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Customize HTML5 Viewer, View PDF file in HTML5 Viewer, Free HTML5-based PDF Viewer Online | VeryPDF Knowledge Base. HTML5 Stereo Viewer. This post is also available in: English Overview This project is a Javascript code that allows you to make a slideshow to view stereo-images (stereo-pairs for cross eyed or parallel viewing methods) with different methods (mono, cross eyed and parallel, different anaglyphs for Red-Cyan and Green-Magenta glasses, interlaced) as well as simple flat images. This code runs on all modern desktop browsers (except IE and Opera Mini) and Mobile Safari. desktop browser screnshots: iPhone screenshots: iPad screenshots: Sources How to attach this script to you web page You need to place a webpage and all stereo images to the same web site. stereoh5.js file you can place anywhere and call it anyhow you like. Script searches for the images with specific classes. There is only one function you need to use: stereoViewerOpen. Examples Live examples of the code above.

Images used in this demonstration: Real Life Examples. GroupDocs PDF, XLS, PPT & DOCX HTML5 Viewer. This plugin allows you to embed GroupDoc's online document viewer to your Drupal webpages. GroupDocs Viewer is an intuitive online document viewer that can be used to view documents online effortlessly. The uploaded documents appear in exactly the same quality as the original.

Simply install this plugin and embed documents as well as our efficient online document viewer to your Drupal pages. There is no need to install the original software that they were created in. To use our plugin you need Login and Password from GroupDocs account to cofigure the plugin. How and where you can find them please check in GroupDocs FAQ GroupDocs Viewer is so flexible that it supports documents of multiple file formats to be uploaded to your site.

PDF viewerWord viewer (DOC, DOCX, TXT, RTF, ODT)PowerPoint viewer (PPT, PPTX)Spreadsheet viewer (XLS, XLSX)Image file viewer (JPG, BMP, GIF, TIFF) An efficient online document viewer is vital to surpass the cross-platform and cross-version compatibility issues. Online Collaboration for teams: manage projects, secure file sharing. Brava HTML Viewer | Brava! View and collaborate on documents anytime, anywhere with Brava's new HTML5 client. That’s the new Brava! ® Enterprise HTML client—a more powerful, flexible and accessible way to securely view and collaborate on virtually any document, image or drawing. It integrates to major content management systems and requires no workstation installation or plug-ins, so users can run Brava on virtually any operating system—including PC, Mac, Linux and Unix—using popular browsers such as Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox and Chrome.

That means users just need an Internet connection to enjoy all the powerful functionality of Brava: Take a test drive *> Interested in integrating Brava HTML into your solution? Contact us today! * iPad users will automatically get the touch-enabled experience. On the Origin of Species. HTML5 Viewer for Documents & Images | View PDF, AFP, TIFF, JPG, etc. We invite you to explore VirtualViewer HTML5 document viewer, our true Zero Footprint, universal document and image viewing solution. You can test drive its viewing and annotation functionality immediately with our online demo complete with test documents. After you’ve experienced VirtualViewer HTML5 document viewer from our Website, you can request a full trial version to install and configure to meet your needs. Our HTML5 document viewer is available for either Java or .NET.

Demo Tips: User Interface: See page 4 of the demo document (embedded in the viewer) for a review of the interface icons for the HTML5 document viewerAnnotations: See page 6 of the demo document for tips on creating the Annotations. Also, please try our Java Applet Demo and experience our cross-platform Java document viewer and image viewer. We Value Your Feedback We would love to hear how either VirtualViewer Demo for HTML5 document viewer or Java document viewer performed in terms of:

Edocr | edocr. Edocr | edocr. Teamwork Simplified: Content Collaboration, Team Workspaces, Lean Projects, Sharepoint Alternative. Cloud Document Management | Hosted Content Management | SpringCM. Online Collaboration for teams: manage projects, secure file sharing. Online Collaboration for teams: manage projects, secure file sharing. Platform Developer Documentation. Box View converts PDF and Office documents to HTML thus enabling these files to be easily embedded into web and mobile applications.

View a sample document: Click here to try converting some of your own documents. Getting started is extremely simple: Example Requests Sample API calls are provided next to each method using cURL, a standard command line tool. All you need to do is drop in your specific parameters, and test the calls from the command line. Here is a great tutorial on using cURL with APIs. Input/Output Format All requests must be made with https. Content-Type: application/json Extremely large numbers will be returned in IEEE754 format (the same way doubles are stored in Java). Date Format All timestamps (both those sent in requests and those returned in responses) should be formatted as shown in our examples. Rate Limiting In certain cases, Box enforces rate-limiting to prevent abuse by third-party services and/or users. Authorization: Token YOUR_API_KEY Document Object Attributes. HTML5 and ArcGIS Server - Another look at the Geocortex Viewer for HTML5 Q&A - Webinar Follow-up.

New Release: Geocortex Viewer for HTML5 1.2 | Geocortex Blog. February 14th, 2013 by Drew Millen The latest release of the Geocortex Viewer for HTML5 features functional enhancements and usability improvements to support mobile use cases and workflows. This release includes: A more user-friendly interface for configuring viewers in Geocortex Essentials Manager, including an “instant preview” function for smartphones and tabletsFull support for viewing non-spatial data configured with data linksProgrammatic commands that support feature highlighting and markupSupport for Esri’s ArcGIS API for JavaScript version 3.3Dozens of user experience enhancementsNew, more efficient offline and synchronization processes: Easily provision an application for offline useLaunch the viewer when offline or onlineA suite of feature editing tools that work online or offlineComplete back-office synchronization of data Please note that the use of tiled basemaps or native device capabilities will require the deployment of a native (i.e., device-specific) application.

HTML5 Document Viewer | Snowbound Software. (Formerly VirtualViewer AJAX)Supports any browser, including IE (7-11), Chrome, Firefox, and Safari Our VirtualViewer® HTML5 document viewer offers a pure HTML viewing solution that enables users to view content through a universal web interface without requiring a download or client installation. This Zero Footrprint document viewer delivers complete mobility by providing access to critical content from any device (mobile, tablet, computer) through a web browser. Developed using HTML5, a content server and additional technologies (JavaScript, CSS, and AJAX), VirtualViewer HTML5 can easily augment and provide additional functionality to web applications or ECM and e-business solutions.

Requires NO installation – Because VirtualViewer HTML5 is a pure HTML document viewer, there is no client installation or digital certificate required.Operates in any browser – Eliminates client platform compatibility issues. Runs in Internet Explorer (7 and up), Safari, Chrome and Firefox. VirtualViewer HTML5 Demo. HTML5 Document Viewing Technology | eViewer | html5 viewer | html5 document viewer | html5 mobile viewer | iPad Viewer | AJAX Document Viewer. Community Portal. Setting up a Verge Viewer Log into the Zmags Publicator, and click 'Viewers' on the left side. Adding a new Viewer When in the Viewers tab, scroll to the bottom of the page and select Add. Pick the new Viewer to base the custom Viewer on (one of the 4 above). Once 1 of the 4 Publications is selected then select Next to start customizing. Customizing the Verge Viewer Viewer Name: The new Viewer will need to be re-named, to differentiate it from the one it is based on, before you can save it.

Viewer Type: Select whether to display content in Viewer one page at a time, or in two page spreads. Preferred desktop viewer:Select whether to display the desktop viewer using Adobe Flash or HTML5. If a user's browser does not support HTML5, the publication will be launched in Flash instead; if they do not have Flash, they will be prompted to install it. You can test your browser's ability to support HTML5 here: Enable Zoom: Enable or disable the zoom function. Edit Publication. Community Portal. The following examples use the Zmags Embedded Viewer API. It assumes that readers have general knowledge of embedding the viewer already. If this is not the case, feel free to click the link above for more information. What is the HTML5 Viewer? The new Zmags HTML5 viewer has just been released, and represents the next step in our ongoing effort to bring you the most platform independent and best reader experience possible.

The HTML5 viewer is the very same viewer seen when using a mobile device to view a publication with the new VERGE viewer, and is now available for desktop as well. As the name suggests, this viewer is rendered entirely in HTML5, so no Flash is required. The purpose of this demon is to show several things you can do with the new HTML5 viewer using our Javascript embedded viewer API. Live Demo Click here to view the example in action! List of included features: See the appropriate section below for more information. Embedded Viewer API Lightbox Popups Fullscreen Button.

HTML5 Zero Footprint DICOM Viewer | LEADTOOLS. The LEADTOOLS HTML5 DICOM Viewer is a powerful collection of JavaScript libraries and RESTful Web Services that provide a zero footprint, platform-independent web application for displaying DICOM images from any PACS. This OEM-ready, fully customizable website is perfect for any developer who needs fast, lightweight DICOM viewing without sacrificing any features healthcare professionals need. Live Online Demo - See the HTML5 DICOM Viewer in Action Click here to watch a video of the HTML5 DICOM Viewer Overview of LEADTOOLS HTML5 Zero Footprint DICOM Viewer SDK Technology Other LEADTOOLS SDK Technologies Related to the HTML5 Zero Footprint DICOM Viewer LEADTOOLS SDK Products that Include the HTML5 Zero Footprint DICOM Viewer Hover over each product for a description.

LEADTOOLS Medical HTML5 Module Develop the next generation of DICOM and PACS imaging applications with the LEADTOOLS Medical HTML5 Module. LEADTOOLS Medical Imaging Suite SDK. Seeing Is Believing – Document Embedding at Its Best | Crocodoc. HTML 5 Document Viewer | View PDF, TIFF, DOC, JPG and More. Prizm Content Connect's HTML5-based document viewer is optimized for viewing scanned documents, such as PDFs and TIFFs, in a browser -- more than 300 different file formats are supported. Requiring no client-side software downloads, plugins, or ActiveX controls, this zero-footprint viewer is the perfect solution for securely sharing documents with partners, suppliers, or customers when you have no control over their IT infrastructure.

Installation, Integration and Specifications Server-side install only; no additional software required Windows and Linux systems (both 32 and 64-bit) supported Full API support for integration into any web-based application Annotation and Redaction ControlsTop The HTML5 viewer enables users to create and edit annotations directly within the zero-footprint user interface.

Mobile Friendly: With the popularity of smartphones, business users expect business tools to be available on their phones and tablets. SearchTop Thumbnail DisplayTop View ControlsTop.