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Le top 10 des alternatives à PowerPoint

Le top 10 des alternatives à PowerPoint

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SooperLooper - real-time looping sampler SooperLooper is written by Jesse Chappell. It is licensed under the GPL and comes with NO WARRANTY of any kind. This software is free and the source code is open and available. It is fully functional, no nagging, no activation keys, nothing to waste but time if you find it doesn't suit your needs. Best of all, because the source is open, there will always be someone around who can fix any problems, or add new features. You are welcome to copy it, give copies to your friends, and modify it. DATAK, a game on the use of personal data – Serious Games Society Radio Télèvision Suisse developed a serious game about an increasingly important issue: the protection of personal data. The game is available in English, German, French and Italian at has the intention to raise awareness on data collection and on how our personal data can be used. It is aimed at anyone aged 15 or over and brings to life the main themes of the investigation (social media, government surveillance, commerce and health). The players of DATAK assume the role of a recent recruit hired to work for the mayor of a town to manage social media, and are confronted with various dilemmas in their day-to-day lives. There are important decisions to be made (in their private lives and for the community) against the clock. The game results from a broad investigation on the use of personal data, available at

Adobe Illustrator and Wacom Pen Tablets: A Better Way to Unleash Creativity Adobe® Illustrator® and Intuos Pro deliver clean, extendable graphics providing professional designers and illustrators with a better way to create. Featuring a host of creative tools, Adobe Illustrator has long been a program of choice for designers and illustrators alike. Advanced software capabilities enable users to produce elaborate designs and illustrations that capture their creativity with greater ease. Inking in Illustrator: Setting Up Brushes Over the past few years I’ve been switching back and forth between creating work using traditional tools (pencils, ink, brush, etc.) and using digital tools (Illustrator, Photoshop, a Wacom tablet, etc.). There are a bunch of really cool things about using Adobe Illustrator for inking. • You can get a nice smooth, thick to thin line quality which is similar to using a sable brush and a bottle of ink.