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25 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Twitter

25 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Twitter
Twitter may very well be the single most important tool for teachers right now. Considering many are not even using the service, that says a lot about how effective the platform is for learning, engaging, development, and more. In an effort to make sure you are getting the most out of Twitter, we’ve compiled a very lengthy list of tips and tricks. See Also: 45 Simple Twitter Tips Everyone Should Know About Katie and I went through our list and narrowed it down to the top 25. Follow folks who are interesting to you. Just tweet! Related:  Tips and Tricks

100 Of The Best Twitter Tools For Teachers By Category In 2009, we shared our favorite tools for teachers on Twitter, with 100 resources for managing feeds, finding followers, and tackling classroom groups on the social media site. Since then, many tools have been revamped, replaced, or simply aren’t available anymore. Clearly, an update is in order, so we’re proud to present a new list for 2012, featuring the very best tools available to Twittering teachers today. 25 Ways To Use Twitter To Improve Your Professional Development Although LinkedIn gets a lot of love as a professional social media site, Twitter is a force that can’t be ignored by up-and-coming young professionals. It’s a great place to get connected and informed, and an especially good resource for growing professionally. But how exactly can you use Twitter for professional development? Check out our list to find 25 different ways. Keep your Twitter profile employer-focused : Maximize the space that you have in your profile to share a professional description of yourself. Cash in on your good karma that you’ve earned by helping others and call in a favor yourself.

4 Reasons That I'm Your Tweep When colleagues, who know I am on Twitter, ask about it the first question is always “why?”. After expounding on the benefits that a PLN brings the next question is inevitably “who?”. The people I follow is been a rather short list – one that has changed since I began this process. Whenever I stop following someone it has only confirmed for me why I follow others. (I’m at @Coleesensei on Twitter by the way) I’m yours because: Your Tweets have a Clear Focus : You know why you Tweet and have a common theme for them. You Tweet Professionally: Twitter has a bad ‘rep’ for mundane, self-focused, ‘too much information’ sharing. 100 Simple Ways To Effectively Use Twitter Twitter is too big to ignore. You see hashtags in commercials, sponsored tweets, posts, news broken on Twitter, etc. It’s quickly become an indispensable tool for teachers, admins, parents, and students too. But what if they had a categorized list of the top tips to help you use Twitter ? See Also: It’s Official: Using Twitter Makes Students More Engaged From how to follow people to asking for help to the best tools to use , it’s all here. Getting Connected With these tips and tools, you’ll be able to get connected with the people that matter most to you on Twitter. Follow experts : Get useful information from other experts in your field. Search Put Twitter’s massive amounts of information to work by using these search tips and tools. Twitority : This search engine offers results based on Twitter users with authority. Organization With these tips and tools, you can keep all of your information on Twitter well organized. Authority Building Getting Value Wait, Here’s How To Actually Use Twiiter

Twitter - A Necessity for Educators in 2012 - Texas Principal Twitter A Necessity for Educators in 2012 “Twitter won’t change your life, but it might make your job more fun and a little easier” - NEA What is Twitter? Have your students and parents follow you on Twitter where you can post reminders about quizzes/tests, upcoming field trips, websites to check out, reminders about homework, etc.Hold “Twitter Chats” with your students. Key Lingo: Tweet - a tweet is just the way to say you posted something on Twitter. Some great hashtags to follow are #edchat #edtech #ntchat Educators really can’t afford to NOT be on Twitter. Follow us on Twitter! @The3TechNinjas @TechNinjaTodd @TechNinjaStacey

Design a Custom Twitter Header in 8 Simple Steps Howdy! Maybe you’re one of those who haven’t updated their Twitter headers yet, or maybe you’ve heard it already but you’re not just into creating your own design due to a lack of inspiration? Well, that’s not a problem at all now, this tutorial is for you. I’m going to show you how to create your own, and showcase some Twitter headers for your inspiration. Before we get started creating our own design, let’s take a look at this list of inspiration to boost up your creativity level. Use of Self Portrait Select your best photo and align it properly to with the avatar. @Rosen @RyanSeacrest @db Branding Select the best product you own and showcase it. @Starbucks @krispykreme @PlayStation Vector Illustration Using Vector art is always good to look at. OrganikSEO @Vimeo @Adobe Dark Backgrounds Dark background makes the avatar picture and text pop ups more. @VandelayDesign @wpbeginner @Behance Creative Very creative how they present their interest by the use of illustration. @laurenonizzle @imjustcreative @twitter

Following local Twitter users in specified city or location - Get Twitter Followers by Location - Online to Make Money! You've read my article about "How to search and increase your twitter followers by keywords". The big (Twitter Followers by Location), of course, there is great, but if you can post direct message to the audience that you need is much better than. Twitter's public stream is overwhelming at up to 12,000 tweets per minute. 1. One of the best ways to find local Twitter users (Twitter Followers by Location) is simply to search for them on Twitter Search (tweetzi Twitter Search). The neat thing about Advanced Twitter search is that you can customize the results and find Tweets that contain a specific keyword or hashtag. Imagine, you want to send your message to people living in Boston. You click the Search button and see the results returned: OK, now the rest of you is to know how to get this list for following. Then, Link Gopher opens a new tab with your links: and copy them to clipboard (for pasting in other text editor). 2. Happnin gives Twitter a local focus. 3. 4. 5. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.

Survivre dans la savane twittorienne ! Twitter, c’est un peu comme la savane : vous commencez en tant que fourmi, vous devenez antilope, vous finissez lion ! Ca a l’air sympa non ? Ou légèrement à côté de la plaque… Je vous l’avoue, l’idée de vous comparer aux animaux de la savane n’est peut être pas la meilleure, mais cela reflète bien la volonté de certains à définir leur propre personnalité sur ce réseau. Entrons un peu plus dans les détails de ce billet quelque peu original : La fourmi Vous commencez fourmi, vous êtes donc lié à tous mais vous ne faites attention à personne, personne ne fait attention à vous. Ce sont vos débuts et si jamais vous vous intéressez à Twitter, vous allez très vite grandir ! L’antilope Vous tweeter de l’actualité que vous trouvez sur les flux RSS que vous suivez, sur Google Actualités ou Google Alert, de l’actualité que d’autres vous ont transmis. La girafe C’est une des phases très intéressantes de son ascension sur Twitter. Le léopard Le Lion Trouver sa place Kevin Poudoulec - Fondateur