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Teen work experience models

Way Beyond Lanyards & S'Mores: Adult Camps for Creatives and Crafters. Online Workshops. Way Beyond Lanyards & S'Mores: Adult Camps for Creatives and Crafters. 15 Creative Ways to Make Money. Factsheet – A social enterprise to harness and focus young talent. Education is not fair.

Factsheet – A social enterprise to harness and focus young talent

Young people from lower-income families are almost twice as likely to not be in employment, education or training (NEET) aged 16 compared to their more affluent peers and are also less likely to go to university.Fair Education Alliance Despite a growing economy and improvements in education, inequality is widening There is increasing polarisation between the highest and lowest incomes in Lambeth. Three out of five Lambeth children are growing up in poverty[1]. Lambeth is ethnically diverse: 85 per cent of secondary school pupils are non-white British, but Black Caribbean residents say they feel excluded from the benefits of economic growth[3].

Lambeth’s schools have achieved significant improvements in recent years with GCSE attainment levels now above the national and regional averages. Welcome to LVN Mobile. About the Westboro Brainery — The Westboro Brainery. Powered by the Dovercourt Recreation Association, the Westboro Brainery can host classes on everything from How to Make Buffalo Mozzarella to The History of Britannia Beach to the Lyrics of Paul Simon.

About the Westboro Brainery — The Westboro Brainery

Classes are brief (usually no more than 3 hours at the most) and inexpensive (averaging $10-$30). Because the Brainery is a citizen-led affair, classes are determined by YOU, the public. You come to us with your idea, and provided it meets the basic criteria, you have yourself a class. What types of classes are we looking for? Restaurants & Eatertainment. In the mid-1980s, an independent Burger King restaurant added a small soft-modular-play unit to the outside of its restaurant.

Restaurants & Eatertainment

Sales dramatically increased. Thus began what has become a major trend of adding children's play and entertainment areas to quick-service restaurants. Some restaurants concepts have successfully integrated food and entertainment into what is called restaurant-entertainment or eatertainment concepts. Strut Your Stuff: 9 Examples of Edutainment Branding - Word Chef. Image Credit: prayitno Nine Ladies Dancing!

Strut Your Stuff: 9 Examples of Edutainment Branding - Word Chef

It’s Day 9 of the 12 Days of Branding. If you missed any of the series thus far, you can find them here. “In The Studio,” Skillshare’s Michael Karnjanaprakorn Talks Platforms And Marketplaces. Editor’s Note: Semil Shah is a contributor to TechCrunch.

“In The Studio,” Skillshare’s Michael Karnjanaprakorn Talks Platforms And Marketplaces

You can follow him on Twitter at @semil. “In the Studio” welcomes a first-time founder with a diverse set of experiences — ranging from economics to advertising, from product management to design, and from startup CEO to advisor of a venture capital firm — who now is at the helm of one of the most interesting online education startups on the web today.

Michael Karnjanaprakorn, founder and CEO of Skillshare, has taken on the difficult work of launching an online/offline marketplace that also happens to be in one of the most competitive and dynamic industries today: online education. Remaking Education for the Creative Community. PSFK, in partnership with HP Matter, speaks to Mike Karnjanaprakorn, CEO and co-founder of Skillshare, to understand the impact of digital on the way people learn Innovation is the new currency in today’s Idea Economy.

Remaking Education for the Creative Community

In recognition of the leaders who are disrupting our tech-driven world, the editors at thought leadership site partnered with HP Matter to create the Innovators Index, a roster of digital pioneers making a global impact.This week we’ve featured Mike Karnjanaprakorn for delivering affordable education to the creative community. With the cost of a diploma reaching all-time highs, students are considering alternatives to a traditional college education.

About. How to Throw Your Own Craft Night. Beach Tomato - it's better at the beach. Shabby Chic Antique Farmhouse. Creative Breaks - Art and Craft Holidays - Herefordshire. News - AccorHotels. What if travel was also a great opportunity to develop your creative potential?

News - AccorHotels

Remodelista San Francisco Market this Weekend.

Seniors University Lifelong Learning

Case Study lifeling learning program for seniors. Workshops and classes offered at the Creative Spark Workshop studio - Creative Spark Workshops. The Reporter - The art of sharing. CreativeLIVE: Free Live Video Tutorials & Online Training Courses. Trends to watch. Enterprise models. Trade School. Sample Workshop topics. LearnLocal CA. Local Learning /Lost Arts. Fabulous Places Events. Teacher FAQ. Encore Careers: Service In The Second Half of Life. In a turnaround of the old pattern, Paula Lopez Crespin followed in her daughter’s footsteps.

Encore Careers: Service In The Second Half of Life

After leaving an executive job at a credit union in her fifties, Crespin applied, as her daughter had, to Teach for America, an intensive immersion program designed to help the best and brightest young people become teachers. She was accepted. Like all TFA recruits, Crespin spent six weeks living in a dorm and working 20-hour days to prepare for her own classroom. From the Editor. Thanks for coming to Co.Exist.

From the Editor

This site is focused on groundbreaking innovation, innovation that’s going to change the way we live and the resources we use. We’re for brash and creative solutions, that make everyone rich while helping the people of the world lead lovely, clean, and fulfilling lives. First, we need acknowledge some simple truths. We are consuming more resources than we can produce. We’ve been looking at the same wind turbines and solar panels for years now, telling ourselves that it will all be fine. Though we’re currently resource poor, we’re still ingenuity rich. Using Elderly Volunteers To Create A Whole New Workforce. What’s the most important phenomenon of the last hundred years?

Using Elderly Volunteers To Create A Whole New Workforce

It’s probably not the Bomb, the Pill or even the iPad. It's Time For The Sharing Economy To Become The Sharing Society. In New York City today, you can rent a room on Airbnb, catch a ride with Uber, sell your old threads on Modabound, and leave your nine-month-old with a shared nanny.