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Femininity and Relationships

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Understanding Men 101. The Art of Courtesanry. Dealing With an Alcoholic Husband. Last week I was speaking with a woman who booked a personal coaching call with me.

Dealing With an Alcoholic Husband

She was feeling stuck,Read More Let’s be real, loving someone who drinks too much or suffers from substance abuse can feel like the opposite ofRead More. Women's power to hurt the male ego. Acknowledge the big picture and postive qualities your man exhibits before asking for a change.

Women's power to hurt the male ego

A woman has more influence over her man than she thinksWhen a man falls in love with a woman, he gives her easy access to his self-esteemMen take words more literally than women and hear them in sweeping termsA man will try to live up to the image his wife has of him. Help, My Partner Is Getting More And More Annoying! Marriage Advice From Married Couples. For many married couples, falling in love and saying "I do" was the easy part.

Marriage Advice From Married Couples

Living happily ever after is the part that takes a whole lot of work. My family history doesn't have the best track record when it comes to the vow "until death do us part. " My parents divorced when I was 18, and on my mom's side alone, not one single marriage has lasted (keep in mind, she's one of eight siblings). One might think this would make me a cynic when it comes to marriage — but for some unexplainable reason, that's not the case. Maybe I'm an idealist, but I think you can fall in love with your best friend, grow old together, and even live happily ever after. Simple Cure: How to Stop Arguing with Your Sweetie. Blog — Wild Woman Speaks. There's this thing that people say all of the time, that quite frankly, I'm pretty tired of hearing.

Blog — Wild Woman Speaks

"Stay strong. " I know it's always said with good intention. It's typically communicated in a way with the hope to empower the person who may be in need of some support, to feel capable and powerful. This week I've been thinking a lot about how the concept of authenticity. I started thinking about it because I was noticing a specific area of my personal expression, where I have been "toning it down", per se, in an unconscious attempt to remain likable and neutral. Maybe you can relate. The Hydra Hood Scarf is wonderfully warm and cozy. This is for all of the women out there who don't believe in themselves. For the women who think that they can't do it, the ones who "just don't have it in them" to make their dreams come true. This past week has just been "one of those weeks”.

17 Basic Principles to Get You Through Any Conflict. The Gottman Relationship Blog. Personal Development & Relationship Blog. Do you feel bad if somebody gives you less-than-positive feedback?

Personal Development & Relationship Blog

Do you automatically deny, resist, deflect, or counter with arguments? If so, this is blocking growth in your relationships. Don’t worry, defensiveness comes from a place of survival. You’re probably only trying to protect yourself from a perceived attack on your self and your “reputation.” What […] Continue reading We talk a lot in about trust in relationships. Continue reading “The particular egoic patterns that you react to most strongly in others and misperceive as their identity tend to be the same patterns that are also in you, but that you are unable or unwilling to detect within yourself.” Continue reading. Marriage Builders ® - Successful Marriage Advice. 50 Daily Positive Affirmations for Women. 9 Things Happy Couples Never Think. Email “There cannot be a relationship unless there is commitment, unless there is loyalty, unless there is understanding, patience, and persistence.”

9 Things Happy Couples Never Think

―Cornel West It’s easy to make a relationship more difficult than it really is. Angel and I work with coaching clients every day who do just that. But we don’t try to change their relationships, instead we help them change the way they think about their relationships. If you feel like your relationship is sinking, it’s a perfect time to get rid of some thoughts that may be weighing it down.

Here are nine such thoughts to stop thinking, for your relationship’s sake: Reminder: Have you checked out our book? 1. The most powerful relationship you will ever have is the relationship with yourself. Learn to love yourself first, instead of loving the idea of someone else loving you. 2. 3. Wrong… Good relationships require work. 4.

Sometimes we try to show the world that we are flawless in hopes that we will be loved and accepted more. 32 Emotional Signs That He's Cheating. An excerpt from 180 Telltale Signs Mates Are Cheating and How to Catch Them.

32 Emotional Signs That He's Cheating

Think your mate might be cheating? Find out if he is displaying any of the warning signals described by Raymond B. Green, a private investigator and former police officer, and Marcella Bakur, a psychology professor at Marymount Manhattan College. Here, the 32 emotional signs that he is having an affair: 1. 2. 3. 4. Is He Interested in Me – The Quiz. If you’re still on the fence about whether or not he’s into you, and you’re trying your hardest to figure it out, look no further – do a little quiz and find out!

Is He Interested in Me – The Quiz

Since the signs of him being attracted to you are going to differ depending on how well you know him and where you know him from, you may not have the answer to all of the questions, so focus on the ones that do ring a bell. Other than that, it’s pretty simple – if your answer to most of the following questions is ‘yes’ there’s a great chance he’s very interested. So, read on, and dig deep! Femininity - Dating & Relationship Advice for Woman - Attracting Men. Blogger. Blogger. Blogger. Blogger. Ultimate Womanhood & Femininity.