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40 Sites for Educational Games

40 Sites for Educational Games
With the start of school right around the corner, I decided to revisit a post I've done on sites for educational games. This list I've compiled has a nice mix of subjects and grade levels that teachers can use w/ their students. *This list is in alphabetical order. 40 Sites for Educational Games ABCya - A great site for games and mobile apps for elementary students.Academic Skill Builders - A wonderful site w/ learning through the use of multi-player games. For my Pinterest board on educational games click here.

Brain Teasers for Kids and Adults Gamestar Mechanic Riddles and Puzzles WELCOME to [wu:riddles]! This is an archive of problems I've been collecting since the Spring of 2002. They come from many places, including word of mouth, college courses, books, and job interviews for hi-tech positions. Many are even written by members of our own forum community. If you are a first-timer, here are some problems I recommend you start out with: The riddles are organized by difficulty as judged by myself: easy, medium, and hard. Hints are available for some riddles. If you need solutions or more hints, please post to the FORUM! My favorite kind of puzzle satisfies the following criteria: 1) It seems impossible, 2) Most people can understand it, and 3) It does not require specialized knowledge to solve. Many thanks to all the cool people who have sent me new material. Finally, I would like to again plug the forum, which i invite you to browse and perhaps even join.

Thousands of Video Lessons on Every Subject Mathematics - Mathematics and MultimediaMathematics and Multimedia This page is a list of mathematics articles in Mathematics and Multimedia. You might also want to check the Post List page which contains the newest posts in major categories. The complete list of posts arranged by month can be found in the Archives page. Complex Numbers Series The Divisibility Series Area Tutorial Series Curve Sketching (New!) The Calculus Primer Series Experimental and Theoretical Probability Series MATH LITE (Fun, Games, Puzzles, Trivia) MISCELLANEOUS Math Word Problem Solving Series Age Problems Motion Problems Vedic Mathematics (by Sanjay Gulati) Paper Folding Set Theory General Information/Miscellany

Reading With Pictures | We get comics into schools and get schools into comics California Math Standards - 6th Grade MathScore EduFighter is one of the best math games on the Internet today. You can start playing for free! California Math Standards - 6th Grade MathScore aligns to the California Math Standards for 6th Grade. The standards appear below along with the MathScore topics that match. Want unlimited math worksheets? Number Sense 1.0 Students compare and order positive and negative fractions, decimals, and mixed numbers. Algebra and Functions 1.0 Students write verbal expressions and sentences as algebraic expressions and equations; they evaluate algebraic expressions, solve simple linear equations, and graph and interpret their results: 1.1 Write and solve one-step linear equations in one variable. Measurement and Geometry 1.0 Students deepen their understanding of the measurement of plane and solid shapes and use this understanding to solve problems: 1.1 Understand the concept of a constant such as π know the formulas for the circumference and area of a circle. Mathematical Reasoning

Educational Videos and Games for Kids about Science, Math, Social Studies and English The Thirty Greatest Mathematicians Click for a discussion of certain omissions. Please send me e-mail if you believe there's a major flaw in my rankings (or an error in any of the biographies). Obviously the relative ranks of, say Fibonacci and Ramanujan, will never satisfy everyone since the reasons for their "greatness" are different. I'm sure I've overlooked great mathematicians who obviously belong on this list. Please e-mail and tell me! Following are the top mathematicians in chronological (birth-year) order. Earliest mathematicians Little is known of the earliest mathematics, but the famous Ishango Bone from Early Stone-Age Africa has tally marks suggesting arithmetic. Early Vedic mathematicians The greatest mathematics before the Golden Age of Greece was in India's early Vedic (Hindu) civilization. Top Thales of Miletus (ca 624 - 546 BC) Greek domain Apastambha (ca 630-560 BC) India Pythagoras of Samos (ca 578-505 BC) Greek domain Panini (of Shalatula) (ca 520-460 BC) Gandhara (India) Tiberius(?) Geocentrism vs.