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Paper View (4): Mattotti In the Paper View series we watch people draw. Today, we’ve got a big shot: Italian maestro of comics Lorenzo Mattotti! I’m a big fan of Mattotti. I love his color work (mostly crayons and pastels) but every now and again he goes completely black and white. Some of his very best comics he made like that (the somewhat under-appreciated “Stigmates” for instance), and in this video he once again goes for the starkest black on white. ILLUSTRATION AGE Ready to supercharge your Illustration business? Introducing the Illustrator’s Survival Kit! Illustrators who want to take their business to the next level will love this critically-acclaimed collection of eBooks and Audiobooks! Rave Reviews: “Another great tool you are providing the artist who is interested in Illustration.

4CP: Color Process Erotica Yes: erotica! And no, I’m not kidding. I think these picture are extremely sensuous. And I think the people behind the 4CP-site have the same idea. Listen to this: Dots emit radiation. Isabelle Vandenabeele Isabelle Vandenabeele has been one of my favourite illustrators for a while now; I love the timeless quality of her illustrations which mix traditional woodcuts with modern digital techniques to create work that is unique and instantly recognisable. The following examples are from the book: "Rouge Rouge Petit Chaperon Rouge", her take on 'Red Riding Hood':

The Daily Cross Hatch » Charles Burns Categories: Interviews Tags: Charles Burns, Fantagraphics, Fear(s) of the Dark, Pantheon, Peur(s) du Noir, Raw When it was finally collected by Pantheon in 2005, after a decade’s worth of serialization, Black Hole confirmed Charles Burns’s place as the master of indie horror comics. 10 things to remember when pitching to SelfMadeHero SelfMadeHero is heading North for Thought Bubble Festival! We’re looking forward to what has quickly become a much-looked-forward-to fixture in the SelfMadeHero convention calendar. Many creators who have worked with us or are working with SelfMadeHero at the moment will be there on Saturday. I mean, just look at all the banners (that I’ve shamelessly pulled from the Thought Bubble site and placed throughout this post)! The writing powerhouse behind SelfMadeHero's Sherlocks (not to mention the odd Poe, Lovecraft or Wilde tale).

100 Illustrators You Should Know Right Now Illustration nerds, it's time to get your geek on. A new book out from Taschen this December aims to pinpoint 100 of the most significant illustrators working in the field today. From Gary Baseman to Istvan Banyai, the compilation surveys visual artists from around the globe who've left their mark on the realm of illustration over the past several decades.

Joann Sfar: Gainsbourg I recently saw the film “Gainsbourg: Vie Héroïque” by Joann Sfar. I know, I know… it’s been out for a while now, but I really really liked it a lot, so I just had to make a post about it… Joann Sfar is of course a well known French comics author. Emma in Italy - liloo Hi there, I'm Lilo Following (8) Marionette marionette, editorial design, typography

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