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Asset & Money Management - Financial Planning

Asset & Money Management - Financial Planning
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funds data - fund performance - globalfunddata Korben - Upgrade your mind Lemon, split(able) : un peu de "social" dans les paiements Ce n'est pas faute d'avoir essayé plusieurs recettes, les tentatives d'introduire une dose de réseau social dans les finances personnelles se sont pour l'instant souvent soldées par des échecs (on pensera, entre autres, à Blippy). Deux nouvelles startups se lancent à leur tour dans l'aventure, sur des modèles très différents mais avec une caractéristique commune : elles capitalisent sur les expériences précédentes, en apportant le petit plus qui, elles l'espèrent, devrait faire la différence. Lemon, la première des 2, propose une application mobile de gestion de finances personnelles (PFM) unique en son genre : plutôt que d'extraire et analyser les transactions enregistrées sur les comptes bancaires de l'utilisateur, elle va capturer et déchiffrer les reçus des achats, que ceux-ci soient imprimés (il faut les photographier sur mobile) ou transmis électroniquement (il suffit de les envoyer par mail à la société). Il ne s'agit pas ici de diffuser publiquement les achats réalisés.

Most popular stocks: Millennials buy Tesla, boomers buy GE - May. 14, 2015 It's by far the most popular stock for almost all age groups, according to data from trading platform TD Ameritrade (AMTD) provided to CNNMoney. Apple is the first stock most people buy when they open a TD Ameritrade account. But what stock do people buy next? The list gets a lot more interesting, especially when parsed by age groups. Millennials are far more likely to buy stock in newer technology and Internet companies. The biggest generational difference is millennials' love affair with electric car company Tesla (TSLA) and China's eBay Alibaba (BABA, Tech30). Both neither Tesla nor Alibaba appear among the top 20 stocks of TD Ameritrade clients over 35. Robinhood, a new trading app popular with millennials because it offers free trades, found that other stocks in the top 10 list for young investors are GoPro (GPRO), the specialty camera maker, and Box (BOX), a cloud software company. Related: What it will take for stocks to move higher But Apple wins the popularity contest, hands down.

Evénement « Jeudigital » : les start-ups présentent leurs produits et services innovants L’événement Jeudigital French Tech est une initiative d’Axelle Lemaire, secrétaire d’Etat au Numérique. Chaque mois, le Jeudigital a lieu dans un ministère différent. A chaque session, il permet à six start-ups de présenter leurs produits et services innovants devant des investisseurs, des grands comptes et des acheteurs publics. Quatre sessions se sont déjà tenues depuis le lancement du Jeudigital. Les start-ups souhaitant être candidates pour présenter leur produits ou services innovants doivent remplir le formulaire : >> Accéder au formulaire << Pour Axelle Lemaire, secrétaire d'Etat chargée du Numérique : « Contribuer à la diffusion de la culture du numérique et des start-ups au sein des ministères, valoriser les jeunes entreprises innovantes françaises et les mettre en relation avec des investisseurs, des acheteurs publics et des partenaires technologiques : telle est la grande ambition de chaque jeudigital French Tech. Raises $2M, ‘Gamifies’ Personal Finance Management Exclusive - It’s challenging to make personal financial management sound like something that’s fun to do, but that’s exactly what is shooting for. The company, started in 2009, wants to help people achieve certain goals (like saving for a trip, or paying off credit card debt) using a platform that blends ‘serious’ personal finance management tools with ‘fun and rewarding’ game dynamics. will announce later today that they’ve raised $2 million in funding in a round led by Anthemis Group, Firstmark Capital, Great Oaks Venture Capital, with several unnamed “individual investors from Wall Street” participating. The startup has now raised $5.8 million in total. Here’s how Scott Saunders, CEO and founder of, pitches the service: “Payoff enhances people’s intrinsic motivation to achieve financial goals through rewards and by illustrating the connection between short-­‐term financial behaviors and long-­‐term goals.

How Motif helped two 11-year-olds beat Ivy League MBAs in an investing contest By Michael Carney On October 27, 2014 A little over a year after opening up its thematic investment platform to the public, Motif has seen more than 75,000 individual investment motifs created by its users, co-founder and CEO Hardeep Walia announced today from the Stocktoberfest conference in Coronado. These motifs, which function like zero fee, low-cost ETFs, center around ideas like “Big Data,” “Bear International Market,” “Buy the Dip,” and “Biotech Breakthrough.” By comparison, it took the company’s team of data scientists and professional investors a similar amount of time to create the first 120 such motifs in the platform’s earliest days. But by relying on the power of the crowd, as well as using social proof and real investing results to rank these strategies, the company has dramatically expanded the universe of accessible investment strategies. “There’s more motifs today than ETFs and mutual funds combined,” Walia says. “I think 2008 was really a watershed moment,” Walia says.

Investment Management, Online Financial Advisor | Wealthfront© | Payday Loans Alternative - Short Term Cash Loans How to invest in the robot revolution When I was a teenager I worked as a waitress for a while. When I wasn’t doing that I was counting quarters in a casino in Miami, working in a bookshop (the only job from which I have, so far, ever been fired), or pulling pints in what was then a relatively low-grade pub on Ledbury Road in west London. That makes me one of millions. One in eight Americans has at some point worked in McDonald’s, and pretty much every member of my generation has experience of waiting tables. That was our introduction to the world of work. But here’s an odd thing: taking beer orders shouted across a damp bar on a Saturday night might be an experience our children never have. A few weeks ago McDonald’s announced new technology “to make it easier for customers to order and pay for food digitally and to give people the ability to customise their orders”. US chain Chili’s Bar & Grill is starting a tablet ordering system and Applebee’s is doing the same in 2,000 of its restaurants. I went to a sawmill last year.