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How to Start Learning Computer Programming: 17 Steps

How to Start Learning Computer Programming: 17 Steps
Steps Part 1 Choosing a Language <img alt="Image titled Start Learning Computer Programming Step 1" src=" width="728" height="546" class="whcdn" onload="WH.performance.clearMarks('image1_rendered'); WH.performance.mark('image1_rendered');">1Choose a programming language. <img alt="Image titled Start Learning Computer Programming Step 6" src=" width="728" height="546" class="whcdn">6Don't limit yourself to these languages! Part 2 Learning the Language Part 3 Teaching Yourself Community Q&A Add New Question Where can I find free coding practice problems? Ask a Question Tips Article Info

How to Code Your First Program in C: 8 Steps 1Make sure you have a C++ compiler or IDE that you are comfortable with and prefer using. (Ex. Microsoft Visual C++) Ad 2Launch your C++ compiler and began a new project. In Visual C++ it's done by pressing File->New->Project->Empty Project. 3After having your empty project set up. Right click Source Files and add a new item, select cpp file. 4Began your code with #include <iostream> this is to allow you to use the cout(C-out) and cin(C-in) commands which are used to output and input from within the prompt.5Next you tell the program to use the "std" namespace by typing 'using namespace std;'. // the complete program follows: #include <iostream> using namespace std; int main ( int argc, char** argv ) // standard form ignore for now { cout << "Hello World!" cin.get(); return 0; }

Essential Linux Commands Following are some of the most essential Linux commands which I often use and might be a one page reference for you as well. Use these Linux commands at your own risks. Some of these commands, specially the rm commands, might do harm if not used properly without additional checks. I use these commands all the times on my centOS dedicated servers whenever I need it and they work flawlessly. List Show file sizes in KB, MB, GB ls -lah List only directories ls -l | egrep `^d’ List and sort by date ls -t ls -lt Sort by file size ls -S Search/Find find . Above command will find a searchterm in all files in the present directory and will print it on screen. If you want to search for a term in specific folders then use following command. find /home/*/public_html/ -exec grep “searchterm” ‘{}’ \; –print Above command comes very handy when you want to search for any term in all of your websites hosted on a single host. You can capture the result in a file using this command instead of displaying on the screen

Get More Energy to Exercise Blood glucose numbers aren't the only pertinent data to record. "Keep a journal, and on the days when you're really fatigued and experiencing pain, look at what you've been doing," says Julie Silver, M.D., a rehabilitation physician and assistant professor at Harvard Medical School. For three days, write down what you're doing every half hour, and rate your pain and fatigue level on a 0-to-5 scale (0 = feeling great; 5 = a lot of pain and fatigue). Finally, Vinik says, whatever you do to move more, don't call it exercise. How to Use a Food Journal to Control Blood Sugar

How to Program in Java: 12 Steps Edit Article Edited by Samuel, Tom Viren, Andy Zhang, Ben Rubenstein and 50 others To program in Java (not JavaScript, an unrelated language), you need a compiler, a program to convert Java source code to bytecode. In the old days, the only option was Sun's JDK; but now you have many options, including the GNU GCJ which creates class files or native exe files, and jikes, IBM's open source contribution. You also will need a Java virtual machine, which is a "machine within a machine" which understands Java bytecodes and translates them into machine language on the target processor. Ad Steps 1Download the correct package for your platform. 12Don't reinvent the wheel. Tips After you get some experience, try to get official programmer certification from Sun Microsystems itself. Warnings It is usually not necessary to pay for Java courses that may be very expensive and offer little value.

CodeBangers | A collection of solutions for the bastard programming problems. 12 Tips for Weight Loss Carbs have been getting a bad rap for years. And perhaps with good reason, as many people load up on far too many refined carbohydrate sources, such as breads, snacks, and treats made with white flour and refined sugars. These foods offer low-nutrient carbs, which do little more than add unwanted calories to your diet. You can enjoy carbs -- in moderation -- as long as you focus on nutrient-rich sources that are minimally processed. If you're a woman trying to lose weight, shoot for 30-55 grams of carbohydrate per meal. How Many Carb Servings Should You Eat a Day? How to Learn Computer Programming Online at Home: 5 Steps Edit Article4,275 views 6 Editors Edited 9 days ago Computer Programming is the prime reason why the World has got it's beautiful shape that it currently does. Yes, the entire technology that we see around us today is not suddenly dropped from Heaven, rather it is all coded by millions of programmers from all along the History.And, apart from that fact, it is not necessary for everyone to be revolutionary programmers but IT IS a requisite these days to have a basic picture in mind on how this is all done; because, the next generations of (our) kids are going to completely live on it.These days there are numerous ways to learn programming irrespective of your everyday career. Ad Steps 1Select your course website/portal: There are literally many websites/portals that were started up in the last few years which provide the users with lessons in computer programming from the scratch. 5Don't break the bank. Tips Warnings

Learn the Basics of Coding Allowing remote access to your home computer is not the best advice, especially for someone new to programming and security. However, we all do it. Just be aware that you are risking all the data and probably all the other systems on your home network in doing this. Secure web programming is hard, really hard. Possibly the most important item to learn is that just because something works, that doesn't mean it is correct or secure. End User Programming If you are on MS-Windows and want to make your PC do things, check out PowerShell programming. If you are on Linux or OSX, check out bash programming. Power User Programming If you want to create cross-platform programs that can have GUIs and aren't CPU intensive, while learning simple and advanced programming techniques, check out Python. Web programming requires a multitude of skills. Professional Programming These folks know that learning a new computer language isn't a big deal. How to Learn to Program. I disagree with the video:

Ask an Expert: Will Carrying a Balance Improve My Credit Score? This post comes from Jason Bushey , who writes about credit cards and personal finance topics daily on I recently received this question from a Money Talks News reader: I’ve gotten some contradictory advice on carrying a credit card balance. Here’s my response One of the biggest myths surrounding credit scores is that you need to be in debt to get a great score. Before we get into what actually determines your credit score, we should mention that Mike’s dad wasn’t completely wrong. If you want to show credit card issuers you’re serious about using credit, the easy way to do so is to make on-time payments in full each month. Your FICO score, explained FICO inventors Fair Isaac Corp. actually set the record straight a while back in regard to what determines a FICO score, the most widely used American credit score model. That’s why the best way to improve your score or maintain excellent credit is to make on-time monthly payments. To sum up

How to Learn a Programming Language: 10 Steps Edit Article Edited by Bourkas, Tom Viren, Ben Rubenstein, Compmod129 and 77 others Whether you want to design a video game, develop some cool apps for iPhone or Android or just want to do it for fun, programming is the way to go. There are countless programming languages for all sorts of uses, but learning them is easy once you learn how to use one. As a beginner, you'll probably start with Java or HTML. Ad Steps 1Decide your goal. 10Have a lot of practice. Tips When you learn something new, it is often helpful to implement it yourself and then tweak the design, predicting the results, to make sure you understand the concept.For practice, try to teach others. Sources and Citations How To Become A Hacker, an essay by Eric S.

How I Taught Myself to Code in Eight Weeks