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Fine Type from Europe

Fine Type from Europe

Foundry Acta Acta Display Acta Poster Acta Symbols Acto aparo Apud Apud Display Braga Cultura New Diversa Dobra Dobra Slab Estilo Estilo Pro Estilo Script Updated Ezzo Finura Girga Global Glosa Glosa Display Glosa Headline Glosa Text Free Hades Ines Leitura Display Two Leitura Two Mafra Mafra Display Maga Nyte Penna Prelo Prelo Compressed Prelo Condensed Prelo Slab Priva Pro Awarded Prumo Banner Prumo Deck Prumo Display Prumo Poster Prumo Slab Prumo Text Solido Solido Compact Solido Compressed Solido Condensed Solido Constricted User User Stencil User Upright Velino Comp Display Velino Comp Text Velino Cond Display Velino Cond Text Velino Display Velino Poster Velino Sans Velino Sans Condensed Velino Text One of my all time favourite type designers, @Tobias_FJ have a wonderful new blog Check it out!

Agent Provocateur: Luxury Lingerie, Hosiery, Swimwear, Bridal, Beauty Schwartzco Inc. 2008-09. Designed with Berton Hasebe. Bold commissioned by David Curcurito and Darhil Crooks at Esquire. Esquire needed something special for their 75th anniversary issue - in addition to the much-lauded E-Ink cover - so they commissioned a stencil version of Stag Bold. Light, Light Italic, Bold, and Bold Italic. All styles include an extensive set of ligatures, as well as case-specific punctuation, fractions, CE and EU3 accented characters.

HvD Fonts Underware Bold Monday - independent font foundry of high quality type Type]Media 2010/11 Betatype the republic of type Barna cat Família de pal sec dissenyada per a la composició de textos. eng A functional sans serif typeface for text composition. esp Familia tipográfica pensada para la composición de textos de lectura. Pradell cat Família tipogràfica inspirada en els tipus espanyols del segle XVIII, en concret dels tipus gravats pel punxonista català Eudald Pradell. eng Latin text family inspired from 18th century spanish type specimens. esp Tipografía inspirada en las muestras de letras españolas del siglo XVIII, en concreto de aquellos tipos que grabó Eudald Pradell. Carmenesp Tipografía diseñada para la edición del libro Carmen de Prosper Merimée. eng Typeface designed for Prosper Merimée’s book, Carmen. cat Tipografia dissenyada pel disseny del llibre Carmen, de Prosper Merimée. Mecano esp Un tipo creado desde una base geométrica, de formas simples y abiertas. eng Typeface based on a simple geometric basis. cat Tipografia creada a partir de bases geomètriques, de formes simples i obertes.