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Climate Leaders Learn How to Measure and Lower GHG Emissions Throughout an Organization's Supply Chain » EPA's Center for Corporate Climate Leadership serves as a resource center for all organizations looking to expand their work in the area of greenhouse gas (GHG) measurement and management. The Center was launched in 2012 to establish norms of climate leadership by encouraging organizations with emerging climate objectives to identify and achieve cost-effective GHG emission reductions, while helping more advanced organizations drive innovations in reducing their greenhouse gas impacts in their supply chains and beyond.

Home-made Sun Jar AdWords We use AdWords to deploy digital advertising on sites supported by AdWords. Ads are based on both AdWords data and behavioral data that we collect while you’re on our sites. The data we collect may include pages you’ve visited, trials you’ve initiated, videos you’ve played, purchases you’ve made, and your IP address or device ID. This information may be combined with data that AdWords has collected from you. Motivating Everyday Green Behavior With Real Rewards [Future Of Gaming] The PSFK consulting team has noticed that gaming systems are tapping into people’s inherent desire to be rewarded for their positive behaviors, developing creative ways to connect real world actions with earning points or currency. One company operating in this space is Recyclebank–an online platform that rewards individuals with points and cash rebates for making environmentally conscious decisions both on and offline. Users register with the site and can commit to a number of pledges that include using less energy, increasing their at home recycling, or learning how they can be more environmentally friendly in their neighborhood. The platform rewards every-day decisions with grocery store savings, drugstore coupons, and discounts from participating brands. Kashi and Ziploc have really pioneered their partnership to motivate people to recycle their packaging.

The Miracle of Cloves and Clove Oil By Gaye Levy Guest writer for Wake Up World Here’s the deal. It’s the weekend (or, like me, you are on vacation in the middle of the ocean) and your tooth starts to hurt. Millennium Promise - Home About Us At Millennium Promise, our vision is the eradication of extreme poverty, hunger, and preventable disease within our lifetime. Our mission is to provide the operational platform and resource mobilization for the Millennium Villages Project, which empowers communities to lift themselves out of extreme poverty. We believe that extreme poverty can be cut in half by 2015, even in some of the poorest, most remote places in the world. Through the Millennium Villages Project we are showing how, using a holistic, science-based approach to benefit more than 500,000 people across sub-Saharan Africa. Farmers cultivating their maize crops in the Millennium Village of Mayange (Rwanda).

Gulf Seafood Deformities Raise Questions Among Scientists And Fisherman While the true extent of the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill was not known for about 4 years, as Al Jazeera notes in the video above, the repercussions of BP's 2010 Deepwater Horizon spill in the Gulf of Mexico may become apparent more quickly. Discovering eyeless shrimp, lesioned fish and other mutated and underdeveloped seafood, fisherman in the Gulf are pointing fingers at the BP spill. Biologist Dr. Darryl Felder told the news agency that Gulf seafood populations are dropping at alarming rates and that species richness is "diminished." Location Aware App ‘Gamifies’ Hyperlocal News Reporting [Future Of Gaming] In our research for the Future Of Gaming report, our consulting team noticed a growing tendency towards games being used To Leverage Collective Manpower. One example of this trend is MePorter-a location-based, mobile news app that enables anyone to write, photograph, and record their own videos of local news as it happens, instantly sharing the stories with the MePorter community and on sites like Facebook and Twitter. Much like a local newspaper, MePorter offers a searchable list of categories, like crime, events and entertainment, offering a robust news experience that lets readers see other users’ locations, comment on stories and check-in as eyewitnesses. In order to ensure accuracy, the service only lets reporters and commenters post if they are at or near the location where the news is happening.

 's Explorations into Healthy Longevity Eat right, Exercise, Live right Computers & technology are lifelong passions that have been my career. But I am a human being with a biological body which I love and appreciate. Consequently, studying, learning about and practicing “health” is a hobby and another passion. It is not my goal to live forever, nor to live much longer than the point where I stop having this much fun being alive. But it is my goal to keep having fun being alive as long as possible.