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Conventional Wisdom: Anthrocon - Cool Hunting “This is the highlight of my year,” Thumpie Bunny Eve shared with photographer Arthur Drooker, while sat atop a piano, wearing high heels, exuding sexuality—and wearing a rabbit costume. This was just one scene at Anthrocon, the world's largest convention for anthropomorphics, the humanlike animal characters more commonly referred to as "furries." Anthrocon is the latest stop on Drooker's Conventional Wisdom tour, during which the photographer has brought his lens—and his audience—into the weird and wonderful world of eccentric conventions, from Santas to sexual explorers.

Worcester Art Museum - REdesign: Libraries Kulapat Yantrasast, a native of Thailand, is the co-founder and principal of wHY Architecture which he founded with fellow architect Yo-ichiro Hakomori in 2003 in Los Angeles, and opened with a New York location in the spring of 2012. Newsweek magazine's recent article on architecture noted wHY Architecture as one of the most innovative architectural practices of the new generation, and their philosophy of integration of creative thinking with timeless design, along with their focus on intelligent and high-quality construction, have gained them a reputation for their architectural works and projects for the arts and culture all over the United States. In 2007, wHY Architecture completed the Grand Rapids Art Museum, which became the first new art museum in the world to receive the LEED certification for environmental design.

Mapping Human Activity Activity tracking application Human has released a global interactive map showing one day of walking, running, cycling and transport undertaken by Human users in March of this year. One Day on Human provides an interesting visualization of where the Human app is being used around the world. A lot of people actually seem to be using the app not only as a fitness tracking app but to record their general movements. For example, people have been using the app to track themselves on ferry journeys around New York and on London's M25 orbital motorway.

Moving Toward an Evolutionary Theory of Cities Before Darwin, science tried to make sense of the natural world through a slew of systems of classification. Linnaeus' taxonomy, for example, grouped living things together based on their appearance, or "morphology," in kingdoms, classes, orders, genera, and species. "All taxa show relationships on all sides like the countries on a map of the world," Linnaeus wrote, grasping threads of evolutionary theory—which is to say, that everything on earth descends from a common relative, and that the divergence of life, driven by natural selection, can be traced through physical traits (and later, genetics). Why Dating In SF Is Different Than Anywhere Else Flickr/dewet Proper dating etiquette is not a thing No one's getting picked up and dropped off at their house for the “date” and there isn't an implied commitment for dinner. Instead, it’ll be more of a, “Hey, wanna grab a drink after work” type of thing and then you’ll Uber there separately and have to awkwardly find each other in the bar and depending on how it goes, maybe get food after a couple of drinks, and then Uber home separately, and yes he is 100% leaving you alone on the sidewalk if his Uber shows up first. The dudes (usually) don’t pay Dudes in the South, and the East, and the North (?)

Home - 9) Cite Sources - LibGuides at University of Lethbridge Citing your sources is critical in academic writing. Not citing your work can result in an academic offence (see Plagiarism). Why cite? —Lets your readers know that certain material in your work came from another source, giving credit where it's due. Developing Smart Cities: Science, Technology, Innovation plus Cooperation Introduction The UN member nations that were convened at the Rio+20 Conference on Sustainable Development on June 2012, estimated that over 3.5 billion people, almost half of the globalisation, enjoyed their lifestyle in cities. With modern technology in hand, city development became easier then it was before, as growing opportunities brought more and more people in the metropolitan areas, entertainment, and greater access to information made their life very “comfortable”.

Code and the City workshop videos: Session 2 Following up from last week’s videos, we are now into our second session of the Code and the City Workshop! Session 2: Code and mobility Moving applications: A multilayered approach to mobile computing Jim Merricks White, National University of Ireland, Maynooth Abstract Mobile computing plays an increasingly important role in the way that space is experienced in the city. This has political consequences, both at the micro level of everyday production and consumption, and at the macro level of institutional and political economy. Photographing the Drag Queens of San Francisco Berlin-based photographer Joseph Wolfgang Ohlert recently went to San Francisco to photograph drag queens and trans people for his first book of photos. By day, Joseph met queens at their homes for quiet portrait sessions. At night, he followed them to such hallowed institutions as Trannyshack, Midnight Sun, the Stud Bar, and Moby Dick to document them in full bloom. This gallery of photographs is dedicated to the memory of Cookie Dough (pictured below), a pillar of the San Francisco drag scene who passed away last week. See more photos by Joseph Wolfgang Ohlert on his website. See more of his recent contributions to VICE here, and follow his instagram @jwo_studio.

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