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How To Attribute Creative Commons Photos

How To Attribute Creative Commons Photos
According to our research, more than 90% of Creative Commons photos are not attributed at all. To make matters worse, less than 10% of the photos that do credit the original work are attributed properly. This means that more than 99% of Creative Commons photos are not adequately attributed. Not without pride, we are happy to notice that most of the bloggers using attribute CC photos properly, which is greatly facilitated by our “ready to paste” attribution info. Every time they intend to use a searched image, all they need to do is copy the image and the accompanying attribution details into their blogs. Most is not enough, though.

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Creative Commons Starts with Making – A Reflection on Creating and Sharing – Read Write Respond flickr photo shared by mrkrndvs under a Creative Commons ( BY-SA ) license I was reminded again this week about the importance of Creative Commons. Firstly, my students got a bit stuck getting their heads around what was right for use while creating presentations, while secondly, Mark Anderson wrote a post sharing why he worries about teachers blogging. Beyond the initial frustration about the lack of foresight in regards to the wider audience and subsequent poor judgement, Anderson discusses his concern over the use and reference to content. From copying someone else’s image to sharing student images, he provides three suggestions:

30 Amazingly Creative Examples of Designer Resumes It’s extremely hard to find a job these days! The market is slow, the economy is bad, and the competition is fierce. To get a job you will have to stand out of the crowd. The following resumes go against everything my business teacher taught me. The Metropolitan Museum of Art Puts 400,000 High-Res Images Online & Makes Them Free to Use - Open Culture On Friday, The Metropolitan Museum of Art announced that “more than 400,000 high-resolution digital images of public domain works in the Museum’s world-renowned collection may be downloaded directly from the Museum’s website for non-commercial use.” Even better, the images can be used at no charge (and without getting permission from the museum). In making this announcement, the Met joined other world-class museums in putting put large troves of digital art online.

Masters of Photography with their most famous images - AGONISTICA Tim Mantoani has shot over 150 portraits of Famous Photographers with their iconic images in the book Behind Photographs: Archiving Photographic Legends. Photo Above: Steve Mcurry with ‘Afgan Girl’. Steve McCurry holds his 1984 photo of a young woman from Peshawar, Pakistan. How to Search For and Attribute Open Source Images If you’re a content creator, you already know that high-quality images make posts more enticing to readers. The Internet is chock-full of digital images, but which ones are free to use? You’ll find plenty of open source images if you know where to look. You can start by reading our post 15 Best Sites for Open Source Images. But finding them is only the first step — you also need to know how to properly attribute them, and to give due credit to the image’s copyright holder.

The Creative Addiction Blog Introduction My name is Charissa and I’m a mixed media artist that grew up crying in art class. Really. I only discovered my love for art about a year and a half ago. I use a lot of layers, collage, paint, paper and ink in my pages. I create inside journals, books and in loosely bound pages. 5 Tools for Helping Students Find Creative Commons Images Overview Photos, logos, graphics and images are an important part of any multimedia creation that students produce. A few well placed, high quality images can transform class work from amateur to spectacularly professional. So, unless you plan on taking your own photographs or creating your own artwork, finding legitimate Creative Commons images is an essential digital skill. To help students (and teachers) navigate and understand the often confusing space that is digital copyright, here are five tools that we recommend using to to search, reference, attribute and download Creative Commons images. 1.

30+ Crazy Photographers Who Will Do ANYTHING For The Perfect Shot Getting the angle and perspective for a photo just right can sometimes be very tricky, but these crazy photographers don't mind – when it comes to taking the perfect shot, they will do whatever it takes. The acts of devotion to their craft that some of the world's best photographers perform can be truly outstanding. Wildlife photographers have spent weeks camped out in the wild, allowing animals to get accustomed to their presence so that they can get the rare or intimate glimpses at their lives that others only dream of. Show 34 more Add Image

Quick Reference Guide to Finding Creative Commons Material Creative Commons Information Pack for Teachers and Students This information guide was jointly developed by the ARC Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation through Creative Commons Australia and the National Copyright Unit of the COAG Education Council. For further information contact Creative Commons Australia at Information about Creative Commons Search tools for finding Creative Commons and open access resources

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