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QR Codes

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Pin by Christy Stokel on School counseling. QR Codes. I’ve been working on and around the use of QR Codes in education for a while now, and have produced a few blog posts of my own which you can see linked below.

QR Codes

Along with these I’ve also found and been shown quite a number of excellent resources which I also feel strongly about sharing, hence this ‘resource’ page where I can list them, and continue to list them, as and when I find them: 3 Ways to Use QR Codes to Connect School and Home. For Boss’s Day, my office staff at Howe Elementary in Wisconsin Rapids, Wis., gave me the book QR Codes in Education by David Hopkins.

3 Ways to Use QR Codes to Connect School and Home

In it, Hopkins describes those ubiquitous squares we see everywhere as being “like a barcode, but [containing] more data than just a number string.” When scanned, QR (short for “Quick Response”) codes connect users to websites, phone numbers, videos — nearly anything that can be digitized. Throughout his book, Hopkins provides several examples of how schools can utilize these codes to provide a link “between the printed world and the online electronic one.” Here are three ways we have started using QR codes at our school to connect school and home. 1. Every year, we survey our families to find out how they prefer for our school to communicate with them. Once the newsletter went out, I was able to go back to and check how many times a parent scanned this code. 2.

My staff recently had a school social. 3. 50 QR code resources for the classroom. As mobile learning and technology is more readily integrated within classroom settings, QR codes can be used as an interesting method to capture a student's attention and make lesson material more interactive.

50 QR code resources for the classroom

Quick response codes, also known as 'QR' codes, are simple, scannable images that are a form of barcode. By scanning a QR code image through a mobile device, information can be accessed including text, links, bookmarks and email addresses. Have You Started Using QR Codes In Your Classroom Yet? - Getting Smart by Guest Author - edchat, EdTech, education, QR codes. By: James Walker As classrooms become more connected, teachers need shortcuts to help students reach online materials more quickly.

Have You Started Using QR Codes In Your Classroom Yet? - Getting Smart by Guest Author - edchat, EdTech, education, QR codes

One of the best classroom shortcuts is the QR code — that square image of white and black pixels that represents an individual URL. Scan the code, and your smartphone or tablet immediately navigates to the associated URL. Exploring The Educational Potential of QR Codes. QR Codes (or Quick Response Codes, to give them their full title) are two-dimensional bar codes which when scanned with the camera of a mobile device such as an iPad, Android tablet or smartphone can transfer web links, text and email addresses amongst other digital content quickly and easily to users.

Exploring The Educational Potential of QR Codes

Popular with advertisers and marketing companies, QR Codes give readers an immediate opportunity to visit a website to find out more information about a range of facts, products and services. For schools that have invested in iPads or tablets as learning tools or allow their students to bring in their own devices (BYOD), QR Codes have proven to be a great timesaver for sharing links and distributing information en masse. Projecting large QR Codes on a screen so they can be scanned from around the class makes it easy for students to access the same content on their own devices and interact with it individually instead of passively looking at the interactive whiteboard. About the Author. QR Codes. I am going to share some fun ideas for how I have used QR codes in the classroom.

QR Codes

If you haven't heard of them before, please Google for the actual definition. That's not nearly as much fun as just getting to the good stuff. I use QR STUFF to make all my QR codes.Step 1: Select PLAIN TEXT Step 2: Type your text in the CONTENT box (this is what will be revealed when you scan the code)Step 3: Download the code (under the picture of the QR code)Step 4: Copy and paste the code into a Word document for printing(you may want to write out your questions and answers first because you can't print them from this site) Good? It is actually pretty easy. I only have ONE iPad for my class. I put the kids on teams of two or three, depending on how many are in my group. If the student is correct, he marks his spot on the game board with a token or marker. Another idea for using the QR code, is making a VCARD.

Hope you enjoy these ideas. 40 interesting ways to use QR Codes in the classroom. QR Codes in the Classroom. The use of QR codes in Education: A getting started guide for academics. Exploring QR Codes in Education. Keen to continuing researching the use of new technologies in supporting students learning, I am particularly keen to look at the technologies which they are already familiar with including smart phones.

Exploring QR Codes in Education

Having entered the world of the iphone a couple of years ago I have since seen a huge growth in the number of students with some kind of smart phone. QR codes.