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Encore Careers: Service In The Second Half of Life In a turnaround of the old pattern, Paula Lopez Crespin followed in her daughter’s footsteps. After leaving an executive job at a credit union in her fifties, Crespin applied, as her daughter had, to Teach for America, an intensive immersion program designed to help the best and brightest young people become teachers. She was accepted. Semiconductor Training, Semiconductor Market Forecasts Future Horizons’ offer Semiconductor Workshops and Market Forecasts. Semiconductor events currently on offer are: Whether you work directly in the semiconductor industry, supply the industry, or are involved in investment and banking relating to the electronics industry, these semiconductor workshops will provide you with a complete overview of the semiconductor process including semiconductor technology, semiconductor manufacturing and semiconductor equipment.

22 Free Lightroom Preset Sources Lightroom Loves Presets! UPDATE 1: Due to the popularity of our free preset list, we have dedicated a new page full of 39 more Free Lightroom Presets! UPDATE 2: Free Lightroom Presets (Part 2) can be found here. UPDATE 3: Complete .zip file of RoTP Presets: RoTP - All Presets (25873)

From the Editor Thanks for coming to Co.Exist. This site is focused on groundbreaking innovation, innovation that’s going to change the way we live and the resources we use. We’re for brash and creative solutions, that make everyone rich while helping the people of the world lead lovely, clean, and fulfilling lives. First, we need acknowledge some simple truths. We are consuming more resources than we can produce. We’ve been looking at the same wind turbines and solar panels for years now, telling ourselves that it will all be fine. Free online courses: Semiconductor - Page 4 - OCW Search Results 31 - 40 of 174 for Semiconductor. This is page 4 of the OCW Search listing of free online courses about Semiconductor. You can find more courses using the search form above or at the end of this page. All these courses are freely available from top universities world-wide who release their courseware freely under a permissive license.

Digital Photo Buzz - Digital Photography reviews and tips Most of the questions that I get from our readers are relating to Lightroom. With so many people using Lightroom as their main editing software I have been focusing a lot of time creating tutorials and articles with Lightroom tips for everyone. We have a lot of Lightroom articles now that many of you might have missed so I wanted to group together a list of some past Lightroom articles. I also have some pretty cool things I am working on in the future for Lightroom tutorials so stay tuned. Here is a list of 10 Lightroom tips and tutorials you might have missed. If you ever run into a Lightroom question let me know, you can always comment at the bottom of any post, connect on our Digital Photo Buzz Facebook wall, Tweet me @digitalphotobuz or connect with me on Google +

It's Time For The Sharing Economy To Become The Sharing Society In New York City today, you can rent a room on Airbnb, catch a ride with Uber, sell your old threads on Modabound, and leave your nine-month-old with a shared nanny. The so-called “sharing economy” is revolutionizing the way Americans think about ownership and commerce. It’s also poised to make a handful of venture capitalists in Palo Alto and Tribeca very, very rich. Video2Brain Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 - Focus on new Features Your browser is not equipped with the required Flash player. Please follow the link for a free download. <p>With Mikkel Aaland and Tim Grey, authors of <i>Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3: Learn by Video</i>.</p>

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