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Documentary Channel - 24-hour documentary television network

Documentary Channel - 24-hour documentary television network
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Cute Overload :D Art Project – Cultural Institute The Art Project is a unique collaboration with some of the world’s most acclaimed art institutions to enable people to discover and view artworks online in extraordinary detail. Working with over 250 institutions, we have put tens of thousands of works of art from more than 6,000 artists online. This involved taking a selection of super high resolution images of famous artworks, as well as collating more than thirty thousand other images into one place. It also included building 360 degree tours of individual galleries using Street View ‘indoor’ technology. The project has expanded dramatically since it first launched. A wide range of institutions, large and small, traditional art museums as well as less traditional settings for great art are represented in the expanded Art Project. View all museum collections More than 45,000 artworks are featured in high resolution. “Explore museums from around the world, discover and view hundreds of artworks at incredible zoom levels”

NAT GEO ADVENTURE – ADVENTURE TRAVEL VIDEOS Docs Design Ideas and Tech Concepts - Rhythms of Life Land Art - Google Arts & Culture Atacama Desert, Chile In Chile, the Rhythms of Life site measures one and a half square kilometers (0.7 square mile) and rises to an elevation of 2,603 meters (8,540 ft). It starts in an exotic location, Llano de la Paciencia (the Plain of Patience) in the Atacama Desert, the driest desert on Earth and spreads in an easterly direction, climbing the Cordillera de la Sal (Salt Mountain Range) at the head of the Valle de la Luna (Valley of the Moon). Within this site are three geoglyphs entitled 'Ancient Language', 'The Ancients' and 'Rhythms of Life'.

Chiller TV BibliOdyssey Durland Alternatives Library : Projects : Center for Transformative Action The Durland Alternatives Library is located on the Cornell campus and is free and open to everyone. The collection is comprised of books, periodicals and audio-visual materials focusing on cutting edge work in ecology, community, renewable energy, alternative health, organic agriculture and gardening, world cultures, global issues, domestic politics and policies, spirituality and a variety of materials on sustainable living. We are dedicated to providing free and open access to materials expressing viewpoints and information not readily available through mainstream publications and mass media sources. We are also committed to providing materials to under-served and incarcerated people both locally and globally. The Alternatives Library was initially started in 1973 by Paul Gibbons with a donated collection of books on community, and in 1974 was founded as the Anne Carry Durland Memorial Library, a living memorial to the daughter of Lewis H. and Margaret C.

E! Art More than 400 invited guests attended the opening event of The Art Hunter in Sydney on Tuesday night. The Art Hunter launch is a collaboration between The Cool Hunter and Jaguar, and the opening night was also the Australian debut of the spectacular Jaguar C-X17 concept car. To present The Art Hunter, we engaged our dream team of collaborators, led by the incomparable Natalie Longeon, Peter Pengly and Phil Barker from The Artistry (they designed and executed our Summer Lovers store as well), to transform a 500 m2 warehouse in Alexandria into a genuinely exciting, temporary three-week art exhibition experience. The Art Hunter is not a white-walled space where you quietly walk past pieces of art. Instead, it is an eclectic and vibrant environment where every wall is a different colour (by our paint sponsor Taubmans), where there is no natural light and where the work of more than 40 artists, curated by us, is not only on display but also for sale. Closes Sunday 30 March Want to see more?

Criminal and Addictive Thinking Workbook Revised -- Hazelden Show Less >> Criminal & Addictive Thinking Explore the distorted thinking patterns at the root of addiction and criminal behavior About the second edition of A New Direction We are proud to introduce the second edition of A New Direction. Hazelden's pioneering treatment program specifically for criminal justice professionals is now better than ever! With a streamlined format, updated information, and an affordable price, this revised version of A New Direction is sure to make a positive impact in your residential substance abuse treatment program or with any of your law-involved clients. A New Direction is a comprehensive cognitive-behavioral therapy treatment program that trains chemically dependent offenders to challenge their thinking in order to change their criminal and addictive behavior patterns. About the New Streamlined Format You no longer need to decide between the "long term" version versus the "short term" version of this popular program.

GSN Storyboard Of the thousands and thousands of micro-cultures extant today, the pursuit of bending things is a particularly niche obsession. This is the world of Bending Steel, which follows the personal journey of Chris Schoeck as he tries to find path forward to improving his body, mind, and spirit. He locates this path via the traditions of the vaudeville strongmen of Coney Island, who were known to bend nails, horseshoes, and steel bars with their hands, legs, necks, or even their hair and teeth. As Schoeck trains and challenges himself to bend, he finds a family of sorts among other would-be strongmen – the kind of kinship and validation that had eluded him for his entire life. The story culminates in a strongman show on Coney Island where Schoeck attempts to bend a steel bar that has always defeated him before, in front of his friends and a crowd of strangers who represent all his fears and doubts. – Chris Mohney

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