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QR Code Generator - Make your own QR Code. Free

QR Code Generator - Make your own QR Code. Free

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Five Reasons I Love Using QR Codes in My Classroom There are so many tools that educators can use to get students interested and engaged in their work. Like most teachers today, I integrate technology into my instruction everyday. I'm lucky to work in a school with one-to-one technology and use iPads with my students throughout every school day. That makes it easy to use QR codes in my classroom -- and there are many reasons I love using QR codes! What is a QR Code? A Quick Response Code is a digital image that can be scanned without the beam of light needed to scan barcodes at the supermarket.

Finding a Vimeo replacement service to host my company videos I just went through a very stressful experience that I thought I’d share for the benefit of others that will surely run into the same issues. I made the mistake of signing up for Vimeo and started using the service for my business’ marketing needs, and then was made aware after the fact by a friend that the Vimeo service is strictly for non-commercial purposes and that I was running the risk of being shut-off at any moment by the vimeo team. (they do indicate this on the sign up page, but it was below the fold so to speak, and I did not see it while i was reading their materials–when i saw a for $fee$ “pro” package, i just assumed that was for someone like me, who was willing to pay a fee to host videos on the web–a wrong assumption in this case).

Protect your private folders HIddenDIR is a small free tool that helps you protect your privacy by hiding in a few moves your private folders, invisible to anyone who has access to your PC, hidden folders visible only if you have access to the program that you can save in any directory or USB device. Hide a folder: Click the HIDE button and select the folder to hide. The folder is now invisible. Unhide a folder: Select from list the hidden folders you want to be visible by checking: Select to unhide. 8 Easy Steps to Creating Virtual Field Trips Posted on February 3, 2017 With today’s technology, it is easy to energize the learning environment by providing students with authentic opportunities to see places and meet people previously unimaginable via virtual field trips. This year, students in our district have visited the White House, taken a whirlwind tour of national landmarks, and even explored the regions of the great state of Texas all without leaving the classroom, but from the ooh’s and aah’s heard throughout each experience, you would have thought that the students were really there!

22 Effective Baking Soda Uses 11. Polish the fine stuff – Use it to gently cleanse porcelain, enamel, tile, fiberglass and stainless steel surfaces. Safely scour away crayon or marker doodles on walls and floors. vCard on Business Card with QR Code - Yeblon Generate website address QR Code: Generate custom text QR Code: Generate SMS message QR Code: Creating Virtual Adventures Most travelers content themselves with what they may chance to see from the car windows clinging to the battered highways like drowning sailors to a life raft. Consider locations that others might not have considered for a virtual field trip. Someplace you might consider ordinary might be considered exceptional by people living in another part of the world.

Alpha: Making the World's Knowledge Computable Goals Wolfram|Alpha's long-term goal is to make all systematic knowledge immediately computable and accessible to everyone. We aim to collect and curate all objective data; implement every known model, method, and algorithm; and make it possible to compute whatever can be computed about anything. Our goal is to build on the achievements of science and other systematizations of knowledge to provide a single source that can be relied on by everyone for definitive answers to factual queries. Wolfram|Alpha aims to bring expert-level knowledge and capabilities to the broadest possible range of people—spanning all professions and education levels. Our goal is to accept completely free-form input, and to serve as a knowledge engine that generates powerful results and presents them with maximum clarity.

(1) Free QR code desktop decoder! Scan QR codes directly from screen onto your desktop Main features Desktop QR Code reader and generator for WindowsGenerates QR Codes for your personal or commercial useDecodes QR Codes directly from images on your PC screenDecodes QR Codes from file or clipboardDecodes QR Codes through a webcamSaves QR Code information to a fileFree tool Get download link Please note! This is NOT a mobile app so please do not install it on your mobile device. Download the program and install it on your PC.

A Simple Way to Teach Classroom Procedures and Expectations Do you feel like a “talking head” during the first couple days of school? We know that explicitly teaching procedures and expectations is a MUST for the beginning of the school year. However it’s a lot of information for a teacher to disseminate and for students to absorb.

Stolen Camera Finder - auto search the more reliable "drag & drop" feature is only supported in chrome and firefox <div id="searchbox-noscript"><form action="/search" method="get"><fieldset><input class="search-textfield" name="serial" type="search" value="enter a serial number" /><input name="searchType" type="hidden" value="NOSCRIPT" /><input class="search-submit" type="submit" value="Search" /></fieldset></form></div><div id="noscript-intro"><div class='intro'>use the serial number stored in your photos to search the web for other photos taken with the same camera</div></div> drag & drop photo here use the serial number stored in your photos to search the web for other photos taken with the same camera

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