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Créer un graphique géographique avec Google Drive

Créer un graphique géographique avec Google Drive

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Multiple Google Forms to One Spreadsheet The magic of Google Forms is the ability to view all of your Form data in a spreadsheet. I use Google Forms a considerable amount in my classroom. Google Forms basically allows me to be paperless. Any data I need to collect, including student work, I utilize a Google Form. This means that I have multiple spreadsheets that I need to access when I need data. It would be nice if I could have all of my Google Forms data in one spreadsheet. Add a Touch of Realism to Your Google Maps Using the Google Maps API is one of the most popular (if not the most popular) way to show geo-locations on today's websites. In this tutorial I'll demonstrate how I give my google maps a more realistic look and I'll give you some tips on how to make your own maps really shine! Step 1: Warming Up Our aim is to give the map a realistic look, while still allowing the user to zoom and pan it.

Gamification: Engaging Students With Narrative When looking at how engaged students are in playing games, it makes sense to capture some of the ideas that game designers use to engage the player. This idea of applying gaming mechanics to non-game situations is known as gamification. What defines a game is having a goal or objective. However almost all games also have some sort of theme or story. The classic game Candyland has nothing really to do with candy.

Enterprise Work Visualization is Here It’s one thing to see a list or organizational chart of people who are working on a project - their assignments, responsibilities, and roles. But imagine using an interactive, visual map where you can see each individual, who they’re working with, what they’re working on, and where they are in process of the project. That reality is finally here. Presentation of Data Main Article Business presenters use tables, graphs and charts as part of their presentation. Such data provides evidence for their claims and support for their ideas. It is critical therefore to present data powerfully. It is sad that business presenters do not work towards presenting data the right way – to get audience attention. Audience dislike complex or confusing data and typically turn off when such data is presented.

Hosting HTML5 games on Google Drive Being able to quickly upload a HTML5 game to the web is important. It's not just a more comfortable format for sharing, but sometimes a requirement, since games created with GameMaker: Studio, Construct 2, Haxe+OpenFL and many other tools may not necessarily fully function when launched locally due to browsers laying restrictions over local file access (meaning that sending a ZIP with game files may not quite work). While it used to be possible to host HTML5 games on Dropbox for free (or, rather, it still is possible, but only if you have enabled the public folder before the late 2013, else it'll cost you some), you can still host HTML5 games freely on Google Drive. And this article explains the process of hosting your games on Google Drive in detail. First things first, you need to login to Google Drive (obviously).

Top 5 free online logo maker tools - TechieGIG Logo portrays the identity, objective and goals of a brand thus it is important to have a professional looking logo for it. This is the very first step you need to take when you start branding of your business. You may look at the logos of big e-commerce brands like Flipkart, Amazon, Shopclues, and others. You will find that they have something interesting in their logos. There are many ways you can get a logo designed for your company. Create Quizalize Quiz 1. Choose a name for your quiz The only thing you need to do to get started.

Programming 3D Applications with HTML5 and WebGL WebGL is the standard 3D graphics API for the web. It allows developers to harness the full power of the computer’s 3D rendering hardware from within the browser using JavaScript. Before WebGL, developers had to rely on plugins or native applications and ask their users to download and install custom software in order to deliver a hardware-accelerated 3D experience. While WebGL is not in the official HTML5 specification, it is shipped with most browsers that support HTML5. Like Web Workers, Web Sockets and other technologies outside the official W3C recommendations, WebGL comes with the package; the developers at Google, Apple, Mozilla, Opera and Blackberry consider 3D an essential component for making the browser into a first-class application platform. WebGL works on the majority of desktops, as well as a growing number of mobile browsers.

10 Awesome Free Tools To Make Infographics Advertisement Who can resist a colourful, thoughtful venn diagram anyway? In terms of blogging success, infographics are far more likely to be shared than your average blog post. This means more eyeballs on your important information, more people rallying for your cause, more backlinks and more visits to your blog. In short, a quality infographic done well could be what your blog needs right now. Designing An Infographic

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