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Sometimes I start with a simple thought on Twitter, decide to take it to the next level, and before I know it things have gone entirely out of hand and I’ve gone from a simple tweet about missing NY bagels to a fully produced bagel love song posted on SoundCloud in a matter of hours. This time, it started with some simple microwave advice. I ended up live-tweeting while I made a video in 2 hours, and I figured I should get it all formatted in a post before it disappears into the unsearchable depths of twitter forever. Might as well add some further details on what went on too, if you’re interested in a thorough case-study of how one might go about making a weird video. Yes, let’s get way too in-depth! It will mirror the unreasonable nature of the art itself!

Happenings from my real-life 21st-century mathematics classroom Texas Math 8 standards provide students with a firm foundation of linear concepts and slope-intercept form. Additionally, my Math 8 kiddos just wrapped up a polynomials enrichment unit. With this in mind, I felt like they had a solid background to ensure success with generalizing patterns algebraically. What better way to do this than with “Visual Patterns”! I’m pretty new to using “Visual Patterns” with students, and in the past, I didn’t feel like I introduced these very well. Mathematical Sculptures Made Out Of Office Supplies (PHOTOS) "I think about math constantly and I see and look for math in everything around me." Zachary Abel is a second year Ph.D student in the MIT Mathematics department, but he also creates sculptures out of everyday objects. "By transforming often-overlooked household items into elaborate, mathematical sculptures, I hope to share this sense of excitement, curiosity, and beauty that a mathematical outlook has instilled in me." Zachary Abel, "Impenetraball", 2011.

Opinion: The State of the EDM Scene and How We Can Save It “Dancing in the Eternal Present, Before Harsh Reality Intervened:Electric Zoo Festival Cut Short by Two Deaths”.“House of Blues cancels Zedd show after overdoses, death.” These headlines from the New York Times and Merto respectively are just some of the tragic press the EDM scene in the United States has been receiving lately. This past Labor Day weekend photographer Kristina Kauffman and I had the chance to cover Electric Zoo which took place on Randall Island in New York City. It was set to be an the kind of event people talked about for months after, had one of the best lineups of the summer, and brought people from all over the world to one of the most awe-inspiring places in our country; and for the first two days it was. The following is an opinion statement that I would like to make on behalf of myself and photographer Kristina Kauffman.

Projects As part of Winnipeg’s Public Art Program, Vancouver-based Pechet Studio won an international competition to create a public artwork to invigorate the center of the city. Together with artist Bill Pechet and lighting co-designer Chris Pekar of Lightworks, Lumenpulse provided the illumination for the urban sculpture, called Emptyful, in downtown Winnipeg. Standing 35 feet high and 31 feet wide, the stainless steel frame of a flask-like structure has been installed at the Millennium Library Plaza. Funded by the Canadian government and the City, the $575,000 artwork represents the idea that something can be empty and full at the same time. “It was influenced by the phenomenon of weather and human endeavor,” Pechet says.

Hammack Home This book is an introduction to the standard methods of proving mathematical theorems. It has been approved by the American Institute of Mathematics' Open Textbook Initiative. Also see the Mathematical Association of America Math DL review (of the 1st edition), and the Amazon reviews. The second edition is identical to the first edition, except some mistakes have been corrected, new exercises have been added, and Chapter 13 has been extended. (The Cantor-Bernstein-Schröeder theorem has been added.)

The Real Story Behind Snapchat Leaked, the Site Publishing Screenshots of Your Embarrassing Snaps Of course it was a brainchild of a teenager. By Jordan Valinsky 5/29/13 4:28pm Share this: (Photo: BBC/Snapchats Leaked) Holiday Art « JCVI Blog In a relatively unknown place, on the 3rd floor of JCVI in Rockville, MD, is a small fungal room where art meets science (and of course where all our fungal research takes place). Fungus often gets such a bad reputation for being gross and somewhat ‘standard’. We fungal folks know better and I am hoping to educate others with the underlying beauty that fungi possess, in a funky way. I recognize that beauty is in the eye of the beholder but I felt this might convince some that fungus can be fun and not just something that grows in the back of your fridge or a nuisance that contaminates your plates.

How Mathematics Can Make Smart People Dumb - Ben O'Neill Mathematics can sometimes make smart people dumb. Let me explain what I mean by this. I don't mean that it is dumb not to be good at mathematics. Bars As far as nightlife goes, in Porto, Portugal, it is all happening downtown. A local company, Baixa (baixa is Portuguese for downtown), has recently added another downtown nightclub to its roster that already includes the Baixa bar. The new nightclub, Instalação (installation), was designed by José Carlos Cruz Arquitecto, the same team responsible for the design of Baixa bar as well as the Farmacia Lordelo we have featured earlier. The space for Instalação, opened in March, was in essence a long, narrow corridor with two dividing structural arches that support the building itself. From this 250 square-meter (2,690 sq.ft.) space the designers created a golden wire tunnel where the main materials are concrete, brass and polished aluminum.

This Anamorphic Portrait by Bernard Pras is Made From an Entire Room of Objects French artist Bernard Pras works almost entirely within the realm of assemblage and anamorposis, a visual illusion where a distorted projection—often made from paint or a collection or objects—must be viewed from a specific vantage point to reconstitute the intended image. His latest piece, a portrait of Malian actor Sotigui Kouyaté, is comprised of numerous objects including clothes, paint, wood, rubber, and other objects found or scavenged around the installation site. Only when viewed through the lens of his camera is the image clearly visible. Watch the video above to see everything come together. Pras currently has a solo show at MazelGalerie in Brussels, Belgium and you can see a collection of his work here (flash).

Euler's identity The exponential functionez can be defined as the limit of (1 + z/N)N, as N approaches infinity, and thus eiπ is the limit of (1 +iπ/N)N. In this animation N takes various increasing values from 1 to 100. The computation of (1 + iπ/N)N is displayed as the combined effect of N repeated multiplications in the complex plane, with the final point being the actual value of (1 +iπ/N)N. It can be seen that as N gets larger (1 +iπ/N)N approaches a limit of −1. where

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