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Social media kitbag

Social media kitbag

Twitter Facebook MySpace LinkedIn Flickr - Share and Download Youtube videos Compassion in Action Breaking news pragmatically: Some reflections on silence and timing in networked journalism Speak only if it improves upon the silence. —Mohandas Gandhi Last week’s coverage of the events in Boston showed how much the networked press needs to better understand two things: silence and timing. The Internet makes it possible for people other than traditional journalists to express themselves, quickly, to potentially large audiences. The broadest definition of the networked press is a system that attends to, represents, circulates, and amplifies publicly meaningful perspectives. At best, the networked press told people important, time-sensitive information; it fostered empathy and thoughtful action; and it helped to create a sophisticated public ready to prosecute this tragedy and prevent future ones. To be sure, there were bright spots. But the biggest errors of the week — for legacy news organizations and social media users — happened when those who spoke might have been better off saying nothing at all. Silence I mean silence as the thoughtful absence of speech. Timing

How Tumblr is Changing Journalism Earlier this week we looked at the remarkable growth of Tumblr, a blogging and curation service that now gets over 12 billion page views per month. Tumblr is mostly used as a consumer curation tool - it's an easy way for people to re-post articles, images and videos. But Tumblr can also be used to power a news website. That's exactly what ShortFormBlog does. Launched in January 2009 by Ernie Smith from Washington D.C., the site publishes about 30 news soundbites a day. The concept behind ShortFormBlog is very simple: to publish really short posts throughout the day. The site publishes over 200 posts per week, an average of about 30 per day (higher on weekdays). The audience reaction and feedback - mostly via Tumblr, but also other social media such as Twitter - is a key part of the site. The Tumblr community is especially important. How Tumblr is Being Used ShortFormBlog uses a mix of Tumblr and Wordpress as its publishing platform. This is what their posting interface looks like:

Find a meeting time the easy way: Nouveaux paradigmes You Don't Have To Like Edward Snowden What are 10 Addictive Types of Content? Are you having problems driving traffic to your blog? Are you finding that no one is retweeting your content or sharing it on Facebook? When starting a blog the challenge for any blogger is providing content that will entice and delight your readers. You want them looking forward to your next article. Developing an antenna for creative ideas for content is a skill that can be developed. What I have found effective is to take notes when reading a book or after a meeting when customers provide insights into their business dilemmas. Everyone has Problems One thing to keep in mind is that every business or reader has day to day challenges and problems that they want help solving. Ideally you want your blog to become the industry resource or Bible that becomes the “Go To Portal” for your subscribers. Social Proof is Vital Do you have clients saying to you “What are some of your customers finding what works for them?” 10 Addictive Content Types 1. Example: 2. Example 90 Tips to Make Your Blog Rock 3.

Social bookmarking service. Fast tagging and posting to all major social websites - The activity of Social Bookmarking has been around for almost two decades. If you have engaged in social media, chances are you’ve participated in it without even realising you have done so. Ever sent a link to a friend knowing they’ll enjoy receiving the content you’ve sent? That in itself is social bookmarking! Knowing what content drives people, simply as a social media user or maybe as an editor or creator of a news site, media site or website, is the key to getting the information you want to get across to the correct audience. SocialMarker brings you a new bookmarking tool like no other. Getting SocialMarker started is pretty simple. SocialMarker regulates your various social bookmarking sites by having you log into all of them initially and then opening each account in an iFrame, meaning you can visit all listed social bookmarking sites automatically. Getting SocialMarker started is pretty simple.

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