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Fontspring. Worry-free fonts for everyone.

Fontspring. Worry-free fonts for everyone.
Close or Register Login Worry-free, perpetual font licensing for everyone. Thousands of fonts with easy licensing for desktop, web, ebooks and apps. Sense: 16 fonts by Shinntype.

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Content Strategy & Storytelling Here you will find posts featuring some of the best articles related to content strategy and storytelling which have been published on Smashing Magazine over all the years. Better User Experience With Storytelling – Part One21 Stories have defined our world. Typography Resources Typography Resources A continuously updated collection of the best typography resources from around the web Learning Resources The Elements of Typographic Style Applied to the Web → How to Identify a Font What is the font used for the title of Friends? How about the typeface of that old copy of Moby Dick you picked up at that garage sale? The back of your Starbucks pastry bag? And please tell me, how can you find the font on a worn out birthday card that your client wants you to replicate? Graphic designers are consistently asked to use a client’s nameless favorite font.

Web Fonts OpenType Control Enable fine typography with kerning and letter spacing controls. Design with ligatures, alternate characters, fractions and other advanced typographic features. Our technology ensures OpenType features can be rendered, even on older browsers lacking native OpenType feature support. Dynamic Subsetting East Asian languages use thousands of characters making the fonts that support these languages very large in size.

Free Downloads Though we offer these downloads free of charge, the fonts themselves are copyrighted by FontShop International and their respective designers. These fonts are NOT shareware. You may not post them in newsgroups, include them in ftp sites, or distribute them on any media.

Sass: Sass Basics Before you can use Sass, you need to set it up on your project. If you want to just browse here, go ahead, but we recommend you go install Sass first. Go here if you want to learn how to get everything setup. 245+ Best Free Fonts Download You Might Also Like: Every one is looking around for high quality free fonts to spice up their design. Here we have collected 245+ free and high quality free fonts for you to use in your design. In this selection you find variety of fonts like bold, thin, slab serif, fancy, sans serif, roman style, numerical and many more. 50 Helpful Typography Tools And Resources - Smashing Magazine Advertisement We love beautiful typography, and we appreciate the efforts of designers who come up with great typographic techniques and tools or who just share their knowledge with fellow designers. We are always looking for such resources. We compile them, carefully select the best ones and then prepare them for our round-ups. And now it’s time to present a beautiful fresh dose of typography-related resources. To help you improve the typography in your designs, we’re presenting here useful new articles, tools and resources related to typography.

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