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Channel 10 streaming: 10 All Access launch date, price, CBS shows IF YOU already think there are too many streaming services, here comes another begging for your money. In its annual upfronts presentation, the rebranded Channel 10 announced what many in the market had been anticipating for months — a new subscription streaming service to try to rival Netflix and Stan. The service, 10 All Access, will launch in December with 7000 TV episodes in its library including archive episodes of CBS shows NCIS, Cheers and Frasier as well as Australian content such as Neighbours, The Bachelor and The Living Room. Channel 10 hasn’t revealed how much the service will cost. Other streaming services in Australia range from $5.99 a month for Hayu to $104 for the all-inclusive Foxtel Now package. Its American parent company CBS’s paid streaming service in the US, CBS All Access, charges $US5.99 for a monthly service with ads and $US9.99 for an ad-free option, but that library is considerably larger.

Tales of Future Past It wasn't that long ago that we had a future. I mean, we have one now; the world isn't going to crash into the Sun or anything like that. What I mean is that we had a future that we could clearly imagine. The future wasn't tomorrow, next week, next year, or next century. Profiler – create a topographic profile Import file (KML, KMZ, GPX) loaded layer and topographic profile of the route. Sometimes, some files do not automatically create a profile! Zoom: 15Counter markers: 2Status: REQUEST_DENIEDАzimuth: 73°Mouse px: ...Lat./Lon.: ...Center point: -25.343780041796837, 131.03412500000002Center point location: ...

Snapchat TV: can the ailing app's new five-minute shows rescue it? A few short years ago, Snapchat was the messaging app on everyone’s filler-heavy lips, a place where Gen Y and Z alike shared ephemeral selfies and collections of pictures and videos that made up the “stories” of their everyday lives. However, a much-hated redesign, an offensive poll about Rihanna, and Instagram competing with its trademark disappearing posts has left it teetering on the precipice of MySpace-circa-2009 status. Indeed, the company’s stock reached an all-time low earlier this week, with shares down 74% on their March 2017 peak.

New Quasiparticles Found Scientists from the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel have demonstrated, for the first time, the existence of quasiparticles with one quarter the charge of an electron. Quasiparticles are formed from the interactions of multi-particle systems, and act effectively as independent particles. Quasiparticles are known for having a fraction of the charge of an electron, but until now all the quasiparticles that were discovered had an odd denominator. The special attribute of an even denominator in the recently discovered quasiparticles may be the first step towards powerful and stable quantum computers.

Physics Flash Animations We have been increasingly using Flash animations for illustrating Physics content. This page provides access to those animations which may be of general interest. The animations will appear in a separate window. How To (Legally) Download Or Stream Movies For Free It's easy to find movies to download or stream; even for law-abiding popcorn munchers! If you're flying straight and narrow or want to support and watch films that are free, public domain, or whose creators want them free and openly shared, here are some great sites to bookmark - and visit when you want something new to watch. Illustration by Nick Criscuolo. #10 SBS On Demand / ABC iView Australia's publicly funded free-to-air TV channels provide on demand access to thousands of free movies and documentaries.

Breakthrough in Thin-Film Solar Cells Scientists at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU) in Germany have recently reported a breakthrough in their search for more efficient thin-film solar cells. Such cells could help create better solar receptors, improving both capacity and utilization of current devices – resulting in more realistically efficient sources for alternative energy. The new study shows that the new potential efficiency is 30%, a significant increase in comparison to contemporary cells that have only about 20% efficiency. Using computer simulations, the scientists investigated ways to improve the performance of CIGS thin-film solar cells; these are important since they are only a few micrometers thick, and offer savings on material and manufacturing costs.

Top 16 TV and Movie Streaming Sites Available in Australia Online TV and movie streaming services are now a normal thing in Australia with a majority of households having access to at least one streaming service. Australia, like the rest of the world, has embraced these services as users can watch our favourite TV shows and movies whenever and wherever we like, and on any device. Plus let’s face it, there isn’t a whole lot on commercial television these days!

Black Holes in Star Clusters Stir Time and Space Astronomers at the University of Bonn’s Argelander-Institut fuer Astronomie have recently published a study that suggests novel techniques to simulate the movement of black holes in star clusters, providing a new method to detect the merging of black holes. Their idea might be the basis for a future field called “gravitational wave astronomy”. The common premise is that most stars are born in clusters, evidently forming the massive star sets we call galaxies. The smallest, looser “open clusters” have only a few stellar members, and the largest, tightly bound ”globular clusters” have as many as several million stars. It is believed that stars with higher masses use their hydrogen fuel relatively quickly (in terms of millions of years), and then their core collapses – in the form of a supernova explosion. The result is a stellar object with a gravitational field so strong that not even light can escape; this object is mostly known as a black hole.

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