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QA 5: Relationships with Children

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ACF Blog for Professionals - To my Teacher... A memo from a child in foster care. This blog entry was authored by Jeanette Miller, Senior Consultant in the Parenting and Early Years Program, at the Australian Childhood Foundation, from the perspective of a four year old child who has experienced trauma.

ACF Blog for Professionals - To my Teacher... A memo from a child in foster care.

Dear Miss Kendall Tomorrow will be my first day at school and you’ll be my teacher, so I thought I’d let you know what that means to me. I know it’s normal for kids to be a bit nervous about starting school, but this is an extra tricky time for me because of where I come from. My mum couldn’t look after me properly when I was a baby and she still can’t, that’s why I live in a different home now. I don’t know who my dad is. Not being sure about when I don’t know what’s going to happen, is really, really hard for me. Unsafe and I might suddenly not be able to keep calm. There’s been a lot going on lately; in the last month, three ‘exciting’ events have occurred at once.

But I’m a bit worried about that classroom. I find unstructured time really tricky too. Meerilinga right to play poster. Meerilinga right to discover. Meerilinga right to be safe poster. Meerilinga right to speak poster. Meerilinga rights of a child poster. Meerilinga right to play poster. Childrens Week WA. Child rights information for children - UNICEF Australia. “Article 1: If you are under18 years of age, you are achild, and you have rights.” - Convention on the Rights of the Child, 1989 All people have human rights.

Child rights information for children - UNICEF Australia

Rights are things that every person needs to survive, to be treated fairly and to reach their full potential. Rights are important because they list very specific things that we have and need to live with dignity and be treated with respect. Human rights are an important part of our everyday lives and they matter for everyone no matter where you come from, your age, culture, religion or any other status. Response Ability. UNICEF CRE Toolkit 170414. Embedding children’s rights into children’s services. YMCA 2015 National Children’s Services ConferenceMoonee Valley Racing Club, VictoriaSaturday 21 March 2015 Introduction Good morning and thank you for the introduction.

Embedding children’s rights into children’s services

I would like to start by acknowledging the traditional owners of the land on which we meet today, the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nation and pay my respects to their elders past and present. Child Rights in the Classroom. Building belonging: A toolkit for early childhood educators on cultural diversity and responding to prejudice. ‘Building Belonging’ is a comprehensive toolkit of early education resources which includes an ebook, song with actions, educator guide, posters and lesson plans.

Building belonging: A toolkit for early childhood educators on cultural diversity and responding to prejudice

It is focussed on encouraging respect for cultural diversity and tackling racial prejudice in early childhood settings. Download entire toolkit (SIZE) Activities Guide: Enhancing & Practicing Executive Function Skills. Executive function and self-regulation (EF/SR) skills provide critical supports for learning and development, and while we aren’t born with these skills, we are born with the potential to develop them through interactions and practice.

Activities Guide: Enhancing & Practicing Executive Function Skills

This 16-page guide (available for download, below), describes a variety of activities and games that represent age-appropriate ways for adults to support and strengthen various components of EF/SR in children. Each chapter of this guide contains activities suitable for a different age group, from infants to teenagers. The guide may be read in its entirety (which includes the introduction and references) or in discrete sections geared to specific age groups.

Suggested citation: Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University (2014). Kindergarten Inclusion Support Packages. The objective of Kindergarten Inclusion Support Packages is to build the capacity of funded kindergartens to support the access and participation of children: with a disability and high support needs and/orwith complex medical needs.

Kindergarten Inclusion Support Packages

The support from the Kindergarten Inclusion Support Packages is in addition to the existing resources available to the kindergarten staff and may not provide full coverage of all costs. An inclusive kindergarten fosters the development of a sense of belonging and respects individuality and diversity, in order to promote learning, development and well-being in a child's early years. UN1620_Child_f_1. Illustrated-Rights.pdf.aspx. Introduction-to-child-rights. Calendar2014AUweb.aspx. Component 2 Professional Learning. This Professional Learning is designed to be delivered to staff teams in early childhood education and care services, and consists of seven modules.

Component 2 Professional Learning

Each module is made up of a combination of videos, resources and opportunities for personal reflection, group discussion and activities. How long you spend on each module is up to you: you'll be the best judge of what to spend more or less time on based on the needs and interests of your team. KM%20Linking%20resources%20C2%20Book_web_final. Bang%20bang%20gun%20play%20and%20why%20children%20need%20it. Ec0402_managing_challenging_behaviour. Taranaki kindergarten issues 'gun licences' At Stratford's Avon Kindergarten kids can pick up a "gun" and shoot a possum any time they want - if they have a licence.

Taranaki kindergarten issues 'gun licences'

Head teacher Lynsi Latham-Saunders has introduced the gun-use policy after some of the 3- to 5-year-olds began using sticks as guns and pointing them at each other. "They were using guns for what they see guns used for on cartoons and television. Children weren't too keen on guns being pushed in their faces," she said. Now, if any of the kindergarten's 73 pupils want to play with "guns" they must first attain a licence. Getting one is as simple as knowing they must never point their gun at a person, point it at the ground when walking around with it and can shoot only at targets and only once they have clearly identified what it is.

Some of those targets are pictures of possums, pigs and deer taped to trees and fences around the kindergarten. Latham-Saunders said the licence was part of a wider lesson on how to treat people properly. Advertisement. Child Friendly Cities Asia Pacific. Visual Aids for Learning. What's Wrong with Timeouts? Parenting "experts" these days are united in their opposition to physical punishment, which research repeatedly shows hinders kids' moral and emotional (and maybe even intellectual) development.

What's Wrong with Timeouts?

(If you have questions about this, please see this article on spanking.) But of course, that leaves the very real question of how parents can guide a two, three or four year old, who may have no interest in following our rules! Most experts advise parents to use Timeouts. But any child can explain to you that timeouts ARE punishment, not any different than when you were made to stand in the corner as a child. And any time you punish a child, you make him feel worse about himself. What’s wrong with Timeouts? How to Use Positive Parenting. Discipline has nothing to do with punishment.

How to Use Positive Parenting

Punishment is imposing something unpleasant on a person in response to behavior deemed wrong by the punisher. Discipline comes from the Latin verb to teach or guide, as does the word Disciple. Positive Discipline, therefore, is Positive Guidance. Some people also call it Gentle Guidance, to distinguish it from the more harsh training that often passes for teaching in our society. Because we all grew up with such negative associations to the word "discipline," I prefer to use the words "Positive parenting. " This page gives you ten tips for practicing positive parenting at your house. Here's how to use positive parenting, or Gentle Guidance, to raise an amazing, emotionally intelligent, child. 1. 3. Finalreportmhcompetenciesecec. Childcare-workers-and-students-PDF-Document. Calendar2014AUweb. Rights of the Child Posters. Children's Week is a time to promote awareness of Children’s Rights as proclaimed in 1954 by the United Nations, and a suite of posters has been developed to celebrate our children.

In 2012 Meerilinga were excited to partner with WA artist Kerry Anne Jordinson, to develop the third poster in the series, entitled 'A Child's Right to Speak'. Kerry Anne will again provide artwork for the next poster in the series 'A Child's Right to be Safe'. The new poster will be launched on Wednesday 23rd October 2013, Universal Children's Day at the Children's Week Award Ceremony. To buy one or all of these beautiful laminated A3 posters please visit our shop. For further information contact us via email or phone 08 9489 4022 or Regional freecall 1800 200 702. Singapore born, UK raised, and now living in Australia, Kerry Anne Jordinson is a self taught artist working successfully across a broad range of media.

Right_to_play_poster_email. KidsMatter Early Childhood. Convention on the Rights of the Child - Child Rights - Welcome. "What's Up, Croc?" Children and young people are often denied their rights. Sometimes we don't know what our rights are and what to do if they are violated. This website is about the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CROC). CROC is a United Nations (UN) declaration that Australia signed up to in December 1990. It represents a set of rights that nearly every government in the world has agreed that all children are entitled to. To have a look briefly at what CROC covers check out the summary of CROC.

If you are a child or young person we want to know what you think. If you work with children in the youth sector this website has something for you as well. Tasmanian Early Years Foundation. Guide_to_making_decisions_booklet. Quality_Area_5_A4. What_Happened_to_MY_World_AU.