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Skillcrush: Online classes in coding and digital skills

Skillcrush: Online classes in coding and digital skills
Hello! Adda Birnir, CEO of Skillcrush here. As you no doubt know, we are in the midst of a sea change: the Internet has become the dominant mode for human communication. Gutenberg has just published the bible, and you are faced with a choice: do you want to learn how to read? In order to thrive in our new digital economy, you will need to have more than just a theoretical understanding of how technology works. I am not saying that you need to BECOME a coder (although if you did, that would be super cool too!) - Learn Play, Design & Code Retro Arcade Games Grades 2+ | Blocks CS First Unplugged Microsoft Virtual Academy - Cursos online gratuitos para desenvolvedores e profissionais de TI Successful technologists never stop learning and great technology never stops evolving. Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA) offers online Microsoft training delivered by experts to help technologists continually learn, with hundreds of courses, in 11 different languages. Our mission is to help developers, knowledgeable IT professionals and advanced students learn the latest technology, build their skills, and advance their careers. MVA is free of charge, and the entire service is hosted on Windows Azure. Become an MVA member so that you can earn points for your learning, achieve different levels of badges and status relative to others in your country or around the world, and get certificates when you complete an entire course.

1,300 Free Online Courses from Top Universities Advertisment Take online courses from the world’s top universities for free. Below, you will find 1,700 free online courses from universities like Stanford, Yale, MIT, Harvard, Oxford and more. You can use this collection of online courses to learn everything you want–from history, philosophy and literature, to physics, biology, psychology, and computer science. Our site also features collections of Online Certificate Programs and Online Degree & Mini-Degree Programs. Note: This page includes a lot of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs).

Mozilla - List of Tutorials The links on this page lead to a variety of tutorials and training materials. Whether you are just starting out, learning the basics, or are an old hand at web development, you can find helpful resources here for best practices. These resources are created by forward-thinking companies and web developers who have embraced open standards and best practices for web development and that provide or allow translations, through an open content license such as Creative Commons. For complete beginners to the Web Getting started with the Web Here Come the Google+ Client Applications It is inconceivable that Twitter would be as popular as it is today without its robust Application Programming Interface, which allows client applications like TweetDeck and the original Tweetie (since bought by Twitter and re-branded as its official client app) to both display a user’s stream of tweets and manipulate his or her account in all the ways he or she would on itself. So depending on your perspective, it’s either surprising that Google+ did not launch with a developer API, or it’s surprising that they have come out with one relatively quickly, given the amount of testing and tweaking an entirely new social network no doubt involves. Either way, Google+ finally has an API, although it’s read-only, and it only shows the Google+ posts that a user has made public. In the coming days and weeks, we’re going to see a handful of uses of this API, which, in the abstract, at this point is little more than an RSS or XML feed for a user’s public posts.

500+ Free Online Courses in Architecture, Art, Design Today, a broad number of students across the globe cannot afford the higher tuitions of traditional colleges and universities, which have caused many of them to search for alternatives. With nearly three million students currently enrolled in fully online degree programs and six million taking at least one online course as part of their degree program, it seems that online education and the free online courses has clearly become one of the most popular higher education alternatives. The continually improving reputation of online learning has also helped fuel its expansion, as initial skepticism has faltered in the face of evidence that shows that online learning can be just as effective as face-to-face education. In this article, we tried to gather some free online courses from the world’s leading universities — Stanford, Yale, MIT, Harvard, Berkeley, Oxford and more. 1.

Google's Python Class   Welcome to Google's Python Class -- this is a free class for people with a little bit of programming experience who want to learn Python. The class includes written materials, lecture videos, and lots of code exercises to practice Python coding. These materials are used within Google to introduce Python to people who have just a little programming experience.

Tips For Mastering Voice Recognition On Your iPhone, Android, or Desktop Nobody talks on the phone anymore, but people are talking at their phones. Speech recognition is simply an expectation on smartphones these days, as well as in car navigation systems and your web browser. We’re all learning how to talk to machines, but we could be better at it. Here’s a pocket dictionary for dictating to your devices. The Basics: Can It Hear You Now? On any platform, check your settings and helper guides to get an understanding of what your app or phone can actually do, as completely misunderstood responses from a speech app can be pretty infuriating.

10 Free Online Animation Courses » A guide to free online courses Nowadays info graphics and creative visualizations are something which really catches the viewer’s attention. Cartoons, 3d animation, graphics; all this comes within the umbrella of animation. Not only is the skill in demand but it also makes for a fun part time hobby. These courses below will help you understand the subject better and develop new skills in the wide world of animation. Online; Flash Animation

Udacity - Online Courses and Nanodegree Programs to Advance Your Career Minicursos Gratuitos A Globalcode é a primeira empresa no Brasil a fornecer minicursos de Java gratuitamente. Mais de 50.000 pessoas já assistiram a esses minicursos e vídeos de minicursos, que duram de 2 a 4 horas ininterruptas. Esta é uma excelente oportunidade para um primeiro contato com nossa empresa, materiais, instrutores e infraestrutura. Frequentemente ministramos minicursos em nosso auditório em São Paulo e em diversos eventos no Brasil.