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Teachers Guide on The Use of QR Codes in The Classroom

Teachers Guide on The Use of QR Codes in The Classroom
What are QR codes ? According to Wikipedia, a QR code is " a specific matrix bar code ( or two-dimensional code ), readable by dedicated QR bar code readers and camera phones. The code consists of black modules arranged in a square pattern on a white background. The information encoded can be text, URL, or other data." Here are some video tutorials to help you understand it all : Video tutorial : Introduction to QR Codes Video Tutorial 2 : Why Use QR Codes Video Tutorial 3 : How to Use QR Codes What do I need to start using a QR code ? A phone with a camera or a Smart phone. 1- Kaywa This is one of my favourites . 2- This one here lets you generate codes from URLs and has an option for tracking usage of the code. 3- Delivr This service allows you to shorten a URL and generate QR code from all kinds of URLs. 4- Sparqcode This tool helps users generate QR codes from phone numbers. 5- Qurify This one generates QR code from text. 12-QR Stuff This one has more options.

ITBabble What do I think? Scan the QR code below and find out! If you don’t have a QR reader or know what one is, then just read on past the break to get my take on QR codes and education. I think it will be worth your while. Well, I think they’re kinda stupid and gimmicky for classrooms. Cool? The Scavenger HuntThis sounds cool and I’m sure it is too. Instead of a QR code and an expensive smart phone, what about index cards? Replacing FlashcardsSome people have said, it can also be used to replace the simple rudimentary flash cards. Using QR Codes to assign homework assignmentsI’ve also seen the idea of embedding a homework assignment in a QR code and then making that QR code accessible to whoever needs it. Using QR Codes to Link to Important FormsThis was suggested and I guess this idea isn’t terrible, but wouldn’t a hyperlink on a website work just as well? Using QR Codes for PollsThe idea here is there is you have a question and some choices. Why All the Fuss Patrick? Like this:

FlapJack Educational Resources: QR Code Classroom Craze Tutorials FlapJack QR Code Resources Try your hand at QR Codes with these freebies. :) InLinkz Project Manager account expired QR Code Writing Prompts Task Cards MATH 4th-5th Task Cards MATH 2nd-3rd Task Cards FRACTIONS 4th-5th Task Cards MEASUREMENT 4th-5th Task Cards MATH Other Tabitha Carro

Les flash codes: avantages et inconvénients Le principe des flash codes ou QR codes ou Tags est le suivant: il s’agit d’un format données qui fonctionne grâce à un code de pixels formant un pictogramme en 2D composé de carrés et pouvant être reconnus en générale par un terminale mobile disposant d’un lecteur. Il s’agit du successeur des codes barre et permet de stocker une grande quantité d’informations dans un espace réduit. il existe 2 types de flash codes: flash codes directs qui contiennent toute l’information nécessaire pour déclencher une actionflash codes indirects qui permettent d accéder à un serveur contenant l’information qui déclenchera l’action Il existe différents formats de code: QR code Datamatrix Les différentes utilisations d’un flash code Un flash code peut être lu par un terminale mobile disposant d’un lecteur ou d’une application (déjà installé ou non) et va permettre au consommateur de: Il semblerait que l’utilisation des flash codes soit une aide précieuse pour le marketing et la communication.

Blog Archive » QR Codes #9 Sharing Audio Posted by Allanah King on September 24, 2011 We all know how great Dropbox is don’t we team. If you don’t now about Dropbox it is an online storage space with some fabulous features. Think of it as your own personal, free server where you can store and back up your stuff. When you sign up for Dropbox you automatically get a Public Folder. Drop your audio file that you want to use into the Public Dropbox folder, wait for it to synch and launch the Dropbox website by clicking on the Dropbox icon and opening it. Copy this link into your QR Code generator- seeing I am on the computer I will use Google URL shortner to create the QR code. Done- easy as! I see this as a great way to easily share podcasts and other audio files with your class and other visitors. Do you have any other ideas for linking QR Codes to audio or video files this way?

Classroom in the cloud 10 ajánlata Gary's Social Media Count Click for App Store Page Original Counter and Post from 24 Sep 2009! June 2013 ‘Social’ Update (mobile, games & heritage to come) June 2012 ‘Social’ Update August 2011 Update ABOUT Living statistics – Many of us who have been following social media since the early 90s are very sensitive to today’s exponential growth in usage of the sharing web. If you want to embed this on your page just click the button in the bottom left of the app to copy the code to your clipboard OR use the code/s in the boxes at the bottom of this post. More about the Count – I quickly built and coded the app based on data culled from a range of social media sources & sites originally at the end of Sept 2009. The social web has exploded in the last year and below are some of the social media statistics based on key data points that the ‘Gary’s Social Media Count’ is based on (many will be updated!). UPDATED/REARRANGED Jan 2011 – TAKING INTO ACCOUNT VARIOUS 2010 STATS Some of the sources for the mobile counter

Watch this: Google Docs can automatically generate QR Codes Did you know that Google Docs has support for QR codes built-in? That’s right, if you know the right function, the Spreadsheets app can generate QR codes with whatever inputs you like. Don’t believe us? Watch this video for the feature in action: As you can see, there are four input columns (First Name, Last Name, Phone, and Email) that are combined into the output column (QR Code). His WordPress blog explains what he was trying to achieve: Earlier today I needed to input a list of around 30 contacts from a Google spreadsheet into my phone. Personally, I’ve always found Google Docs inadequate and I’m annoyed by the mere existence of QR codes. If you want to try this out yourself, another Google Docs user by the name of Tammy Worcester has created a template you’ll want to check out: QR Code Auto Generator. While looking around for more information, I also stumbled on a Google Docs presentation titled “Using QR Codes in the Classroom. Top Image Credit: Nicholas Kamm / Getty Images

Create a QR Code. QR Codes. QR Code. QR Code Generator. Make a QR Code. QR Code Tracking. NFC Tags. Delivr makes creating and tracking short URLs, QR Codes, and NFC Tags simple. - Delivr Inside the classroom ötletei a googledocs-szal “Traditional thinking is all about ‘what is’. Future thinking will also need to be about what ‘can be’” By Edward de Bono Quick Response codes also known as QR codes are similar to barcodes. When you scan QR codes using apps such as i-nigma or scan with your smartphone, ipad and computer (if you have a web camera) it links information to you. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. To start putting some of these great ideas into practice in your classroom, you can use QR creators such as Kaywa, QRStuff if you just want to create one QR code but I like using Google docs when creating multiple QR codes quickly. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. =image(ʺ 7. 8. 9. I would love to here how you have used QR codes in the classroom! Like this: Like Loading...

2013-14 DE CCSS Leadership Academy - home Créer des livres enrichis : un usage des QRcodes pour aider à mener un questionnement autonome en lecture L’intention de cet atelier est de proposer à tout enseignant qui souhaite accompagner un apprenti lecteur de créer simplement des enrichissements de livres papier afin d’améliorer les stratégies de lecture et à d’enrichir l’imaginaire. Les participants seront invités à découvrir des moyens de produire, sans compétence technique particulière, des albums enrichis au moyen de QRCodes (ces codes permettent lorsqu’on les scanne à l’aide d’un Smartphone ou d’une tablette d’accéder de manière instantanée à des contenus numériques associés). Nous échangerons ensuite sur les bases théoriques qui sous-tendent les enrichissements proposés : ceux-ci sont en partie inspirés du travail de Maryse Brumont* sur les diverses stratégies pour conduire les élèves à devenir des lecteurs autonomes. Il s’agira par exemple d’utiliser le questionnement sur les inférences, mais d’autres perspectives pourront être envisagées comme les possibilités de lectures en constellation par exemple. lu : 4782 fois

The Active Class » Blog Archive » Mobile learning with QR codes QR codes (also called matrix codes, so you can see why I might feel an affinity with them!) are gaining in popularity in North America (they’re already big overseas in Japan and elsewhere). With more students buying smartphones, and more professors interested in developing mobile learning solutions, QR codes in the classroom are worth considering. A QR code is a fancy “quick response” barcode. In business, these QR codes serve many purposes having to do with linking the physical and the virtual worlds. QR codes are one way to “close the loop from print to mobile,” says Ted Ianuzzi, VP Sales and Marketing at Didmo. When I spoke to developer Erik Goldhar from QRe8 about using this technology on campus, he suggested that from an industry point of view QR adoption in North America “is no longer in its infancy—in fact we believe it’s now at the ‘toddler’ stage and growing fast.” The idea of using QR codes has one immediate drawback. Interested?

WIZIQ 5 ötlete 44 Flares Twitter 5 Facebook 5 Google+ 31 LinkedIn 3 inShare3 44 Flares × You’re probably used to seeing one-dimensional, traditional bar codes printed on clothes or groceries. Today, Quick Response (or QR) codes are coming into fashion. These 2-dimensional codes consist of a collection of small blocks, similar to dots, instead of the iconic bars. Traditional bar code (1-D) QR Code of (2-D) created using Kaywa’s QR Code Generator QR codes were first created in 1994, to track vehicles during the manufacturing process at high speed. Nowadays QR codes are everywhere. Looking at the increasing scope of QR codes, and the amount of information they can store, we’ve come up with a few observations on how they can be used in online classes. The only hitch in the QR codes use is that they can also be used to distribute malware. Here are five ways that teachers can use QR codes in the classroom: 1. QR code for course content 2. 3. 4. 5.