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“Love” I never get into anything too emotional or personal on my blogs.


'Time Poverty' Is a Real Issue For Women Everywhere, Says Melinda Gates - Verily. Have you ever wished there were more hours in the day?

'Time Poverty' Is a Real Issue For Women Everywhere, Says Melinda Gates - Verily

More time to stay on top of your to-do list, pursue your hobbies, connect with friends, maybe even get to the gym? You’re not alone. Women across the world are suffering from “time poverty.” Melinda Gates addressed the issue in the annual letter that she published this week with her husband, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates. Specifically, Melinda calls out the gender disparity in time spent doing “unpaid work,” work like childcare, grocery shopping, making doctor appointments for family members, and ensuring that household systems are maintained. Worldwide, women spend an average of 4.5 hours per day on unpaid work—more than double the amount of time men spend. In developing nations, the increased hours that women spend doing unpaid work translates to fewer available hours to pursue education, healthcare, and paid work that might help support their families.

Photo Credit: Getty Images. Keeping Your Relationship Strong After The Honeymoon Period Ends - Verily. As we collectively enter another “wedding season,” and couples begin the long, difficult, and rewarding process of building a marriage, it is important to remember that the process itself has many phases.

Keeping Your Relationship Strong After The Honeymoon Period Ends - Verily

Traditional wedding vows recognize this reality; they emphasize the promise to stick with your spouse through better, worse, sickness, health, richer, and poorer. You will inevitably face all of these realities in one form or another, but today we turn our attention toward the most exciting, most hopeful, and most dangerous phase: the Honeymoon Period. The Honeymoon Period is a real phenomenon, but it actually has a scientific name: It’s called limerence. Limerence is the early phase of love, driven primarily by novelty and chemistry.

The joy of discovery and the thrill of forming a new relationship are accelerated with the help of bonding hormones like dopamine, adrenaline, and oxytocin. The problem with the Honeymoon Period is that it ends. Setting Boundaries Gives Your Relationship More Freedom and Security, Not Less - Verily. A note from the author: This is part of my new column for Verily called Tools for an Intentional Marriage.

Setting Boundaries Gives Your Relationship More Freedom and Security, Not Less - Verily

It’s a collection of best practices for moving through your marriage on purpose. I’ll share the best tips, tricks, and ideas that I’ve discovered over my years as a marriage therapist and also as a husband. I hope you’ll collect, use, and even enjoy these tools as you seek to build your own Intentional Marriage. Boundaries are a funny thing. Love at first sight. How To Find Your Soulmate. I used to think it was really dopey.

How To Find Your Soulmate

A soulmate? Really?? You’d occasionally spot those long-term couples still looking all goggly-eyed at each other and wonder what they were smoking. I mean, come on, relationships are hard work. At least that was my experience (and the experience of most of the couples I knew). Walk into any restaurant and look around at the couples sitting together. I just assumed that the “soulmate” thing was an anomaly — a new age term coined to describe the rare connection between two people beamed down from the planet Woo Woo, destined to find each other through magical attraction love beams.

The Surprising Things That Make You Sexier, According to Science. 50 Things To Say to Your Husband to Make Him Feel Great. 1.

50 Things To Say to Your Husband to Make Him Feel Great

Thanks for doing that. It means a lot to me when you serve me in little ways like that. 2. How To Find Your Soulmate. My Week on Tinder, Am I A Whore? The hardest city to date in… ? 18 Keys To Dealing With Difficult People. Anna Wallner & Kristina Matisic: Official Website. My story is an endless series of clichés.

Anna Wallner & Kristina Matisic: Official Website

Now the true definition of a cliché is an action or idea which is expected or predictable, based on a prior event. And although my story is a cliché because it happens daily, hourly around the world, it certainly wasn’t predictable to me. I have been married for over 10 years, have a wonderful family with a husband who is my best friend, my ally throughout every major decision and development in my adult life, who shares my ideals and my world views on nearly everything. Nothing made me or anyone else question the viability and enduring love of our relationship. The OTHER 15 Ways I Blew My Marriage. Almost two weeks ago, I told you all about my family’s tradition of going around the room and having everyone give their best marriage advice to the bride and groom on the eve of their wedding.

The OTHER 15 Ways I Blew My Marriage

While sitting in that circle on the night before my sister’s nuptials, I felt so valueless having been divorced not just once but twice. Not a lick of what I had was good marriage advice. The OTHER 15 Ways I Blew My Marriage - Part 3. Can Your Intimate Relationship Survive This? Best Friends Forever: Surviving a Breakup with Your Best Friend: Irene S. Levine: 9781590200407: 10 Habits of Happy Couples.