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The 20 Best Education Apps And Web Tools Of The Year

The 20 Best Education Apps And Web Tools Of The Year
The following is an excerpt from the December issue of Edudemic Magazine. Download the issue for just $.99 to view the full issue and the rest of the list! Stay tuned (or download the magazine) for the best devices of the year! In our year‐end special issue, we’ve worked hard at assembling the best of the best. It contains the best (in our opinion and what we’ve heard from educators around the world) resources you should know about. It’s the end of the year and that means you have a little extra time for the first time since summer. NOTE: These are in no particular order and the list is actually longer in the iPad Magazine. Evernote (Web, iOS, Android) Use it for: note taking/word processing, voice recording, photos (snapshots of teachers’s notes group work, etc), share work between teachers and students, organize and search all of your notes. Instapaper (Web, iOS, Android) Use it for: Creating ‘read it later’ bookmarks that can be accessed from any device.

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: 7 Excellent iPad Games to Develop Kids Critical Thinking There is an app for everything these days. From health apps to travel apps, iTunes market is teeming with all kinds of apps. It only takes one click in a search engine to find what you want but as we always say not every app can do what its developers preach , you need to have a critical eye to evaluate the apps that will work for you. As teachers and educators, we are in a constant search for apps to use with our students and this is why we need to make sure we have recourse to checklists such as this one whenever we are to recommend apps. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning has even made it way easier for teachers to pick the apps they want from some pre-made lists of apps organized according to each subject area. You can check them HERE. 1- Feed the Head " The iPad adaptation of our classic surrealist toy! 2-Where's My Water "Where’s My Water? 3- RoomBreak "Room Break is an adventure game about escaping.The purpose of this game is simple. 4- Cross Fingers Fee 5- Doodle Fit

6 Apps That Teach Math Concepts For young learners, there are a plethora of apps out there to help learn how to count, and for older learners, often times a graphing calculator or scientific calculator app will do the trick. But what about all of those students in between? You know, the ones who already know how to count, but have to learn a multitude of math concepts that most of their parents have long forgotten? We’re taking a look at 6 apps that are easy to use and teach more than just counting. Geometry Pattern Blocks This app allows you to create virtual geometrical shapes using a grid. Fractions Fractions by Tap to Learn This app uses everyday items (like a pizza or an apple) to demonstrate and quiz users on fractions. Order of Operations Name That Number Name That Number is a game based learning tool where players use five number tiles to build number sentences that equal a target number. Estimation iEstimation Graphing, Mean/Median/Mode Graphs by Tap to Learn Multiplication Ghostblasters

22 Best Mac Apps of 2012 Apple has announced its list of the best Mac apps of 2012. Taking top honors is Day One, a $9.99 journaling app for iPad and iPhone that lets users write about their daily thoughts and memories. Entries into the journal are saved to iCloud or Dropbox, so they are synced across all devices. CameraBag 2 was this year’s runner up in the Mac App Store. The $14.99 photo editing app has 100 built-in styles and filters that can be used to edit photos, as well as more than 25 manual photographic tools to make any picture look its best. Check out the gallery, above, for a look at the full list of Apple's favorite Mac apps this year. Did your favorite app make the list? Image courtesy of iStockphoto, tbradford

10 Must-Have Apps For iPads In The Classroom My students love using their iPads in the classroom! iPads in the classroom provide student with the opportunity not to be restricted to the traditional way of learning. As a teacher, it is a wonderful feeling to see students being engaged and interacting in their learning. The following is a list of free apps and websites that I have found that really motivates and inspires my students to be actively engaged in their learning. (1) Today’s Meet ~ A backchannel website that helps you connect with students in real time. (2) ~ A website that allow students to collaborate in real time with the use of sticky notes on a board. (3) Study Blue ~ This app and website provide students with the opportunity to create online flashcards to use as review. (4) Fotobabble ~ Fotobabble can be used as an app or website to allow students to use photos and a voice recording to demonstrate their understanding of a topic. (5) Sonic Pics and (6) Doodle Buddy ~ This duo is a perfect pair.

Top Five iPad Apps for Teaching Across All Content Areas Ever since I was a kid, I loathed back to school commercials. They always showed parents gleefully skipping through aisles of pencils and notebooks as the kids, sullen and dejected, sluggishly followed along. It's a scene we are all too familiar with, and one that creates a negative stigma around school. But what if that scene were flipped? What if the kids were happy and eager to get to school? Is that possible after roughly 90 days of sun and fun? Although this post is a little early for the back-to-school season, consider it an early reminder that summer is near and that, eventually, the start of the 2013 school year will be close at hand. I’m going to share five applications for the iPad that will take the place of student supply lists, provide savings and replace dread with anticipation. Notability While some may argue that there are better options -- and free options -- out there, I find, along with many of our students, that Notability is the go-to application for note taking.

The Teacher's Quick Guide To Digital Scavenger Hunts If you’ve got a smartphone or a tablet in your classroom, you’re ready for the adventure to begin! By adventure I mean, of course, the world of active learning through digital scavenger hunts. In this hunt, students are tasked with finding a particular physical object, person, or place and have to use technology to track it down. Note: an ‘online scavenger hunt’ usually implies that you’re hunting around online and not physically with classmates. The Simple Goal So now that you’re all ready to start your very first scavenger hunt, let’s figure out what the goals are. Finding The Technology Like the movie National Treasure, students will need a lot of ingenuity and tools to help them uncover the mysteries you’ve laid out before them. In an effort to get your scavenger hunt jump-started, here are a few useful tech tools that might be of use. SCVNGR – A useful free app that lets you create your very own digital scavenger hunts, start to finish. Finding An Objective A Quick Note

SIGML Recommends 25 Educator Vetted Apps for iPad and iPhone With more than half a million apps available in the Apple app store and hundreds of thousands of apps available for Android devices, it can be difficult for educators to dig through the clutter and find apps to facilitate meaningful learning experiences. ISTE’s Special Interest Group for Mobile Learning (SIGML) hosted a forum at ISTE 2012 to share educational apps vetted by actual educators. “We planned this event because educators do not have a clue how much these apps can do,” said Robbie Melton from the Tennessee Board of Regents who led the SIGML forum. During the fast-paced session, panelist and attendees described their favorite apps in brief five-minute presentations. InClass: This app has a built in mic for note taking and a simple organizer for student schedules and assignments. Frog Dissection: Not just for students squeamish about actual dissections, this app provides videos, quizzes, dissection processes, and even a virtual wet lab. Skitch: Want to write or type on a PDF?

A Roadmap For Successful Education App Development 10 Ways To Become A Better Online Learner 8.34K Views 0 Likes There are some quick and easy ways to become a better online learner. Technology Timesavers for Teachers - myTeachersLounge Teachers today are fortunate to have access to technological tools that make our jobs easier and minimize the paperwork involved in educating our students. I didn’t grow up with computers like today’s students did, but I’m very much on board with becoming more tech savvy and, yes, even accepting help from my students when I have technical difficulties. About a year ago I bought myself an iPad after saving for it for months. It was going to help me organize my life, both at home and at school, and guess what? It did. The first tool I use is DropBox and you don’t have to have an iPad to use it. DropBox is a way to store your documents “in the cloud” so that you have access to them wherever you are. I cannot tell you how liberating it was for me to kick my jump drive to the curb. I also don’t have the problem of having some files on my computer at home and some on my computer at school. That makes this control freak happy, let me tell you. Imagine! One app I use is Teacher Assistant.