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10 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Buy Reusable

10 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Buy Reusable

10 ways to repurpose newspaper at home It seems that these days, newspapers are heading in the same direction as our old friend the dodo. Circulation of all things printed has plummeted. More and more people are turning to the Internet as their source of “culture” and current events (oh, hello there!). Still, there’s something sort of precious about real, in-hand, black and gray newsprint; a graphic puzzle of words on that soft, smudgy paper. So there will always be newspapers, and thus there will always be need for green disposal of said newspapers. These ideas are actually creative and actually useful and may actually save you some money by replacing something you already use, making them actually eco-friendly. 1. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Or you can just go old school: Fold a paper hat.

Tote Bag Patterns Totes make great handmade gifts. Here is a Tuesday Ten that shows a round-up of lovely totes. If you love to sew you might also like these free sewing tutorials right here on Skip to my Lou! Every tote needs a matching pouch. Pleated Zippered Pouch Lined Zippered Pouch 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Las 5 ciudades más autosustentables en el mundo | Miles de ciudades alrededor del mundo se han unido a un movimiento verde que ha tomado fuerza durante los últimos 10 años, cada día con más seguidores. Con innovadores programas de reciclaje e iniciativas sencillas que son fácilmente replicables en otras partes del mundo, los siguientes lugares se han convertido en ejemplo a seguir en materia de ecología y cuidado de nuestro medio ambiente. Con motivo del Día Internacional de la Tierra y con el fin de que su ejemplo sea una inspiración para todos, te presentamos las 5 ciudades más autosustentables del mundo. Copenhague, Dinamarca En esta ciudad más del tercio de la población utiliza la bicicleta para ir y volver del trabajo y están buscando que, para el año 2015, el porcentaje suba al 50%. San Francisco, EUA Está considerada la ciudad con más y mejores iniciativas en pro del medio ambiente en toda la Unión Americana. Vancouver, Canadá Reykjavik, Islandia Melbourne, Australia

Top 6 Sites that Inspire and Educate & Life Scoop If you’re a professional who likes to be intellectually stimulated and you enjoy keeping up with the latest news and breaking trends, the internet provides you with an endless choice of carefully curated sites to visit. Today, we bring you six of them that we believe are leaps and bounds above the rest. These sites will not only educate you on topics ranging from business and technology to art and design, they’ll motivate you to find your own, original ideas and see them through. They’re culturally relevant, they’re idea driven and most of all, they’re deeply inspirational. TED is short for three incredibly important subjects in our modern world; technology, entertainment and design. Tip: Download TED’s free iPad app to browse through 800 videos by date, popularity or keyword. 2. Brain Pickings started from very humble beginnings. Tip: With over 63K Twitter followers, Brainpicker has a strong audience…and for good reason. 4. 5.

7 Weird Endangered Species Only a Mother Could Love Photo via WebEcoist When we pointed out some endangered species that are just so gosh-darn cute they'd give Knut a run for his magazine covers, we just couldn't shake the feeling that we were doing a disservice to all the rest of the world's endangered species--you know, the ones that aren't so cute. Or, in these cases, the ones that are almost downright ugly. Well, we think every creature has its own type of beauty--and we know that each holds its own important place in the eco-system--so we tracked down some of the weirder, creepier types who deserve to be saved just as much as the cuddly ones. 1. Of the 70 species of these invertebrates--found in New Zealand--16 are considered threatened or endangered. 2. Photo via Impact Lab The purple frog is so rare that it wasn't even discovered until 2003, and is considered the last remaining member of a prehistoric amphibian family. 3. Photo via Earwigs Online If household earwigs give you the creeps then you may want to skip this entry: The St.

Zipper Card Pouch Have you ever had too many cards that your wallet can handle? Be selective and get only those cards that you might be using in a particular shopping mall but end up they were the wrong one? Or, may be just forgot to “update” the cards in the wallet on your next trip? Can’t find the cards you thought you have already put into your wallet? Sounds familiar….. I am not a big fan of big wallet, with the increasing numbers of cards that I have, my decent size wallet is no longer able to buckle up. This zipper pouch can hold up to 30 plastic cards (similar to credit cards), and more for thinner cards, business calling card for example. Get the pattern and tutorial to sew one yourself after the jump and don’t have to struggle with the cards anymore. {Get pattern and tutorial on next page.} Pages: 1 2 Get all updates via email: Highlights from Our Partners

Mexico City's bike revolution 20 February 2012Last updated at 14:26 By Ignacio de los Reyes BBC Mundo, Mexico City On Sundays, cyclists and pedestrians have the city's main avenue to themselves Families riding bikes, children on roller skates and barely a car in sight; it's hard to believe this is usually one of the busiest roads in Mexico City. It's an eerily calm Sunday morning on the city's Avenida Reforma, an avenue which is grid-locked on weekdays by tens of thousands of cars sitting bumper-to-bumper. The Reforma's closure to car traffic on Sundays in 2007 kickstarted the capital's attempts to make life easier for cyclists. The car still reigns supreme in this metropolis of 22 million people, with more than four million vehicles clogging the roads every day. The city council, along with cyclists' associations, has just released its Urban Cyclist Manual, a comprehensive guide for cyclists in the city, and the first of its kind in Latin America, authorities say. Bike rental Continue reading the main story “Start Quote

What Sun Damage Looks Like Dermatologists, beauty editors and moms everywhere can tell you to wear sunscreen until they turn, well, red in the face. It’s up to you to make the real effort. But in much the same way those gruesome anti-smoking campaigns can persuade you to ditch the Marlboros for good, this extreme example of what the sun’s rays are truly capable of might inspire even the most negligent of sun worshippers to don SPF 1000 immediately. SHOP: SPF 30 Proven to Work (From Our Sister Site BeautySage!) Behold, the unfortunate case of a 69-year-old truck driver who spent the better part of 30 years on the big rig. Due to his vocation, the subject experienced what the researchers—whose observations were recently published in The New England Journal of Medicine—noted was a case of unilateral dermatoheliosis. QUIZ: See How Healthy Your Body Skin Is In this case, we can clearly see the contrast in exposure levels, not to mention the dramatically different results. MORE: Your Guide to Your Best Skin

Design Daily: How to Turn Empty Beer Cans into a Roof - Environment As emblems of cultural capital, neither aluminum siding nor Natural Light holds much of a premium. But when, in the hands of the biotech worker and chicken-keeper Bill Robb, a collection of empty Natty Lights transforms into a sheet of siding, well, that's a thing of beauty. Check out Robb's step-by-step tutorial on how to repurpose aluminum cans as a roof for a chicken coop. It strikes that perfect balance of DYI initiative, sustainability, and appreciation for reasonably priced domestic beer. Image via Core77