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Kamasutra sex positions - Sex positions - kamasutra sex positions : Photo album

Kamasutra sex positions - Sex positions - kamasutra sex positions : Photo album
The Kamasutra is the bible of sex positions. It was written in India between 400 BC and 200 BC. Originally it wasn't just a sex positions manual but a whole way of life! However, if it's sex positions you're after then you've come to the right place! The Kamasutra contains very detailed instructions to different sex positions and we've come up with handy little illustrations to help you get to grips with them! "The erotic V" This position demands certain acrobatic capacities! Now she braces herself by putting her arms around his neck, pulls first the right, then the left leg up onto his shoulders.

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What Is Sacred Sex? « The Goddess of Sacred Sex When we journey to our ancient past, long before a Christian god and patriarchal religions, we encounter a world where for millennia people worshipped the Goddess – benevolent, fertile and above all sexual. Very sexual! Today we have profound difficulty associating sexuality with anything sacred, but in ancient times the worship of the goddess was often conducted through sexual rites.

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