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Expert Home Improvement Advice

Expert Home Improvement Advice

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18 easy ways to make extra cash on the side Whether you're trying to pay off debt, save more toward retirement or just boost your monthly and annual income, there are a lot of ways to make more money. Depending on your situation, there are a few different routes you can take -- including opportunities at work, a new job or on the side. There are tons of ways to make extra cash from your smartphone, your laptop at home or even just by running some errands for people in your area. Don't Forget to Clean Here When it’s time for spring cleaning, you think of opening all the windows, letting the fresh breezes replace the stale air in the rooms while you sweep and mop and dust the surfaces ignored all through the winter. But there are more shadowy areas in your home that need attention. Spending just a few minutes on these five often overlooked spots will transform your space into a cleaner, more liveable environment, perfect for spring and summer fun and relaxation. The Refrigerator Who knows what’s living in those jelly jars at the very back of your refrigerator shelves? Take your time, going from section of section, pulling out-of-date foods, making sure to rinse and recycle what containers you can.

How to build a foxhole radio receiver According to Wikipedia, and I quote; “A foxhole radio is a radio built by G.I.s during World War II. The foxhole radio differed from the crystal radio. A razor blade and pencil were used as a diode in a foxhole radio while a piece of crystal is used as a diode in a crystal radio. The foxhole radio is like a crystal set in that it does not require an external power source. The radio is powered by the radio frequency that it receives. This made the foxhole radio ideal for the prisoner of war (POW).

Do-It-Yourself Decorating Cool Copper Projects Warm metallic hues are easy to love but often pricey. When you create the look... A teenager’s "genius" trick to stop wasting money is going viral A 19-year-old has come up with a hilarious method to stop himself from overspending – and it’s going viral. According to BuzzFeed, a community college student from Los Angeles named Daniel recently lost his job and needed some motivation to control his spending. Read more: 21 ways to cut costs and save more every month! He turned to Terry Crews, the actor who played a character based on Chris Rock’s father, Julius, on the show “Everybody Hates Chris.” If you’re not familiar with the sitcom, Julius, a hardworking dad, was extremely frugal.

Top 5 Exotic Free Energy Technologies From PESWiki Shortcut URL: See also News:Best Exotic Free Energy Technologiesand Tracking the Position of the Top 5and Directory:Best Exotic Clean Energy Technologies This page is devoted to featuring the top five exotic technologies that we know of that are closest to market. Here at PESWiki we cover the entire spectrum of clean energy technologies, from conventional methods such as solar, wind, geothermal, tide, wave, river on the one hand; to very unconventional or "exotic" technologies such as cold fusion, magnet motors, overunity electromagnetic motors, gravity motors, and vortex technologies on the other. There are many ways to harness the wheelwork of nature -- energy sources that the environment provides free for the taking -- that are not only clean but inexhaustible and ubiquitous.

I Did Not Know That! Clever Tips To Make Your Life Easier I Did Not Know That! Clever Tips To Make Your Life Easier Welcome to yet another round of “I Did Not Know That!” This is our ongoing quest for clever and simple tips to make your life easier. By the way: should you thirst for more genius ideas, be sure to check our other Life Hacks: 9 financial mistakes you will regret forever We all mishandle our money from time to time -- whether it's an impulse buy, a forgotten bill or just poor planning. But there's a big difference between going shopping and realized you shouldn't have -- and making a serious financial mistake that can haunt you for years, maybe even for a lifetime. So to help you avoid getting into a situation you may regret, we've put together a list of some financial mistakes that come with the biggest consequences.