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PBL and Common Core — and Next Generation Science Standards

PBL and Common Core — and Next Generation Science Standards

Resources and Tools for PBL Start to Finish Tips for downloading: PDF files can be viewed on a wide variety of platforms -- both as a browser plug-in or a stand-alone application -- with Adobe's free Acrobat Reader program. Click here to download the latest version of Adobe Reader. Documents to Help You Get Started The Hunger Games Project Documents Below are sample project-based learning documents from teachers Mary Mobley (English) and Michael Chambers (world history) of Manor New Technology High School in Manor, Texas. More Spanish: Project based learning with grammar I am concerned that I am spoon-feeding my students, boring the heck out of the really bright ones in the process, and not giving any of my students an opportunity to develop initiative for their own learning. So I wanted to see if I could apply project based learning to a grammar lesson. Most of the time, when I teach grammar, I explain the concept in a mini-lesson, and then select a variety of activities for my students to practice. Today I tried something different.

Getting Started with Project-Based Learning (Hint: Don't Go Crazy) Before the start of the school year, many of us want to use the remaining weeks of summer to learn some new skills -- such as project-based learning (PBL). One of the things we stress for new PBL practitioners is, as I say, "don't go crazy." It's easy to go "too big" when you first start PBL.

Project Planner Project Based Learning A PHP Error was encountered Severity: Notice Message: Use of undefined constant not_FALSE - assumed 'not_FALSE' Filename: libraries/Functions.php(682) : eval()'d code Line Number: 55 Inquiry-based Learning: Explanation What is inquiry-based learning? An old adage states: "Tell me and I forget, show me and I remember, involve me and I understand." The last part of this statement is the essence of inquiry-based learning, says our workshop author Joe Exline 1. Inquiry implies involvement that leads to understanding. Furthermore, involvement in learning implies possessing skills and attitudes that permit you to seek resolutions to questions and issues while you construct new knowledge.

Template In order to provide consistency across Project Based Learning (PBL) professional development and the development of resources for Teach 21, the WVDE Office of Instruction adopted a project design template for use with PBL. It is important that all work classified as PBL adhere to specific guidelines, the most important of which is an alignment with the grade appropriate West Virginia 21st century content, learning skills and technology tools standards and objectives. Quality project based learning in the 21st century classroom engages students in thought-provoking, standards-focused, inquiry-based learning experiences that are open-ended and driven by an authentic and challenging problem, question or issue. Standards-focused instruction often contains projects that are authentic and engaging for students.

100 Inspiring Ways to Use Social Media In the Classroom Social media may have started out as a fun way to connect with friends, but it has evolved to become a powerful tool for education and business. Sites such as Facebook and Twitter and tools such as Skype are connecting students to learning opportunities in new and exciting ways. Whether you teach an elementary class, a traditional college class, or at an online university, you will find inspirational ways to incorporate social media in your classroom with this list.

Integration Strategies for PBL This series is about taking your PBL projects "up a notch." I wrote a blog about how to get started, but after you get started and are familiar with the benefits of keeping it small and focused, what are some of your next steps? One area where I see teachers taking their PBL projects up a notch is through integration. However, integration is actually quite complicated and includes many levels of implementation.

Activities for Elementary, Middle-School and High School Students Featured Certified English Language Arts Playlists PowerMyLearning Playlists let educators select and sequence fun English Language Arts activities, and then assign them to students based on individual needs. Customize your own Playlist or choose a Certified Playlist created by our team of experienced K-12 educators.

Education for Environment and Sustainability The program is to support academic success and life-long learning, and to develop a responsible citizenry capable of applying knowledge of ecological, economic, and socio-cultural systems to meet current and future needs. Environmental education is a mandatory area of study in Washington, required by 392-410-115: Instruction about conservation, natural resources, and the environment shall be provided at all grade levels in an interdisciplinary manner through science, the social studies, the humanities, and other appropriate areas... The state's K-12 Integrated Environmental and Sustainability Learning Standards describe what students should know and be able to do at each grade level. OSPI and E3 Washington led the development of the Washington State Environmental and Sustainability Literacy Plan.

Integrated Projects = Deeper Learning Here's how one school designs rigorous projects that blend STEM with other core subjects. See how this strategy might work for you. MC2 STEM High School has fabrication laboratories ("fab labs") where students learn to use advanced equipment such as the "shop-bot" (left) that they can use for their interdisciplinary project-based-learning assignments. Credit: Zachary Fink MC2 (Metropolitan Cleveland Consortium) STEM High School is a year-round public school in Cleveland, Ohio. So you want to learn about flipped learning? Gone are the days when we would see students carrying stacks of books as they walk to their next class. In today’s modern times, students do not need to lug around as many textbooks and notes as before. Instead, they read their day’s lessons from the PDF files on their phones or laptops. Additionally, they may be using PDF tools to make their life a little bit easier during their educational journey. What’s more, with the COVID-19 pandemic threatening to stay indefinitely, learning as we know it has drastically changed.

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