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19 Things Married People Want Single People To Know Before They Commit. 45 Things I Want My Future Daughters To Know. I have no way of knowing if I will ever have children. However, I do have five nieces, and I would hope that this advice reaches them eventually (much to the dismay of my two sisters — some of it might not jive with their parenting styles). Or, in the instance that I someday do have a daughter, this is my advice to her. 1. He always has to wear a condom. Bring your own, because he will try to say he doesn’t have any. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43.

16 Signs The Person You’re Dating Is A Catch. 1. They have their own aspirations and hobbies. Want to know what happens when only one individual in a relationship has goals and pastimes? The person who has nothing to do gets upset at the one who wants to spend a portion of their day enjoying beloved activities or focusing on passion projects, and it’s a recipe for disaster. 2. They don’t terrorize you with those dreaded questions like “Do you think that person is attractive?” 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 11 Hilariously Dumb Fights All Healthy Couples Have. My parents always say that they didn’t really love each other until they argued for the first time; “it was love at first fight.” True love is being able to look at someone like, “you are so, so painfully wrong and stupid. I love you.” Here are a few fights that might make you do just that. 1.

The music in the car During the honeymoon period of your relationship, both of you got equal play with the iPod cord. 2. We should all really dedicate an entire date in the initial stages of casual dating to cuddling. 3. You’re so sweet on each other that you’re all up in each other’s clothes and personal space, breathing in one another’s musk, rocking hair ties, boxers, flannels, the whole mixed-gender wardrobe bliss. 4. I call this the ‘Kanye West’ argument because my ex and I literally broke up over an argument sparked by my support of Yeezy as a human being. 5. “Can you take over the GPS?” 6. 7. It all starts with a playful touch. 8. 9. 10. “Do you want to watch Game of Thrones?” 11. 7 Awesome Ways Sex Benefits Men. Feel like he’s always thinking about sex? Well, according to research, he probably is about 19 times a day.

But maybe there’s a good reason for it: His life could depend on it. Orgasms can work wonders for your health, from easing your menstrual cramps to lowering your risk of diabetes, but what about your guy? In honor of Men’s Health Month, we count down the ways your lovin’ is lending him a helping hand. Make sure he thanks you for keeping him in tip-top shape. 1. Keeps His Ticker Strong You already make his heart go pitter-patter when you walk into the room, but turns out, you’re protecting his heart in other ways too. 2. Sexy time keeps your guy in good spirits. 3.

Getting enough shuteye is essential to your health, affecting everything from your mood to your weight. 4. Having sex regularly may protect your guy from getting cancer later in life. 5. For you, the big O can relieve those awful menstrual cramps, but it’s also a natural painkiller for your guy. 6. 7. To The Girl Whose Boyfriend I’m Sleeping With. Sorry, but I’m not sorry. I know you think we’re sleeping together.

You don’t make a terrible effort to hide your insecurity regarding our friendship. I’m not going to make excuses for the behavior, because when it all started you weren’t in the picture—or so that’s what I thought. I know better now. You deserve to know a few things, though. 1. With more than one person, more than one time. 2. Like, ever. 3. Before anything happened between us, he still talked about you as an ex. 4. He doesn’t want to be with you; he just doesn’t know how to tell you that. And finally. 5. No one is going to tell you this because you wouldn’t believe it even if they did. You are going to read this, and you’re going to laugh it off.

You’re wrong. Stop putting your trust blindly in him. I’m not sorry for sleeping with him. 9 Ways Women Can Become Better Women. 1. Stop the shit-talking. Is it really necessary to bash other women? Don’t we have it hard enough as females on this earth? It is so easy to say mean, spiteful things about other women who have done us wrong, who have hurt us, or are even just walking down the street. Why do we do this? I know you have done it. I have done it too. 2.

Ever since my two little (not so little any more) cousins were born, I always think about what they would think or feel about whatever action I take. 3. I recently found myself comparing my path to the path of a woman with whom I went to undergrad six years ago. 4. Part of my undergraduate education was focused on women’s studies. 5.

I remember so many mean things that were said to me about my body when I was younger. 6. This is a tough one. 7. We typically know what we want. 8. When someone says you are beautiful, believe it. 9. Understand that it is really cool to be an intellectual. 5 Reasons Why Today’s Idea Of Marriage No Longer Works. I was 28 when I decided to leave my husband and start a new life. Marriage just wasn’t for me. At one point I was in love with him but how our marriage was set up, how society told us our marriage should be, just did not work. So what is it that has us all messed up? 1. Spending too much money on the wedding day. I spent 40k on my wedding and that was after “haggling” and searching for ‘bargains’. 2.

I’m not talking about the Spice Girls song. 3. Sometimes it’s nice to have the bed to ourselves. 4. I think if my ex travelled for work, I’d have a bag packed and ready to go at any given moment. 5. By no means am I discrediting marriages that started young and remain successful (i.e. 10 years or more) to this day. Ultimately, do you and do what you do as a couple; as two people who have decided to share their journeys together. 5 Ways To Be More Attractive To Whomever You Want To Sleep With. Recently Thought Catalog published this article detailing 13 things a woman can do to be more attractive to men. I’m a hairy-legged, granola-eating, card-carrying feminist, and I’m not going to accuse this article or its writer of being misogynistic. What the article is, however, is myopic. According to the standards set forth by this article, a woman like me should never get attention from men. I’m fat, I don’t shave my legs, I don’t wear make-up, I’m not submissive or feminine, and I swear like a goddamned fucking sailor.

If John Smith were able to speak on behalf of the entire male demographic, something he seems to believe he’s qualified to do, I should be a lonely virgin who has never even been acknowledged by a man. What my above-average sex life proves is that you don’t have to fit the limited standards of beauty as defined by our society in order to be attractive, desirable, and sexually active. 1. 2. Do you like wearing skinny jeans and tank tops? 3. 4. Confidence is a choice. Keeping It Casual: 9 Ways To Ensure Things Don’t Get Too Serious.

The 20-something narrative seems to be increasingly obsessed with figuring things out and self-exploration. A huge part of this, of course, pertains to our wild and crazy love lives. I haven’t been in a ton of casual relationships, but the few that I have taken part in have been enjoyable while they’ve lasted. More than anything though, they’ve been really good learning experiences. Not every relationship is destined for joint bank accounts, and taking a step back — particularly after a breakup or in the midst of intense career or personal obligation — can really be a positive thing for all parties involved. Casual relationships might not be for everyone, but the extended fling can really be a boon to one’s everyday existence if done in a responsible and mature manner. With that in mind, here are some tidbits of possibly helpful advice: 1. Probably the most important rule by far. 2.

The old adage goes “talking about keeping it casual effectively means that it’s no longer casual.” 3. 4. What It’s Like When You’re Afraid Of Losing The Love You Have. You want to think you’re the person that will know what they have when they have it. You want to think that the only way your love will break apart will be for typical reasons like they changed or you changed or there’s some glaring incompatibility you only noticed with time. You never want to think that perhaps the love you’ve been given is less than the love you think you deserve. You tell yourself that love is infinite, that nobody deserves more or less love, that you don’t have to earn or prove yourself to contain the love you have been given. Yet, these beliefs about love are beautiful in theory, but they become nearly impossible in practice, when you’re scared and up against the kind of love you’ve secretly wanted – yet feared – your entire life.

Subconsciously, you start to tear down what you’ve built, brick by tiny brick. You find these small things about the person you love that suddenly become huge, insurmountable obstacles barricading your heart from theirs. 9 Qualities You Suddenly Find Attractive In Your Mid 20s. I’m not saying these things weren’t attractive to you before, but they’ve definitely been bumped to the top of your list now that you’re becoming a more fully formed adult human being. 1. Focus They know what they want and they go after it — and nothing is sexier than someone with goals and the drive to make those things happen.

Maybe they’re not exactly where they want to be in their career yet, but they know what a career actually is and they’re actively pursuing it. Yes please. 2. Sincerity When I was 20 I didn’t really care if a guy meant what he said, as long as he said what I wanted to hear. 3. The older you get the more you realize the amount that goes into developing certain skills and abilities so much so that you start to appreciate when others have put in the work to build on their own talents. 4. Let’s be honest: for women, it’s nice to have guys who aren’t rushing us into the sack. 5. 6. 7. 8. Much like talent, passion is something that develops over time. 9.

Do Girls Really Hate Each Other — Or Is That A Myth Invented To Divide Us? There is this longstanding assumption that girls secretly hate other girls. That we are competitive, catty, and cruel to one another – and this is an exclusively feminine thing. Even my daughter’s hippy Waldorf educator, who wears felt overalls unironically, explained female behavior as “girls are just mean sometimes.” It seems like this has become a dynamic that is not only assumed, but accepted.

Yet jealousy is not just a feminine phenomenon, so why is there the belief that women are the only ones who feel this way? Girls don’t hate girls any more than people sometimes hate people because so many of us struggle with feelings of insecurity – regardless if your genitals are flappy or pointy. Of course envy manifests itself differently between the genders.

We exhibit vindictive behavior towards our same-sex peers because we feel threatened by those we believe to be most like ourselves. To achieve self-aware communal support, people have to feel genuine confidence. 10 Signs You’re In A Healthy, Mature Relationship. We’ve all been in that childish relationship where we stay on the phone for hours, text each other back within minutes, fall asleep with the phone barely clinging to the pillow and getting a fit of anxiety if your significant other doesn’t respond within the nanosecond. Here’s how you know you’ve grown out of the childish phase: 1. RESPECT: Respect comes first in a two way relationship. You both respect each other enough to grow as two beautiful individuals together and not one single person attached at the hip. You don’t harp on each other’s decisions, choices, lifestyle and personal space. 2.

TRUST: You trust each other enough to not be a stalker – you don’t check his/her phones when they’re in the shower or go through his Facebook or Instagram likes to stalk the girl who chronically likes his pictures. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Cheers, Paris! 11 Types Of Friends You Need To Have In Your 20s. 1. The friend who’s in medical school. It’s impossible to know how much you need a friend who’s also a doctor-in-the-making until you have one and she asks you things like this: “Yo, what kind of doctor should I be? What do you think you’re going to want when you’re older? Plastic surgeon?” God bless her sweet soul. It’s also very likely that you have no idea how far a casual breast exam goes until your best friend can perform one on you, faster than you can say areola. 2.

Sometimes you just need someone to laugh at your Hitler-looking bikini wax with. 3. It’s important to have one of these around too. 4. As you grow up, you learn that judgmental friends, more than anyone else, just get in the way of fun pastimes like hooking up with a toxic ex, or belligerent pizza-eating contests. 5. As a living, breathing human, you’ll inevitably reach a point when you can no longer not watch Orange Is The New Black (that is, if you haven’t already see it). 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. How To Be Loved. Force yourself to remember every morning, during every tedious car ride, in the little moments of your blurry daily routine — you are so lucky. The fact that someone has chosen, despite the limitless options out there in the world, to be with you even in your less flattering moments, is nothing short of magical.

The day in and day out of love often serves to numb you to how great it is, but it is that very daily renewal of your unspoken vows that makes it impressive. It’s so easy when you are infatuated — when everything is new, when you haven’t been faced with any real problems — but when you could draw their naked body with your eyes closed and they know every part of every favorite song you’ll sing along with, aways finding something new and exciting is as much something you decide as something that happens.

Think about all of the things you could do better if you were being honest with yourself. At least once a day, focus all of your attention on them. Feel it, every ounce of it. 5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Stay With A Cheater. 12 Bad Reasons to Break Up. 50 Fun, Cheap Dates (That Aren’t Netflix) Why I Will Never Be The One For You. 20 Red Flags To Watch Out For In Relationships. 12 Things Your Partner Needs To Hear More Often. 13 Ways You Know You’re Dating A Grown-Ass Man.

13 Ways You Know You’re Dating A High-Quality Woman.