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Useful Typography Tips For Adobe Illustrator - Smashing Magazine

Useful Typography Tips For Adobe Illustrator - Smashing Magazine
Advertisement Typography is not only an all-important aspect of design, it is also an art form in and of itself. Choosing the right font, the perfect spacing and even the correct shape of text can be an important factor as to whether a project fails or succeeds. Although Illustrator is not really used for multiple-paged projects, many would agree that it is one of the most powerful applications for creating vector graphics, such as logos, and it is also often used for one-page documents, such as business cards, posters, or postcards. Since we can easily transfer graphics from Illustrator to Photoshop and InDesign, designers often use Illustrator to create vector type that they can then incorporate into projects in another program. For instance, you can create a nice type design within Illustrator, then add some extra effects in Photoshop. 1. Kerning is an important aspect of design. To turn off kerning between selected characters, set it to “0”: 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Open Paths Closed Paths 7. 8.

Create a Variety of 3D Lettering Effects for Poster Design In this tutorial I will showcase three different approaches for creating simple 3D lettering effects in the context of poster design. Onward and upward we go! Introduction I will start off by drawing the letter-forms for the three words "ONWARD," "AND" and "UPWARD." From there I will show three ways to create simple, yet interesting 3D effects. 3D is the latest craze (See: nearly every movie that has come out in the last two years) but my interests are in 3-Dimensional lettering that has old school, subtle, simple, imperfect, more humanistic qualities. Drawing inspiration from vintage poster lettering, and overall aesthetics, everything will be wrapped together to create the full poster design. Drawing Lettering As always, good lettering starts with a sketch. Step 1a This sketch is very rough and is basically there to reference when actually creating the lines in Adobe Illustrator (AI). Step 1b Open a new document in AI and paste in the sketch. Step 2 Step 3a Step 3b Step 3c Step 4a Step 4b Step 4c

Add depth to your art with expert shading techniques - Illustrator Tutorial With all the tools and effects that Adobe Illustrator has to offer, it can sometimes be hard to achieve a sense of depth and atmosphere within your images. Often they can come out looking flat and very two-dimensional. In this tutorial, Bristol-based artist Ben Steers will show you how he uses gradient effects and opacity masks to overcome this, as he takes you through how he created his piece, Gone Karting. Ben has used these techniques to great effect in this artwork, which is based around a lonely bear character who enjoys playing amongst the woods in his time off from fishing and felling trees. Step 1 I wanted to take my rather flat 2D illustration and give it some real depth. Step 2 Next, the mountains need a layered effect.

10 Must Have Free Adobe Illustrator Scripts at DzineBlog Learn how to earn $125 or more per hour as a freelancer - Click Here Looking for hosting?. We recommend MediaTemple for web hosting. Sometimes when working with Illustrator tools is not sufficient when it comes to vector editing. When activated, these scripts perform operations within Illustrator or may involve other programs such as word processing, spreadsheet and database programs. Installation Place the script in the Adobe Illustrator CS3 (CS4 or CS5)/Presets/Scripts folder. The script will appear in the scripts submenu (just head to the top menu and go to File > Scripts to find your script). Metaball (Arc), Metaball – Download This script can create Metaball-like shapes. Metaball (Arc) uses arcs to connect while Metaball uses suitable bezier curves. Note that combining the shapes using script may result in several overlapping anchor points. Calendar Pre-Maker – Download With this script you can create a calendar in just a few clicks. Adjust Dashes (offset), Adjust Dashes – Download

Adobe Illustrator tutorials | Dream Infinity Studios / Chris Takakura | Art Direction + Design These are some unique tutorials for Illustrator that can help you understand the core system of Illustrator and how it works. There are many tedious things that are posted on these tutorials so please read them carefully. This page also features video tutorials from the official Dream Infinity Studios YouTube Channel. Basics of Illustrator Learn how to use the Artboard tool in Illustrator to save time and follow smooth production flow. Learn the usage of crop marks and how to create them in Illustrator CS3 and older and Illustrator CS4 method. Learn how to create dashed lines in Illustrator. Learn how to place images efficiently using Illustrator’s “place” tool. Global color swatches is a dynamic function that allows you to update colors of multiple objects with a click of a button. Basic tutorial on how to create rounded corners to your lines and shapes. Advanced Illustrator Tutorials This tutorial shows you how to create type that follows a path or shape in Illustrator.

26 Awesome Adobe Illustrator Brushes for Your Daily Use Adobe Illustrator has many powerful tools and unique features. Its brush is probably the most used one. The brushes can be applied to different paths and strokes. One of the best parts about Illustrator’s brushes is that they are vectors and can be fully modified to fit all your needs by changing weight, colors and width. Today we're exploring 26 great illustrator brushes which are a must-have for almost any creative designer. 26 Adobe Illustrator Brushes Pain Illustrator Brushes 57 Multi-Colored illustrator paint brushes available for free download, also can be used in your personal projects. Scatter Illustrator Brushes 14 Free Scatter Brushes created by GoMediaZine and available for free download + bonus tutorial of making the brushes. Grunge Illustrator Brushes 13 grunge Illustrator brushes, free for any use, commercial and private. Sketch Illustrator Brushes 16 Sketchy Brushes for Adobe Illustrator users. Abstract Illustrator Brushes This pack contains 35 Abstract Illustrator Brushes.

How to Create Smoky Brushes and Type In Illustrator CS4 I've always been fascinated by smoke, and have experimented a lot with it. So in this tutorial, I explain how to create realistic smoke, make it into a brush and use it for type. Let's light up our vector cigarettes and get started smokin'! Create a New document (Command + N) for print in A3 (297 x 420mm). Make a rectangle with the Rectangle Tool (M) that covers the whole artboard and make it black. Take your Pen Tool (P) and make a vertical stroke (click to make a start point, then click somewhere over or under the start point while holding Shift to make a vertical stroke). While your stroke is selected grab the Selection Tool (V), then hit enter and type in 0.05mm for Horizontal and 0 for Vertical. While all of your strokes are selected, set the Blending Mode to Screen and Opacity to 8%. Take your Pen Tool (P) and draw a shape that looks something like that shown below. Now for the magical step! Now drag your smoke into the brushes panel.

How to Create a Wide Range of Custom Color Swatches in Illustrator Swatches are the life line of any artwork. There are a lot of color books available in Illustrator to discover a wide range of swatches. Most popular among them are the Pantone Color Books and default CMYK and RGB swatches. In this tutorial, we will learn how to create a wide range of custom swatches using the color blending methods. In the end, we will learn how to organize these swatches into Color groups. Final Image Preview Below are some of the swatches we'll be creating in this tutorial. Tutorial Details Program: Adobe Illustrator CS3Difficulty: IntermediateEstimated Completion Time: 1 Hour Step 1: Understanding the Color Blending Methods Before proceeding towards the meat of the tutorial, let’s have a brief look towards two different types of color blending methods. Method 1. This method blends two or more colored objects by generating a series of intermediate objects between them. Method 2. For our purpose, we will use the second method in this tutorial. Step 2: Create a Dummy Swatch

25 New Illustrator Tutorials That Will Make You A Master Of Vect Just because you can usually get a similar effect in Photoshop doesn’t mean the end result will be as good as using Illustrator (depending on the project). If you are like me (and I will bet most of you are) you will go ahead and use PS because you know it much better even though the final project will not be as good or as functional as it could be. Well it’s time to buck up and get this learning curve completely out of the way so you make the right choice next time. Adobe Photoshop is one of the most popular photo editing programs that has ever been created. This tutorial teaches you how to make a portrait of William Shakespeare in Illustrator using text. Article Link Advertisement A very interesting tutorial, from Design Instruct, that takes you behind the scenes and shows you the illustration process from start to finish. Article Link In this tutorial, you’ll use the Blend Tool, Paintbrush Tool and textures to create a stunning abstract piece of art. Article Link Article Link Article Link