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Breathe Your Way To Orgasm - Orgasmic Breathing Tips. Of all the things you need to remember when you're in the sack with a dude — Did I clean my toilet? Do I look hot? Am I making weird noises? Is this condom gonna break? Should I go back to grad school? Am I adopted? — you may not think breathing is one of them. However, apparently many of us are forgetting to breathe deeply during sex, and that's (forgive me) cockblocking us from our orgasm. "Many women who aren't orgasmic are holding their breath during sex," says Alex Katehakis, the clinical director of the Center for Healthy Sex in Los Angeles. Shallow breaths, the kind that go straight from nose to mouth, aren't doing us any favors in the bedroom either.

Katehakis recommends that deep breathing into the pelvic area — the same way in yoga, for instance, the instructor tells you to "breathe into" your abdomen or certain limbs — and imagining that you're sending the breath into the vaginal canal before gently exhaling through the nose. My Tiny Secrets - Advice For Women From Women. Sexual Intelligence by Marty Klein, Ph.D. The Secret To Staying With Someone Forever Is To Keep Falling In Love (And Never Stop)

You’re not exactly sure what’s going on. Your heart keeps racing, regardless of whether or not you’re in this person’s presence. Thoughts flood your mind, making it difficult to focus on anything other than the person in front of you. This person is there with you throughout the day, keeping you company in your moments of solitude.

You can’t let go of him or her because this person has somehow managed to seep through your pores, fusing and making the distinction between you and this person a little more than shadow. You’re falling in love, and the world finally just started spinning. We’re cursed to forever draw comparisons between new experiences and memories. Just as much as it is advantageous, having the ability to prop two things side by side, compare them and analyze them, is also what damns us to a life riddled with sadness and disappointment. Accepting that the lows in life are necessary for the highs isn’t built into our nature.

We are creatures who never want to lose. If You Want a More Thoughtful Boyfriend, Try Pegging Him. Breathe Your Way To Orgasm - Orgasmic Breathing Tips. 10 Reasons A Long-Distance Relationship Will Work. Give Nookie A Like While relatively high divorce rates and evolving family values appear to be marginalizing the concept of marriage, romance and chivalry remain prominent in contemporary society. A recent story on BBC News underlined this fact, by revealing that a couple have recently begun a relationship after their guide dogs ‘fell in love’ during a training camp in Stoke-on-Trent in the UK. Research conducted by London-based events company Chillisauce also suggested that today’s generation of men have a keen understanding about the importance of romance, despite the influence of technology and the numerous obstacles that can stand in the way of love.

This should offer hope for cynics out there, who remain skeptical about the idea of love and traditional romantic values. One of the main obstacles that can alter the course of love is distance, as it can be extremely difficult for individuals to enjoy a relationship when they are separated by cities, oceans or continents. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Love and Relationships Articles: What is Unconditional Love? Relationships, Spiritual Development, Mindfulness Articles What is Unconditional Love? Unconditional Love and Happiness The essence of this wonderful feeling, this joyful state of being is that openess to Love can and must be trained!

To choose Happiness as the way of Life, one needs to train Love... The Soul that choses the path of developing virtues becomes intoxicated with good qualities, and it starts fully and deeply loving and trusting, living within this space of openness, living within the space of Being Love. Unconditional Love vs. Professor Arthur Arun, the New York psychologist, studied the dynamics of what happens when people fall in love and within his experiment he asked complete strangers to spend around half an hour togeter, to share intimate details of their lives with each other, and they were asked to stare into each others eyes for a few minutes, silently. So, what do you think? For Love to Become Unconditional it needs to become a Conscious Effort Sexual Evolution. Love and Relationships Articles. Inspiring Articles exploring Love and Relationships Sex and Long Term Relationship Sexual Revolution and its evolution Love and Chemistry of Connection Love and Sexual Health Learn About Love, Moon and the stars, Romantic love, Meaning of love, Love Forever, Love and Happiness, Unconditional Love, Divine Love, Love and sex...

If you would ike to experiment, and experience all of the Self Development Life Coaching Tools and Techniques: we will be happy to help you examine your mind (thinking and feeling), your goals and your dreams in our SELF DEVELOPMENT COURSE. Download our Free Online Self Developement Course If you like it, check our Methodology or View the Detailed Program with transformation tools designed to inspire you. Self Development Course Alchemy of Love Download You can start your journey with us simply downloading the above course materials and working with spiritual exercises that we have created for you.

Love and Sex ArticlesL Sexual Evolution Cultural Revolution that is still to happen. Spousal or Partner Abuse - 15 Red Flags to Watch For - Yahoo! Voices Mobile. Introduction: As you enter a relationship with a new boyfriend, what are the red flags to alert you that you might be entering an abusive relationship? Here are 15 red flags to watch for. After my divorce was final, I felt bruised and hurt by my first husband's rejection after nearly eight years of marriage. Even though I had grown all I was capable of growing within the confines of the marriage two years prior, I was determined to make my marriage to him work.

After all, I did not believe in divorce. I moved to a new city, but I could not shake the feeling that I needed to find his replacement rather quickly. Red Flag #1 or Warning #1 - Think twice before beginning a relationship when either of you, or both, are on the rebound. On New Year's Eve, I met the man I will call Mr. Red Flag #2 or Warning #2 - Are you jumping into a relationship too soon? Don't jump into a relationship with the first person you meet. Red Flag #4 or Warning #4 - There are two sides to every story. Mr. Mr. Mr. 30 signs of a toxic relationship | CONFIDENCE IS AN INSIDE JOB ™... Are you or someone you know in a toxic relationship? I believe that lack of confidence and low self esteem issues attract toxic relationships. Recently, one of my clients ended a toxic, dead end relationship. She ended it by using pepper spray on her boyfriend - he attempted to hold her hostage by grabbing her cell phone and blocking the exist from his room.

This was not the first time he did this – the first time, she had her cell phone and called someone for help. For almost a year she refused to see the toxicity of this relationship and made excuses for her boyfriend’s unpredictable, possessive, infantile, aggressive, controlling behavior. She swears that she stayed because she loved him. She allowed this toxic relationship to begin and continue because she did not love herself and did not believe she was worthy or deserving of anything better. Women from all walks of life enter into and continue toxic relationships. Other resources: National domestic Abuse Hotline Watch these videos. What's A Dysfunctional Relationship? | PeopleJam. Emotional Manipulation. Ending the Toxic Relationship and Giving Yourself Time and Space to Find Yourself | The Invisible Scar. Photo credit: AmyJanelle Some relationships are deeply damaging and unhealthy for the people within the relationship.

Unlike healthy relationships, which have peaks and lows, which have struggles now and then, a toxic relationship is poison to the people involved. But what happens if the toxic relationship is within the family sphere? Imagine your daughter telling you that every time she was with her boyfriend, he insulted her, gaslit her, made her feel small and insignificant, mocked her interests, tried to change her personality, deprived her of what she loved, cut her off when she was speaking, demanded her to always agree with him, ignored her when she differed in opinion, expected only adoration, and left her feeling stressed-out, sick to her stomach, and emotionally wounded.

Would you tell that daughter to continue seeing that boyfriend? No. The excuse of “being blood” or “being family” is no excuse. When Is a Relationship Toxic? You Don’t Want to Be Abused Anymore… So Now What? Marriage Counseling-Online alternative | more private, more affordable : Power of Two Marriage. Narcissism Checklist: Am I a Narcissist? | The Narcissistic Life. If you have been in a relationship with a narcissist or are the adult child of narcisstic parents, your biggest fear may be discovering that you, too, may have some narcissistic traits.

The key characteristics of narcissism are a lack of empathy and the inability to give unconditional love; if you can be empathetic with others or can give unconditional love-you are not a narcissist. Narcissism is a “spectrum disorder”, that is, it is on a continuum and we all have some traits along that continuum. You may have narcisstic traits at the lower end of that spectrum and you would be considered confident and emotionally healthy with good self esteem. The more traits along the spectrum that you have, however, the more difficulties you will experience in your relationships. For example, you might have difficulty in the give-and-take relationship with others or the ability to tune in to your children’s emotional needs. Am I a Narcissist? Diagnostic Criteria for NPD Summary References: Google+ Narcissistic Personality Disorder | The Bitch Next Door.

The narcissistic personality disorder is, in layman's terms, that person that is convinced the world revolves around them, and, if they do not get their way, watch out. There is a great blog about Narcissism if you care to read more on the subject. The common belief of the cause of such a disorder falls generally on the parents being too coddling and giving from birth, and always giving excessive admiration without ever being tempered realistic feedback. This disorder results in a "spoiled child" to the n'th degree. In an opposing theory, it is also believed that it can be caused in some cases by neglectful or abusive parents, causing the child to resort to this mindset at the earliest possible opportunity as a way of mentally dealing with the abuses of their past/present.

It is believed that underneath the narcissist's conscious awareness, these people have a severe inferiority complex, though they will never admit it, and are sometimes not even aware of it. Reconditioning a Narcissist. Understanding Dysfunctional Relationship Patterns in Your Family. Many people hope that once they leave home, they will leave their family and childhood problems behind. However, many find that they experience similar problems, as well as similar feelings and relationship patterns, long after they have left the family environment. Ideally, children grow up in family environments which help them feel worthwhile and valuable. They learn that their feelings and needs are important and can be expressed. Children growing up in such supportive environments are likely to form healthy, open relationships in adulthood.

However, families may fail to provide for many of their children’s emotional and physical needs. In addition, the families’ communication patterns may severely limit the child’s expressions of feelings and needs. Children growing up in such families are likely to develop low self esteem and feel that their needs are not important or perhaps should not be taken seriously by others. Types Of Dysfunctional Families Resulting Problems Making Changes.

How to Cope With Hostile People. How to Cope With Hostile People by Dr. Steve Frisch, Psy.D. What can be more difficult in your relationships than coping with people who are angry, confrontational, obnoxious, intimidating, aggressive, manipulative, and/or hostile? Who doesn’t encounter difficult, hostile people in some area(s) of their life—within your family, at work, with your lover, and in leisure time activities? For some people, encounters with hostile people leave them feeling naked, vulnerable, and confused about how best to cope with the difficult people in their life. You know what you feel like after an encounter with a difficult person—provoked, angry, helpless, powerless, frustrated, perhaps even vulnerable. That’s because hostile aggressive people have a sixth sense. Difficult people are difficult for one very good reason.

So what’s the answer? First off, let’s see if understanding what lies beneath their bluster and hostility helps you any. 1.) 2.) 3.) Bridge Builder’s Checklist 1.) Steve 1.) 2.) 3.)