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BioDigital: 3D Human Visualization Platform for Anatomy and Disease

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Acceptable Alternatives in Assessment and Grading Assessment orthodoxy is easy, but for those trying to lead (whether by title or by influence) the transformation of assessment and grading practices, orthodoxy often falls short of inspiring or assisting teachers in moving away from antiquated practices. The definitiveness with which some speak of sound assessment practices is great for keynote presentations, for blog posts, and for acquiring followers on social media; however, for those looking to take the first of what might be several steps toward modernizing their assessment and grading practices, assessment orthodoxy can feel quite foreign to the practices they’ve established throughout their career. Righteous indignation of how standards-based one is in comparison to others is more divisive than inclusive. Here is one example. An acceptable alternative I’ve presented to many teachers, given the homework dilemma mentioned in the previous paragraph, is to grade homework temporarily.

High School Student & Teacher Outreach The Department of Biology is actively involved in science outreach at the high school level. The goal of these outreach programs is to make science fun and exciting by bringing new hands-on activities into the classrooms, and to make teaching and learning science a more enriching and rewarding experience for both students and teachers. Science teachers from the greater Boston area are invited to:

The Gamut Mask - FREE Interactive color harmony tool for painters The Gamut Mask is a great way to created harmonic color schemes. It simplifies your color choices and saves you lots of time and paint in achieving unified color palettes quickly and easily. This Gamut Mask Tool was developed by me (Richard Robinson) and is provided to you free to use. The original concept of the Gamut Mask was developed by James Gurney (, artist and author of the fantastically illustrated Dinotopia books ( Below are some samples of harmonic color schemes achieved by using the Gamut Mask. First I designed an image with a limited value study.

Shakespeare Uncovered Shakespeare Uncovered combines history, biography, iconic performances, new analysis, and the personal passions of its celebrated hosts to tell the stories behind the stories of Shakespeare’s greatest plays. The Series 2 resources (A Midsummer Night’s Dream, King Lear, Romeo and Juliet, and Othello) were created in partnership with the Folger Shakespeare Library. The resources for the first series (Macbeth, the comedies Twelfth Night and As You Like It, Richard II, Henry IV and Henry V, Hamlet and The Tempest ) were created in collaboration with an advisory board comprised of high school educators and Shakespearean scholars. For more Shakespeare resources, visit The Hollow Crown: Shakespeare's History Plays. O this learning, what a thing it is!

Science Education - Research & Training - NIH NIH Home > Research & Training Resources for Students Featured Site: NIAMS Kids Pages Your childhood and teen years are a prime time to learn habits that will help you keep your bones, joints, muscles, and skin healthy for years to come. Resources for Educators Science Education Partnership Award (SEPA) #PhysEd Learning Roadmaps - One of the areas of my teaching that I’m constantly trying to improve is my assessment. Assessment isn’t really cool or exciting to talk about, but the reality is that it is a core component of effective teaching. As much as many of us shy away from talking about assessment in physical education, there is really no excuse for us not to be knocking our assessment practices out of the park. At least that’s what I keep telling myself. In no way whatsoever do I think my assessment practices are perfect: at times I have struggled to assess my students on an ongoing basis and I have failed to communicate what evidence I have collected to them in a timely manner that actually serves their growth and learning.

STAR: Biochem - Home StarBiochem is a 3-D protein viewer that allows students to learn key concepts about the biology of proteins in an interactive manner. Unlike traditional 3-D protein viewers which may require installation and significant technical expertise, StarBiochem is an intuitive 3-D protein viewer designed with students in mind. StarBiochem’s user interface was designed to visually represent protein structural information based on the four different levels of protein structure, which mirrors how students get introduced to this topic in class and in textbooks. Using StarBiochem StarBiochem is accessible via the web. Press the START button to get started. Free Art Tool Released Thanks to Epic Friday At Epic, we have a fun monthly tradition known as Epic Friday, which gives employees a break from ongoing tasks and provides a platform for us to work on pet projects. One day each month, we’re encouraged to be creative and productive solely within the context of “making cool stuff” that benefits our games and technology development process. Epic Games Senior Environment Artist Warren Marshall recently set out to refine his manual drawing skills. While Warren is both highly technical and artistic, he felt the need to revisit the basics and learn more about perspective.

At-Risk At-Risk is an interactive, game-based simulation that aims to reduce the stigma associated with mental illness in order to reduce the number of students with undetected or untreated conditions. Tailored for use among university faculty and staff, At-Risk addresses the fear and stigma of mental illness that may prevent university faculty and staff from approaching and assisting students exhibiting symptoms of mental illness, such as depression, anxiety, and thoughts of suicide. In the 45-minute simulation, players assume the role of a faculty member who is concerned about five of his students.

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