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Visual Calculus

Visual Calculus
Related:  Calculus and Analysis - THE CALCULUS PAGE . Free Math Help Mathematics Archives Calculus Resources On-Line Welcome to the Calculus Resources On-line area of the Mathematics Archives. This area contains information and links to numerous Internet resources, which could be used for teaching and learning of calculus. If you would like to suggest adding information to this area, or have comments or questions, please contact Przemyslaw Bogacki, the calculus moderator. Here is the contents of the Calculus Resources On-line area: Mathematics Archives software collection contains numerous shareware and freeware programs useful for teaching and learning of calculus. Initiatives, Projects and Programs These are alphabetized by institution's name (pilot sites are listed under the original developer institution). Appalachian State University, Business Calculus A new Business Calculus course has been developed with the focus on business problems which can be efficiently resolved by the appropriate use of mathematics and technology working hand-in-hand. Carleton University Cornell University Duke University

OCW Course Index Homework and Study Help - Free help with your algebra, biology, environmental science, American government, US history, physics and religion homework Can I take a course at HippoCampus for credit? How do I enroll in a course at HippoCampus? Are there any fees to take your courses? How do I make a comment or ask a question? How do I get individual help with my homework assignment? What are the preferred texts? How can I use HippoCampus in my classroom? How can I use HippoCampus in my home school? Can I use the resources you have available for my homeschoolers? Do you know of any wet lab resources to accompany HippoCampus content? Is there a script, app, or something that can be used to track student use of HippoCampus? Can I share my HippoCampus content with my fellow teachers? Can I download the video? Can I change the size of the video window? Why won't the Environmental Science animations play? What if my page scroll bars or "submit" button are not showing? I can't find closed captioning. Where does the content from your site come from? There is an error in the multimedia presentation. How do I report a course errata item? No. AP Course Ledger

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Highlights of Calculus Supports de cours -- Data Mining, Data Science et Big Data Analytics Cette page recense les supports utilisés pour mes enseignements de Machine Learning, Data Mining et de Data Science au sein du Département Informatique et Statistique (DIS) de l'Université Lyon 2, principalement en Master 2 Statistique et Informatique pour la Science des donnéEs (SISE), formation en data science, dans le cadre du traitement statistique des données et de la valorisation des big data. Je suis très attentif à la synergie forte entre l'informatique et les statistiques dans ce diplôme, ce sont là les piliers essentiels du métier de data scientist. Attention, pour la majorité, il s'agit de « slides » imprimés en PDF, donc très peu formalisés, ils mettent avant tout l'accent sur le fil directeur du domaine étudié et recensent les points importants. Cette page est bien entendu ouverte à tous les statisticiens, data miner et data scientist, étudiants ou pas, de l'Université Lyon 2 ou d'ailleurs. Nous vous remercions par avance. Ricco Rakotomalala – Université Lyon 2

Exponential and Logarithmic functions Exponential functions Definition Take a > 0 and not equal to 1 . Then, the function defined by f : R -> R : x -> ax is called an exponential function with base a. Graph and properties Let f(x) = an exponential function with a > 1. From the graphs we see that The domain is R The range is the set of strictly positive real numbers The function is continuous in its domain The function is increasing if a > 1 and decreasing if 0 < a < 1 The x-axis is a horizontal asymptote Examples: y = 3x ; y = 0.5x ; y = 100.2x-1 Logarithmic functions Definition and basic properties Take a > 0 and not equal to 1 . are either increasing or decreasing, the inverse functions are defined. loga(x) log10(x) is written as log(x) So, From this we see that the domain of the logarithmic function is the set of strictly positive real numbers, and the range is R. log2(8) = 3 ; log3(sqrt(3)) = 0.5 ; log(0.01) = -2 From the definition it follows immediately that Example: log(102x+1) = 2x+1 Graph log2(x) ; log(2x+4) ; log0.5(x) Thus,

Contemporary Calculus | Contemporary Calculus SQLPro : le SQL, tout le SQL, rien que le SQL & les bases de données relationnelles MATH1200 Calculus The author of this page, Kevin Hutchinson would welcome any comments or suggestions for its improvement. Lecturer Lecturer: Dr Kevin Hutchinson Office: Room 8, Mathematics Department, Second Floor, Science Lecture Theatre Building Phone: 716 2577 e-mail: Office Hours: Tuesday 4-5 pm, Thursday 3-4 pm, or by appointment. Syllabus The syllabus for this course is entirely determined by the classnotes and assigned homework. For an outline of the course syllabus, aims and objectives, click here. Texts The primary `text' for this course is the classnotes provided below. Homeworks Calculus homework will be assigned throughout the year, once every fortnight during term. Here is the first homework for the current year (2004/5): Homework 1 (2004) Here is the third homework for the current year (2004/5): Homework 3 (2004) Here is the fifth homework for the current year (2004/5): Homework 5 (2004) Here is the seventh homework for the current year (2004/5): Homework 7 (2004)

Free Calculus Online Courses with Video Lectures Learn. MOOC Courses. Calculus is a branch of mathematics that has tremendous application and is phenomenally vast. It is essentially covered in two segments namely differential calculus and integral calculus. Calculus mainly covers the concept of changes and uses different types of mathematical models for the sake of q... MOREuantifying the changes. In Calculus video lectures, we will take you through the different topics which will help you understand the core details of how calculus works. Video tutorials cover basics to advanced calculus topics.