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About The Licenses

About The Licenses
Our public copyright licenses incorporate a unique and innovative “three-layer” design. Each license begins as a traditional legal tool, in the kind of language and text formats that most lawyers know and love. We call this the Legal Code layer of each license. But since most creators, educators, and scientists are not in fact lawyers, we also make the licenses available in a format that normal people can read — the Commons Deed (also known as the “human readable” version of the license). The Commons Deed is a handy reference for licensors and licensees, summarizing and expressing some of the most important terms and conditions. Think of the Commons Deed as a user-friendly interface to the Legal Code beneath, although the Deed itself is not a license, and its contents are not part of the Legal Code itself. Searching for open content is an important function enabled by our approach.

Best practices for attribution - CC Wiki You can use CC-licensed materials as long as you follow the license conditions. One condition of all CC licenses is attribution. Here are some good (and not so good) examples of attribution. Note: If you want to learn how to mark your own material with a CC license go here. Flipped Learning Journal - Journal The Fact:Simply stated, writers get to be better writers through conferences. Direct knowledgable response to writing is an absolute game changer. The Pedagogy Problem: With a 150 minutes of class time a week, I cannot conference with kids in class and still keep the class moving forward.So I either need to move the conference process out of class time, or I need to create a way to keep the class moving forward while I conference with students.

MY PBL - Teach21 Project Based Learning Prior to the unit, discuss project goals and expectations with science and language arts teachers. Discuss ways this project can be made interdisciplinary based on student needs and content CSOs. Project Flow Chart: Choose a License This work is licensed under the Creative Commons LICENSE_NAME License. To view a copy of this license, visit LICENSE_URL. We are currently testing a new version of the License Chooser. Please consider using the Chooser beta, and leave us feedback on how we can improve. Creative Commons is a non-profit organization. We need your support to continue providing these tools. What is OER? What are Open Educational Resources (OER)? Open Education " the simple and powerful idea that the world’s knowledge is a public good and that technology in general and the Worldwide Web in particular provide an extraordinary opportunity for everyone to share, use, and reuse knowledge." —The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation "Open educational resources (OERs) are free and openly licensed educational materials that can be used for teaching, learning, research, and other purposes."

Make your PowerPoint Presentation look good on a wide screen projector The other day I attended a meeting where the presenter switched from a PowerPoint slide to demonstrate an application. When he made the switch it was quite obvious the beamer was setup to only display the 4:3 slides to the maximum of the white screen. Since his desktop was in a 16:10 resolution the application was falling off the screen on both sides. Which was quite a distraction.

4 Benefits of Blended Learning Posted on Friday November 9, 2012 by Michael Keathley Often there seems to be an “either/or” approach to taking online and face-to-face (F2F) classes. Some students may want the full campus experience of pursuing a degree at a traditional brick and mortar institution, while others want the convenience and flexibility of elearning. Some programs also offer a blended format in which classes are a mixture of both modalities. There may be a classroom meeting once a week, for instance, with much of the course taking place online. Milton Middle School teacher takes creative approach to reach students Lori Wolfe/The Herald-Dispatch Social Studies teacher Chris Mitchell speaks with his students Tuesday, Dec. 2, 2008, at Milton Middle School. Mitchell is The Herald-Dispatch November Teacher of the Month. Dec. 03, 2008 @ 12:29 AM MILTON -- Chris Mitchell knows that to reach his seventh-grade social studies students, it's going to take a creative approach.

License Compatibility From WikiEducator It seems only natural to assume that an OER with a Creative Commons license could be mixed with an OER with a different license. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Some licenses are incompatible with others. Probably the most prominent example is Wikipedia, which uses the GNU Free Documentation License, not being compatible with, say, WikiEducator, which uses Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike.

Open educational resources UNESCO believes that universal access to high quality education is key to the building of peace, sustainable social and economic development, and intercultural dialogue. Open Educational Resources (OER) provide a strategic opportunity to improve the quality of education as well as facilitate policy dialogue, knowledge sharing and capacity building. Open Educational Resources are teaching, learning or research materials that are in the public domain or released with an intellectual property license that allows for free use, adaptation, and distribution. In 2001, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), in an unprecedented move, announced the release of nearly all its courses on the internet for free access. As the number of institutions offering free or open courseware increased, UNESCO organized the 1st Global OER Forum in 2002 where the term Open Educational Resources (OER) was adopted.

TRON Solar Sailor - .work Info: For the entirety of 2010, munkowitz led a black-ops team of GFX all-stars deep into the darkness at Digital Domain crafting over 12 minutes of holographic content for the feature film TRON: Legacy © Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Solar Sailor Sequence Overview: The Solar Sailor sequence was definitely the most conceptually challenging for the team and the output munko is most proud of... The design exercise started with a very loose brief from Joe -- he wanted the representation of Quorra's DNA to be "beautiful, like a flower" and wanted layers of transforming and organic surfaces for Sam and Flynn to navigate through to unveil it... Once descending upon the DNA, Flynn was to identify the ‘damaged code’ in its composition and extract it, healing her data with a blow, allowing her arm to grow back... The team referenced a lot of Ernst Haeckel, the German Biologist who rendered by hand surreal organisms that resembled graphic prismatic coral structures, if you will...

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