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Educational Games

Educational Games

Games and Activities | PureSight If your kids are like most they kids enjoy playing computer and online games. These can be a great way to help teach your kids about the dangers of online life such as cyberbulllying, sexting, and online predators, and about the ways they can protect themselves. There are many games and activities available online, and we’ve listed several here for your use. Elementary school aged kids (First through Sixth grade)Middle school aged kids and up (Seventh grade and up) Elementary school aged kids (First through Sixth grade) Middle school aged kids and up (Seventh grade and up) Mystery Matters - Centre for Learning Innovation Games based learning Online Lesson Planner Welcome to! This overview will introduce you to the main features of It only takes a few minutes, and is a great way to become familiar with how "works". You can exit the overview at any time, and can always view it later by clicking on your display name (upper right corner) and selecting Overview. Add or Edit Lessons Perhaps the first thing you'll want to know is how to add or edit lessons in your plans. You can also use the action arrow in the upper right corner of each lesson to edit, copy/paste, bump (move to next day), extend (copy to next day) or delete your lesson. Note that before you add lessons, you'll want to create your classes (the subjects you teach). School Year List The School Year List allows you to add a new school year to your plans, which you'll want to do at the start of each school year. saves all your prior years, and you can also use the School Year List to switch between years, to easily view prior year plans. Plans

Interactive Information Literacy Tutorials // Raynor Memorial Libraries // Marquette University skip to main content Interactive Information Literacy Tutorials These tutorials easily integrate with D2L to provide an easy way to integrate active learning and gamification into information literacy instruction. Learners benefit from the ability to repeat an activity as many times as required to gain a full understanding of a concept. If you are interested in using any of these tutorials, contact your embedded librarian or subject liaison, as they can assist with importing tutorials into your D2L course. There are also a series of short lessons, developed by the The New Literacies Alliance (NLA), that cover rudimentary concepts of information literacy. Location Raynor Memorial Libraries 1355 W. Milwaukee, WI 53233 Information Desk: (414) 288-7556 Key Resources Libraries A to Z More ways to connect: Privacy Policy Legal Disclaimer Non-Discrimination Policy © 2016 Marquette University Have a suggestion?

Welcome to the Web 12 Quick Thanksgiving Videos for Kindergarten Bring Thanksgiving to life with kindergarten Thanksgiving videos. Here is a collection of favorite Thanksgiving videos for kindergarten. These are Youtube videos that aren’t too long and can hold the attention span of a five and six year old. I’ve found audio books, fingerplays, a good song to sing in front of parents and a few classics you’ll want to show your class. Thanksgiving Books on Video If you have a favorite read aloud – search for it on Youtube! Get the Book My all time favorite Thanksgiving themed book is Turkey Trouble. Get the Book Gotta love Pete the Cat! Get the Book Thanksgiving Songs What are the things we eat at Thanksgiving? Identify the rhyming words in this 10 Little Turkeys fingerplay song. Brain Breaks – Get Up & Dance Get your kinders up and moving with a fun Thanksgiving version of the hokey pokey. This fun to-the-beat brain break for Thanksgiving is a cute repetitive video. Celebration Songs Thanksgiving Videos for Kindergarten: Classic Stories Oh, so classic! Tip!

Battle of the Books | Poplar Bridge Elementary School What is it? Battle of the Books is an optional reading challenge sponsored by the Media Center. It is available for students in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades. Students work with teammates in their grade level to read 12 books in a variety of genres. Each team will be comprised of 3 or 4 students. Multiple copies of the books are available, either in print or eBook (Nook) format. How do I become a member of a team? All students are invited to participate in the Battle of the Books. What will meetings be like? We will hold one meeting per month to check on each team’s progress. What should I do during and after I finish reading a book? You might want to jot down ideas as you read. What kinds of questions will we answer at the competition? All questions will begin: “In which book…?” We will avoid using proper names for characters and settings. How will we answer the questions at the competition? Answers will always be in the format of the title.

Mrs. Gearhart Instructional Software - Software and Web Sites Introduction: As a technology integration advisor for the elementary level, it is my responsibility to be familiar with a wide range of software and web sites. Because of this, the software and web sites that are listed below cover a broad spectrum. In my position, I am called on to objectively evaluate software, refer teachers to web sites and software that will meet a specific objective, and quickly assess a web site’s effectiveness. The links below offer information on several different types of software, and links to sites that offer guidelines in evaluating software and web sites. Evaluating software links: Evaluating educational web sites:Evaluating iPad Apps: Rubric for evaluating apps for iPods and iPads (be sure to see the pdf that can be downloaded) Drill and Practice Software/Web Sites Definition: Software or web sites that reinforce skills through repetition. Cons SpellingCity is a web site for practicing spelling words. Tutorials Cons

Information Impact | Creative Educator Create high-level, authentic assessments by combining Big6 with creative technology tools. How do we give students a creative, high-level learning experience that results in information literacy success? With the strong focus on the results of state mandated tests, we spend a large portion of classroom time preparing for them. It is difficult to find windows of opportunity for creative, higher-level, authentic assessments. Mike Eisenberg’s and Bob Berkowitz’ Big6 research method guides students through information problem solving with the use of critical thinking. At a local conference, I attended a presentation that showcased student work with Share. Over the next six weeks, I worked with a fifth-grade class during their fixed, biweekly library instruction time, as well as additional times in collaboration with their classroom teacher. Task Definition I began by having students define the task, i.e., figure out what exactly I was asking them to do. What caused the ship to sink? Synthesis

ALEX - Alabama Learning Exchange Creator: Jenipher Patterson School/Organization: Ben Davis Elementary School Decatur City Schools Overview: The Big6 is a process model to help people solve their information problems. Length: 03:40 Content Areas: English/Language Arts, Technology Education Alabama Course of Study Alignments and/or Professional Development Standard Alignments: [ELA2015] (3) 31: Engage effectively in a range of collaborative discussions (one-on-one, in groups, and teacher-led) with diverse partners on Grade 3 topics and texts, building on others' ideas and expressing their own clearly.