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Article. Man dead after two utes collide near Taupo. Article. Jocelyn Gillanders-Ryan says her dad was a proud, private man who "absolutely adored her".


Malcolm Fergus Gillanders-Ryan, 77, died when two utes collided on Broadlands Rd, near Centennial Drive on April 12. Mr Gillanders-Ryan married his wife Beverly at 26 and the couple had lived in Taupo for the last 50 years. The £1.49 Face Mask That Will Transform Your Skin In Minutes. By Fiona McKim on Friday, 21 April 2017 The beauty industry loves disruptive innovation, and sheet masks, with their clever cellulose delivery and exotic Korean origins were that for 2015.

The £1.49 Face Mask That Will Transform Your Skin In Minutes

Of course, another thing the industry loves is a trend, so in 2016 the world and his wife launched some form of sheet mask and beauty consumers couldn't get enough. Cut to 2017 and we've well and truly reached peak sheet - there's one for every skin concern, from mass to luxury and some designed specifically for selfie-taking (animal faces, anyone?)

Crow's Feet: A Beauty Editor's on dealing with lines under your eyes. By Fiona McKim on Tuesday, 21 March 2017 If someone was to make a league table of wrinkles from most inoffensive to "ugh, Botox immediately!

Crow's Feet: A Beauty Editor's on dealing with lines under your eyes

" I'd wager crow's feet would come out on top. But there's something quite charming about a twinkly eye compared to, say, an angry between-the-brow furrow or (the least sexy of all lines) deep smile lines (or nasolabial folds as they're known in the business). Landlord penalised for allowing family to rent unconsented garage. Last updated 14:35, March 17 2017 Renting out a property is a business and comes with obligations, MBIE says.

Landlord penalised for allowing family to rent unconsented garage

An Auckland landlord has been penalised more than $16,000 for renting out his unconsented garage to a family. Article. A drink-driver who sped past police, refused to stop and crashed head-on into an oncoming vehicle near Te Karaka last Easter has been jailed.


All seven occupants of both vehicles were seriously injured, including intoxicated driver Tyson Maxwell Matenga, 27, and his 4-year-old son who was asleep, unrestrained, on the back seat. A passenger in the rear seat of Matenga's vehicle was flung through the windscreen - breaking every major bone in her body. Wedding Make Up: Mother Of The Bride. There are times in your life when you really want to pull out all the stops and their big day is no exception.

Wedding Make Up: Mother Of The Bride

Our expert wedding make up tips will help you look your best. It can takes a ton of cosmetics to look good on camera, but in real life, if it looks like anything other than your skin to the naked eye, it's just not 'pretty', and is downright ageing. Make-up artists stake their reputation on the idea that skin make-up should be so beautifully employed, an observer would need a microscope to detect it. Article. The devastated family of a 7-year-old killed in a quad bike accident had to tell his twin brother that his "best friend" was gone forever.


Connor Irvin died on Monday morning from injuries he received in the crash that occurred on his family's Barellan property 60km east of Griffith in the NSW Riverina region on Sunday afternoon. A 9-year-old friend he was riding with managed to jump clear when the bike rolled. The accident happened right in front of Connor's horrified family - who are now being trolled online by members of the public slamming them for allowing such a small child on a quad bike. SMC Education Blog — Girls and Their Frenemies. "Shortland Street" (1992) - Parents Guide. Top Five Warning Signs that Your Child is in Trouble. What causes teenagers to make choices that could destroy their future, and why do they give in to peer pressure?

Top Five Warning Signs that Your Child is in Trouble

Could your child be headed down a dangerous path? Heed the following warning signs: #1 Teen warning sign: Isolates from the family. If your once social child starts spending an inordinate amount of time away from home or locked in his or her room, Dr. Anxiety Disorders. Anxiety disorders develop when anxiety is persistent over time and causes significant distress or impairment in functioning.

Anxiety Disorders

They are distinguished by the types of objects or situations that induce the anxiety. Anxiety: The apprehensive anticipation of future danger or misfortune accompanied by a feeling of worry, distress, and/or somatic symptoms of tension. The focus of anticipated danger may be internal or external. Characteristics of Anxiety Feeling apprehensiveFeeling powerlessHaving sense of impending danger, panic or doomHaving increased heart rateBreathing rapidlySweatingTremblingFeeling weak or tired (Source: Mayo Clinic) SunLive. Chrissy Kokiri is coming home to the Bay next week to teach in The New Zealand Dance Company’s Tauranga summer school.


Photo: The New Zealand Dance Company/John McDermott. A Tauranga girl who has danced all over the world is bringing her skills home to share with the next generation. Next week The New Zealand Dance Company comes to Tauranga to teach its summer school classes at the Dance Education Centre. Among the three professional dancers tutoring is former Te Puke girl Chrissy Kokiri (Te Arawa, Tapuika). Mesothelioma Settlements - Asbestos Settlement Amounts. Some mesothelioma settlements and verdicts have reached into the millions, but it’s not easy to estimate how much a person will receive prior to filing a claim. Compensation varies on claimant’s diagnosis, medical history, companies sued, where the claim is filed, proof of negligence and other factors. Find An Attorney Get help finding an attorney who knows the process and can get you and your family the compensation you deserve.

Get Help Now History has shown that an overwhelming majority of cases end in a settlement before reaching the courtroom. Settlement and verdict amounts often are tied to the cost of medical expenses, physical and mental distress, lost wages and bills that accumulate as patients move forward with an asbestos-related illness. Exact settlement figures are usually considered private, and claimants often are bound by confidentiality agreements. Quiz: Are You in an Abusive Relationship? Sometimes when you’re in an intense or passionate relationship, it’s hard to recognize when lines are being crossed. You can get comfortable with dysfunction and not realize when you are being abused, especially if your partner hasn’t yet become physically violent. The National Domestic Violence Hotline has a quiz for indentifying abuse.

Go through the following checklist to find out whether your relationship is unhealthy and could be dangerous: Beauty buys that plump skin naturally. By Fiona McKim on Friday, 6 January 2017 It's a funny old thing, plumpness. Back in our school days plump cheeks were not exactly a covetable feature, but, as the wisest of women once sang, you don't know what you've got till it's gone.

Only when that juiciness sank away did we all realise that plumped up skin is just what we want. Article. An Auckland skin expert says young people taking part in the "frosty challenge" risk being scarred for life. Young people taking part in the frosty challenge spray aerosol to the skin at close range for as long as possible, and compete with each other to see who can endure it the longest. Auckland Skin and Cancer Foundation consultant Chin-Yun Lin described the challenge as a "silly craze", adding the use of any aerosol products in close proximity to the skin for a prolonged period can lead to permanent damage or disfigurement.

"There's a risk of ice burn, which is very similar to heat burn, and the longer you spray, the deeper the skin will freeze and the deeper the wound," Lin said. Article. There's a poster pinned to the wall at my NZEI office that I think should frame everything people involved in education do. The poster simply says, "It's got to be about the child. " This has been my reality check, and my chosen measure of success, over the past two years as National President of NZEI Te Riu Roa. Article. Article. The winners of the biggest Lotto prize ever in New Zealand are looking forward to a low-key Christmas. SunLive. 18 Makeup Tips All Older Women Should Know – Page 6 – Buzz Variety. Article. Papamoa and Mount Maunganui residents are recovering this morning after an early morning evacuation prompted by earthquakes around the country including a 7.5 earthquake in the South Island. Papamoa resident Shawni Martin said she and husband Anthony slept through the shake but woke to calls and texts from friends and family telling them to get out.

Bay of Plenty Civil Defence issued a tsunami alert 2.06am. The largest earthquake was centred near Hanmer Springs just after midnight. SunLive. Sunless Tanners. Alice Snedden: the fairytale of Max Key, the boy who loved to act the idiot. Last updated 05:00, November 6 2016. Article. Captions Settings Dialog Beginning of dialog window. Escape will cancel and close the window. Article. Captions Settings Dialog. Babies should sleep in parents’ room to help prevent SIDS. Record number of quad bike deaths. Last updated 18:21, October 24 2016. Article. Christchurch Hospital contacts Worksafe after 'cluster' of injuries at trampoline centres. Article. Article. Parenting Styles and Tips. Article. Psoriasis Treatment: Diet & Lifestyle Changes. Article. From grief to grace: Wife of Amish schoolhouse shooter breaks her silence.

Bay of Plenty coastal sales up, Tauranga volumes drop. She lost the letter her dying mom left her, then it was found in a secondhand bookshop. Treating cancer with vitamin C. The Bachelor's Trista Sutter is just an ordinary mom as she enjoys married life with Ryan. Linda Thompson: David Foster Was The Worst Husband EVER! Mmunity work for man who drove car into power poles. Google. Papamoa property earned $395 a day for retired couple. Wellington couple who spent all elderly father's estate money inheritance appeal dismissed.

Galaxy Note7 Rated Most Innovative Display Ever, Says DisplayMate – Samsung Newsroom. How to tell if you're magnesium deficient (and what to do about it) SunLive. Woman killed changing tyre: Family speaks of grief. Tauranga man killed while changing a tyre. Whatkatewore. Community Psychiatric Clinic - Information and Resources - Signs and Symptoms of Mental Illness. Nine signs of mental health issues. Warning Signs of Mental Illness │ Inheritance lost: After war veteran's fortune wasted, judge demands explanation. Merivale School sees 'heartbreaking' impact of homelessness on learning. Mesothelioma sufferer dies soon after gaining Australian asbestos payout. Cyberbullying victim too scared to walk the street. Cyberbullying targets children as young as 8.

Bowl of porridge a day could be secret to a longer life. Ask the Expert: Protecting your children's inheritance. Trooping the Colour: Princess Charlotte steals show with her first appearance on Buckingham Palace balcony. Dad Goes To Walk Bride Up The Aisle, When She Lifts Her Arm And Stuns Them...