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Comic Sans Criminal - There's help available for people like you!

Comic Sans Criminal - There's help available for people like you!

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20 Typography Mistakes Every Beginner Makes – And How You Can Avoid Them Much more than just arranging pretty fonts on a nice background, typography is an essential part of most designs — one that can make or break a whole project. Unfortunately, typography errors tend to make a bigger statement than good typography. Mistakes stick out like a sore thumb, while thoughtful typographic choices blend so nicely with the overall design that you might overlook them. So if you want to get your message across without distracting typographic errors, learn to recognize some of the most common mistakes below, and use this article as a final checklist before wrapping up your design. 01. Crowding Your Letters: Tracking

Fontcraft I was shopping in my local HEB grocery store this weekend and found myself in the soft drink section, confronted by a wall of cool retro-looking bottles of all sorts of sodas from the Dublin Bottling Works, a company based in Dublin Texas which produces a full line of specialty soft drinks, apparently mostly for distribution through HEB. They’ve got all the usual flavors like Ginger Ale, Cola and Root Beer and some more unusual flavors, including Black Cherry. The labels are printed on transparent plastic slip-ons which are surprisingly effective at emulating the old-fashioned look of being directly screen printed on the bottles. The labels are great examples of retro design, and though I may be a bit biased, the coolest by far is the Black Cherry soda label which uses our Folkard font to great effect. It looks great in the stylized design, and it’s nice to see it in a different kind of context from the computer games where it has become somewhat overexposed.

I Won't Hire People Who Use Poor Grammar. Here's Why. - Kyle Wiens by Kyle Wiens | 8:02 AM July 20, 2012 If you think an apostrophe was one of the 12 disciples of Jesus, you will never work for me. If you think a semicolon is a regular colon with an identity crisis, I will not hire you. If you scatter commas into a sentence with all the discrimination of a shotgun, you might make it to the foyer before we politely escort you from the building. Comicgate - Comicmagazin mit Rezensionen, Interviews, Webcomics und vielem mehr von Frauke Pfeiffer Mittwoch, 27. August 2008 Even though Comicgate is a Germany-based online magazine, every now and then we are publishing English content in addition to its German equivalent; e.g. some interviews have to be held in English anyway and are translated into German afterwards. So why not note them down in English, too? This is the overview of said content.

45+ Exceptionally Useful Free Handwritten Fonts Should Handwritten Fonts be used in web design? For quite some time companies and governments have been working hard to make daily life things available as digital services in whatever way possible to speed processes up and cut costs. At the same time most communication takes place on digital channels by sending emails, chatting, electronic orders, paying online, doing banking online…well almost anything goes on the line today. Sending a good old snail mail letter is still possible but not that popular really. Even on vacations we are not offline and stick to digital channels, keep the blog updated with “near real time images and stories.

Can You Tell the Difference Between Arial & Helvetica? Since emerging in 1982, Monotype Imaging‘s Arial has received its fair share of criticism, having long been regarded as a significantly uglier stand-in for Helvetica. That Microsoft endorsed Arial as a Helvetica alternative to avoid paying royalties has only made things worse. Yes, professional typographers and type designers can easily tell the two typefaces apart, but as design is further embedded into the mainstream, typography critics are popping up on ever corner. In response, David Friedman of Ironic Sans has created a quiz that takes authentic, Helvetica-based logos and recreates them with Arial. As Friedman says, “[s]ome people would call that blasphemy.

I love typography But will it fly? Perhaps the most difficult part in compiling this list is not what to include, but what to leave out. There are, then, many other typefaces that should be in this list, but aren’t. Olympics and Real Time Communications by Dave Michels in Telecom The idea of saving the events most appealing to the American public for prime time viewing certainly isn’t new. But this year, NBC’s coverage is a disaster. Well, depends how you define disaster because the ratings are high and the picture quality is fine. They have had their share of complaints about the coverage being too American or wrong time for commercials, but by far the biggest issue this year is the delayed coverage and spoilers. From Mashable: “The fact that NBC seems insistent on spoiling its own coverage across as many forms of media as possible — because its left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing.

Michał Dziekan Illustrator and character designer Michal Dziekan was born and raised in small town in south-western Poland. He moved to city Wroclaw where he attended Architecture on University of Technology. After three years he left school and moved to Warsaw to work in post production studio Platige Image as a concept artist and matte painter. He stayed in Platige Image from 2007 to 2011, where working on animated commercials and films he got opportunity to gain experience in such fields as vfx compositing, motion graphics animation, animation direction and directing. During that time he was developing as an illustrator and character designer. At the beginning of 2011 he moved to the creative studio Ars Thanea but half year later he decided to star working as a freelancer. 20 Free Fonts Just Perfect for Retro and Vintage Designs Awww, vintage and retro style designes are simply awesome. By using various design elements such as textures, patterns and brushes to add an aged or used appearance designers can easily pull of timeless look. To compliment retro/vintage appearance it’s also important to use proper typography from the time period you are trying to represent. To help you out, I’ve rounded up 20 perfect retro and vintage fonts to use in your designs. I’m hoping that you found at least one new font to add to your collection.

10 Commandments of Typography by Fontyou Typography needs moral but mostly aesthetic instructions. Here is a list of 10 Commandments of Typography, rules to follow and tips to know to be a better person, or at least a better graphic designer! 1. Speak Up HELLO (AND, WELL, GOODBYE)After nearly seven years of blogging, Speak Up has ceased publication. While this may not be a remarkable amount of time in the world of print and online publishing, the intensity with which we — founders, authors and readers alike — undertook it made it seem as it had been decades. For a thorough description on the reasons to close Speak Up, you may read this post, so as not to take much more space here.

The Gary Halbert Letter From: South of Jewfish Creek Dear Friend & Subscriber, Let me recap for you what I said in last month's newsletter. I told you that the first step to world-class copywriting (salesmanship-in-print) is to create a FACT SHEET about that which you wish to sell. I told you to make your FACT SHEET as detailed as possible and then go over it very carefully and translate the facts therein to benefits for the buyer and to create a humongous BENEFIT LIST.

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