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19 Handy Google Tricks That You Weren’t Aware Of

19 Handy Google Tricks That You Weren’t Aware Of
After covering everything that Google Search has to offer, you can easily forge that search only forms one small part of the Google behemoth. With so many different features and clients available, it’s very easy to use the basic features for each and leave it at that. However, if you delve a little deeper, there are many tricks hidden away that will help improve your experience. To help you out, here are a number of tips and tricks that you can use for four of Google’s more popular features: Gmail, Maps, Google Drive and Google News. Gmail Use Filtered Search Gmail’s search bar is very handy for finding that message you got months ago, but most people don’t realise how easy it is to access advanced search. Activate Starring Feature Sometimes you will come across important messages, but the only way you can mark them is with the yellow tab or star icon. Cut Down Text In Email Replies Keyboard Shortcuts Like all Google features, there are keyboard shortcuts that you can take advantage of.

80+ Google Forms for the Classroom If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to my weekly newsletter. Thanks for visiting! Google Forms is a great tool for the classroom and this post from 2008 has always proven popular on my blog. I hope you continue to be inspired by the ideas here. I have created example forms for each of the different topics, follow the links in each of the ten sections. 1 ) Get to know your class Use this form to gather some indication from your new class about their likes and dislikes, their favourite lessons or after school clubs they enjoy. 2 ) Emotion graph An emotion graph is a simple line graph comparing a range of happiness to sadness against different points (time) in a story or film. Use a Google Form to gather the children’s responses to different parts of any type of linear narrative, written or visual. 3 ) Spelling test Steve Kirkpatrick had this brainwave a while back so check out his excellent post for more information about setting up the spreadsheet. 4 ) Comprehension questions

20+ Google Forms Teachers should not Miss After "The 10 Google Forms Templates Every Teacher Should Know About " that we have posted here a couple of months ago, today we are providing you with another great set of forms created by Kern Kelley who is one of the most reputable guys in the field of educational technology. Kern has really invested a lot of time and effort in creating these forms and on behalf of all you , we send him a big thank you for this work and don't forget to have a look at his fabulous blog The Tech Curve. Kern Kelley has divided these forms into categories as you can see below. 1- Test and Quizzes Self Grading 10 Question Multiple Choice Quiz Self Grading 20 Question Multiple Choice Quiz Self Grading 50 Question Multiple Choice Quiz Self Correcting Spelling Quiz Response to Literature Scoring Form Virtual Inbox HS Document Collector and Viewer 2- Administrative Forms 3- Miscellaneous

The Google+ Guide For Educators Home » Education, Social Media Written by Grace2 August 2011 Unless you've been living under a rock the last month, undoubtedly you've heard of the new social networking site everyone has been raving about: Google+. All this buzz has generated some great articles (my to-read pile just keeps growing!) Here's my Google+ Guide for Educators: So what do you think about Google+? Share this post with your friends and colleagues: 80 Ways To Use Google Forms In Your Classroom 5 Tips For Finding A Scholarship 3.82K Views 0 Likes Nowadays, searching for high school scholarships should be easier than ever before—but is it? Searching for plainly “Scholarships” in search engines will return you about 83 million results. That high number of result... 5 Ways to Use Google Docs in the Classroom - Getting Smart by Susan Oxnevad Google Docs is a user friendly suite of online collaborative tools that come with tremendous potential for use in the classroom. Last year all of the students in our school received Google Docs accounts and I was kept quite busy getting students and teachers up and running with the new tools, then discovering innovative ways to use them as effective tools for learning. Here are some of the favorites. Collaborative Writing Sharing and commenting provide students with opportunities to receive immediate feedback on their writing from teachers and peers in the 24/7 classroom. In Box One of the challenges of using Google Docs with a class full of students is in managing all those Google Docs. Collaborative Brainstorming The features available in the drawing component of Google Docs are well-suited for online, collaborative brainstorming sessions that provide students with opportunities to work together to develop ideas. Self-Grading Quiz A Virtual Copy Machine

Семинар о применении сервисов Google В пятницу, 7 декабря проходил городской семинар учителей информатики, на котором мне предложили рассказать о Академии преподавателей Google, сервисах Google и их применении в образовании. Презентация и примерный текст ниже. За основу была взята идея и презентация Бекки Эванс "40 способов применения Google Apps в школе": В начале ноября этого года Москве прошла первая в России Академия преподавателей Google Она состоялась при участии менеджеров образовательных проектов Google в Америке, Европе и России и преподавателей и учителей России и стран СНГ. Академия Google собрала 50 участников, прошедших конкурсный отбор. Тренинги, мастер-классы и презентации проводили в том числе преподаватели, имеющие большой опыт применения сервисов Googlе в образовании, обучающие других учителей, а также сотрудники компании Google, занимающиеся поддержкой продуктов в России. Итак, почему Google? Рассмотрим подробнее некоторые из перечисленных сервисов. Еще одна служба- календарь Google.

Google's Apps for Education and the New Privacy Policy Privacy | Features Google's Apps for Education and the New Privacy Policy By Dian Schaffhauser02/15/12 In late January when Google announced that it was replacing 60 different privacy policies across its multiple sites and services with a single one, you might have thought Congress had taken up SOPA and PIPA again. That's how loud the outrage was from much of the social galaxy, as reflected in this Gizmodo headline: "Google's Broken Promise: The End of 'Don't Be Evil.'" But what has been ignored in these discussions is the impact that could be felt by schools that have signed up for Google Apps for Education. The Basics of the Privacy PolicyIf you haven't bothered to read through the new privacy policy, which takes effect on March 1, 2012, here are the basics. Google said that the goal of a single privacy policy is to make it "simpler and more readable." Note, however, that the privacy policy doesn't affect anonymous public users.

Adding a Favicon for your Google Site I had previously made a post on how to add a Favicon to your website. In that post I linked back to a website that had directions for creating a favicon in a Google Site. Apparently that post no longer exists so I thought I would make the directions myself. A favicon is the icon you see in the tab of your web browser. You can see in the below screenshot that I have 3 tabs open. The gmail logo is visible in the first tab, that icon is a favicon. The reason to change the favicon on your Google Site is it makes it easier for you and students to navigate multiple tabs. Step 1: Create an image You can use any editor you want. Step 2: Go to You will want to upload your image to a favicon creator. No need to register or login. Click on “Choose File” and upload your image file. Once you’ve uploaded the file scroll down a little to the preview box. Step 3: Click on the blue share button on your Google Site Step 4: Click on “Attachments” on the left hand side That is it!

An iPad Workflow for the Classroom Using Google Drive & Pages, Keynote or Numbers The Google Drive iPad app is not yet all that we might want it to be, but it is definitely moving in the right direction. A recent update included the ability to create and edit spreadsheets, but it also added something equally useful – the ability to upload files from other apps to Google Drive via the “Open in” function. This creates some useful workflow options for teachers who want to assign, receive and grade student work on the iPad. Here’s how it could work. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Easy, right? How could teacher quickly collect all the Google accounts of the students in their class? For more info on a Google Drive iPad Workflow, see The Paperless iPad Classroom with the Google Drive app which goes into the concept in more detail and offers more options. Like this: Like Loading... Related The Goodreader iPad Workflow Solution At a workshop today, I got talking to a High School teacher (@MrsMoses227) who uses the Goodreader app for her iPad workflow solution. In "Google"

Google+ Сообщества Вик Гундотра, старший вице-президент Наступают рождественские праздники, время встреч и общения с теми, кто нам особенно дорог. В такие дни я вспоминаю, что сервис Google+ создавался именно для того, чтобы помочь встретиться близким людям, как бы далеко друг от друга они ни находились. И, конечно, одной из главных наших задач было сделать так, чтобы общение в Интернете ничем не уступало "живому" общению. А это совсем не просто. К счастью, у нас есть отличные помощники – вы. Google+ развивается быстрее любой другой социальной сети. В чем причина такой популярности? Google+ Сообщества – объединяйтесь с единомышленникамиЧем бы вы ни увлекались – фотосъемкой или астрономией, – в Google+ вы всегда могли найти людей, которые разделяют ваши интересы. Создавайте открытые и закрытые сообщества.Находите людей, которые разделяют ваши интересы.Планируйте мероприятия и общайтесь на видеовстречах. Сегодня Сообщества появятся в Google+, и мы приглашаем всех попробовать наш новый сервис.

Google Maps: 100+ Best Tools and Mashups Most people think of Google Maps in terms of finding a place or business, or getting directions from one point to another. Others use the satellite images and terrain mapping features. But there are tons of other uses out there for Google maps. From mapping the weather and news to mapping things that aren't maps at all, like paintings or magazines, Google Maps has a lot to offer. And there are free tools available out there for those who want to use the Google Maps API without doing a bunch of coding. Have a favorite Google Maps tool or mashup? Travel and Transportation Mapness - An online travel journal that interfaces with Google Maps to show where you've been. The AA Route Planner - Plan trips around the UK. Montreal Metro Map - A complete map of Montreal Metro stations. TubeJP - A London Tube journey planner using Google Maps that also incorporates a search function to find local businesses. Dublin Public Transport Advisor - A trip planner for public transportation in and around Dublin.

The Entire Guide to Google Search Features for Teachers and Students The Entire Guide to Google Search Features for Teachers and Students is the third ebook I am publishing here exclusively for Educational Technology and Mobile Learning readers. After the success of 80 Alternatives to YouTube and The Comprehensive Guide to Google Free Tools in Education, I am expecting my readers to find this guide of the same importance if not more. Here is an excerpt from its introduction : "As educators Google is the backbone of our online activities. Think of how many times you use it to perform a search whenever you are looking for something. calculator, zip code finder and many more. Good to Know – Google If you’re the tablet owner, touch Settings → Users → Add user or profile. Touch Restricted profile → New profile, then name the profile. Use the ON/OFF switches and settings to manage access to features, settings, and apps. Press the Power button to return to the lock screen, then touch the new profile icon. Once it's all set up, the Home screen is empty. Touch the All Apps icon to get started with the new profile.

Виртуальный принтер Google В инструкциях речь идет о принтерах, которые можно подключить к сети, но я попробовал сделать немного иначе. Подключить локальный принтер и через учетную запись в Google попробовать напечатать документ с планшета. Все оказалось еще проще, достаточно активировать принтер, через браузер Chrome - Настройки - Дополнительные настройки - Подключить принтер. Выбрать нужный принтер и сохранить. Во время печати с помощью Виртуального принтера Google ваш файл безопасно передается на принтер по сети. F.A.Q. по подключению