or without transparency) for this. You might wish to use a transparent gif for Internet Explorer 6, though it probably won't look as good. Your html elements must already be the correct size you want the sprite to appear, but the background image will typically be larger than the html element, and the spritely methods reposition the background image within the html element. For documentation in languages other than English, please see Unoffical Documentation. Please note: there is a problem with the current version of Mobile Safari on the iPad Quick start What's new in version 0.6? For example,

AutoSuggest: An AJAX auto-complete text field : CSS . XHTML . Javascript . DOM, Development : Brand Spanking New kk said Jeffrey Ropp said Nicely done. For some reason, my results dont appear within a scroll area? I copied most of your CSS and still can't get it to work. I've also found that my results aren't always qualified by the first character provided. Try an "S" first. Any thoughts would be appreciated! Thanks, Jeff Robert said Very interesting. peter said Hi, is it possible to submit the form after clicking on some of the results? Josh said I tried that, I can't seem to get it to respond right. in order for the dropdown to be clickable you must change the code above from: this.fld.addEventListener('blur',function () { pointer.clearSuggestions() },false); to this.fld.addEventListener('blur',function () { setTimeout(function () { pointer.clearSuggestions() }, 300) },false); I figured out how to make the autosuggest show on when focused and clear when the field loses focus. replace line 24: this.toID = setTimeout(function () { pointer.clearSuggestions() }, this.oP.timeout); with return element; } Enjoy

10 jQuery HTML Plugins Here’s another list of 10 jQuery HTML Plugins to spice up your HTML based websites ;-). Check it out and see what else you’ve never been bumped into. Have fun! 1. jQCandy floating-head-foot plugin This plugin is useful for HTML pages containing large tables that do not fit in the browser viewport. Source 2. jq-log jQuery logger can log any object with recursion to html element, or console. Source 3. jQuery plugin to easily create sticky side panel menu. Source 4. Is simple plugin which helps you to create beautiful slideshows in few moments. Source 5. Convert WIKI style text to HTML. Source 6. Script for flexible styling of lists (ol, ul). Source 7. jQuery Render Plugin Is Render html by template and JavaScript Object. Source 8. This plug-in is a simple port based on Steven Levithan’s replaceHtml function, designed to speed up the native innerHTML Javascript assignment property and as a replacement for jQuery’s html() function. Source 9. Source 10. Source AUTHOR: Sam Deering.

Download 21 Free Fun Fonts Download 21 Free Fun Fonts Here is an Awesome collection of Fun Free 21 Fonts that you can download for yourself which you could use for your next project of web, graphic, logo, or banner design. In this Free list of fonts you’ll be able to find Fun Free Fonts that resemble the theme for Terminator, Ice Age, Bugs Life, Star Wars, Batman, Coca Cola, Ferro Rosso, Hawaii, Flowers, Walt Disney, Hollywood, Jurassic Park, Tron, and more. Also, if you know of any popular movie or company fonts that are Totally Free for personal and commercial use, then please let us know in the comments section. So, I guess just jump in and pick your favorite one :) 1. – Walt Disney Font 2. – Harabara Font 3. – Decker Font 4. – Circuitry Font 5. – Hawaii Lover Font 6. – Ferro Rosso Font 7. – Coca Cola Font 8. – Republika Font 9. – Jurassic Font 10. – Blomster Font 11. – Broken Font 12. – Insect Font 13. – Feena Casual Font 14. – Hollywood Hills Font 15. – Caribbean Font 16. – Terminator Font 17. – A Bug’s Life Font

jQuery Before/After Plugin About a month ago I was reading the New York Times online and they had an article which showed a road in Brooklyn that had been reconstructed to make it safer and more pleasing to the eye. To show the difference in the reconstruction project, they showed a before and after picture using Flash that let the visitor drag a slider over the images, which were sandwiched with one on top of the other, so that you could easily see how dramatic the changes were. I immediately thought that this could be done in JavaScript using jQuery, so I set out to do it. Pretty slick no? Download Go to the Before/After download page What’s So Great About this Plugin? Slick effect, no Flash neededIt’s just 7K (4K compressed)Reusable on multiple containersDegradable. How to Use First, your before and after images must be the same size. All images *MUST* have the width and height declared otherwise the plugin won’t work in Safari, Chrome, and any other webkit-based browsers. That’s it! Options Enjoy! Demos Related

Moleskine Notebook with jQuery Booklet Today we will show you how to use and customize the brilliant jQuery Booklet Plugin by talented Will Grauvogel. We will create a virtual Moleskine notebook with latest posts from the blog. You can find the beautiful Moleskine Photoshop file by Dennern at deviantart here: My Moleskine (PSD) For the navigation arrows […] View demoDownload source Today we will show you how to use and customize the brilliant jQuery Booklet Plugin by talented Will Grauvogel. You can find the beautiful Moleskine Photoshop file by Dennern at deviantart here:My Moleskine (PSD) For the navigation arrows we used the pixel perfect PSD provided by underSimple Little Arrows (PSD) Ok, so let’s get started! The Markup The HTML structure will be made up of the booklet plugin markup which includes the div with the id “mybook”. <div class="book_wrapper"><a id="next_page_button"></a><a id="prev_page_button"></a><div id="loading" class="loading">Loading pages... Let’s take a look at the style. The CSS

30 Fresh FreeFonts for Designers “Since typography is a communication method that utilizes a gathering of related subjects and methodologies that includes sociology, linguistics, psychology, aesthetics, and so much more – we aim to educate that there is no single approach within typography that applies to everything.” Shelley Gruendler The purpose of this post was to provide you with an incredible selection of fonts that are completely free and don’t have ridicules prices ranging in the hundreds. These font designers below simply love sharing their work with others, which is something that we value here on Dizorb especially when the work is astonishing. Show some love to the designers of these fonts by leaving a comment below and telling us which ones are your favorites. A Collection of 27 High Quality Free Fonts 25 New High Quality Free Fonts

Ajax (informatique) Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. Pour les articles homonymes, voir Ajax. L'architecture informatique Ajax (acronyme d'Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) permet de construire des applications Web et des sites web dynamiques interactifs sur le poste client en se servant de différentes technologies ajoutées aux navigateurs web entre 1995 et 2005. Ajax combine JavaScript, les CSS, XML, le DOM et le XMLHttpRequest afin d'améliorer maniabilité et confort d'utilisation des Applications Internet Riches (abr. RIA)[1],[2] : DOM et JavaScript permettent de modifier l'information présentée dans le navigateur en respectant sa structure ;L'objet XMLHttpRequest sert au dialogue asynchrone avec le serveur Web ;XML structure les informations transmises entre serveur Web et navigateur. Outre le XML, les échanges de données entre client et serveur peuvent utiliser d'autres formats, tels que JSON. Dialogue entre serveur et navigateur L'interface de programmation Document Object Model (abr.

QR Code generator JQuery plugin Hi everyone! Google has cool charts API that allows you to easy have chart on your page, so I decided to create a simple JQuery plugin to work with one of them :) I have HTC phone and sometimes I'm toooooooooooooo lazy to type in an address (with a lot of slashes, dashes, dots and other parameters) which I see on my PC monitor, so QR Code is really good thing that allows to simply generate an image and open this page on my mobile. Now the code: 1. You may need is an HTML element on page which will contain generated image, something like:<span class="qrContainer"></span> Google Chart API has some limitations for screen size, but I think most of developers won't create 800x600 QR Code. 3. </script> Here you can find an example of this plugin usage. Like this article?

Manipulate Smoke to Create Hyper-Real Images Learn to apply the Warp Tool effectively and a few other tricks to make smoke look like a skull. This technique has a variety of outcomes and works well with water, clouds and a whole bunch of other stuff. This is probably more for intermediate users, as I guide you through the process well, but not every Warp Grid point handle move. Let's get started! Final Image Preview Take a look at the image we'll be creating. Video Tutorial Our video editor Gavin Steele has created this video tutorial to compliment this text + image tutorial. Image Assets Smoker - from my personal collectionSkull - thanks to Martin Land for thatSmoke 1, Smoke 2, Smoke 3, and Smoke 4 Step 1 Open up Smoker image. Step 2 Open the Skull image and draw a path around it using the Pen Tool (set to Paths not Shape Layers). Make a selection from your Path (Command-click the Path icon on the Paths palette) and copy and paste it into the working document. Step 3 Step 4 Change the "CIG_SMOKE" Layer Blending Mode to Screen. Step 5