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Java Everywhere: Write Once Run Anywhere with DukeScript. For quite some time already, Java has been failing on its “write once, run anywhere” promise.

Java Everywhere: Write Once Run Anywhere with DukeScript

DukeScript would like to change that by enabling a clean separation of view and logic in cross-platform applications. In this article, a simple scenario is used to introduce the basics of DukeScript. For many years, Java Swing enabled developers to write applications that could run on any operating system.

That all came to an end with the arrival of smart phones, tablets, and embedded computers. In the enterprise, the desktop dominated for many years. DukeScript ( gives you a Java-based solution again that enables cross-platform applications to be developed. The Best of Both Worlds The basic idea of DukeScript is simple. By combining all these pieces together, all their advantages can be leveraged, at the same time.

The ViewModel DukeScript uses the Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) design pattern for the separation of visualization and logic. Free E-books on Java, PDF & HTML5. A Quick Guide to PDF for Java Developers This E-book is a quick guide to PDF Files for Java Developers.

Free E-books on Java, PDF & HTML5

PDF files are a major file format which many Java developers will encounter. It is not a simple file format and it is not easy to handle in Java. So we have put together this free e-book to explain what PDF files are, we also talk about working with PDF’s in java and give you some advice when creating, editing, viewing or extracting PDFs along side with all of that we give you our trusty top 10 tips when working with PDF Files. Download Free Ebook The Top 10 Common Problems With PDF Files. Awesome Website Development with NetBeans IDE. Ora. NetBeans IDE 80 Satisfaction Survey. New NetBeans, Java EE, and HTML5 Book. Adding to several new books related to NetBeans, here's another one, which I received in a box of 10 yesterday, as one of its co-authors, together with JB Brock and Arun Gupta.

New NetBeans, Java EE, and HTML5 Book

Unlocking the Java EE Platform with HTML5. Talking About NetBeans and HTML5 at DevFest Istanbul. I was lucky enough to be part of DevFest Turkey recently.

Talking About NetBeans and HTML5 at DevFest Istanbul

This free one day conference covers all web technologies (talks included Android, GWT, Jelastic, Cloud, and more commercial topics). There was an army of volunteers in blue teeshirts making the event run very slickly and free food/drink. There was even a free goodie bag and a teeshirt for everyone. The venue was a large building at Istanbul University (which actually proved too small for the 3,000 attendees (students and also lots of professionals).

Oracle San Francisco 2013. Adobe's Flash Pro CC Exports to Dart and HTML5. At Google I/O today, Adobe announced their new Toolkit for Dart, a plugin for Flash Professional CC that allows developers to export their animations and games to Dart code and HTML5.

Adobe's Flash Pro CC Exports to Dart and HTML5

"Adobe is delighted to announce the Toolkit for Dart, an extension that enables web designers and animators to publish their Flash content to Dart. " said Tom Barclay, Sr. Product Manager at Adobe. With the Toolkit, developers, designers, and animators can create interactive, animated content inside of Flash Pro and publish to the Dart language and HTML5 APIs. Because Dart compiles to JavaScript, the content runs across modern desktop and mobile browsers without plugins. The Toolkit doesn't translate ActionScript to Dart. The extension leverages the StageXL for Dart library to reproduce Flash runtime features. Adobe plans to contribute the Toolkit to the open source community. Poll Result: HTML 5 Support Is Most Important Java EE 7 Enhancement. Posted by editor on April 15, 2013 at 5:15 PM PDT In the most recently completed poll, developers overwhelmingly considered the HTML 5 related enhancements in Java EE 7 to be the most important.

Poll Result: HTML 5 Support Is Most Important Java EE 7 Enhancement

The poll highlighted five of the many areas of enhancement that will be included in Java EE 7, and provided a "Something else" option as well. The 1631 votes that were cast represent one of the highest totals for recent polls. The exact question and results were: Working with CSS Style Sheets in an HTML5 Application - NetBeans Tutorial. HTML5 applications typically combine HTML, CSS and JavaScript to create applications that are run in a browser and that are displayed on a variety of devices, including smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Working with CSS Style Sheets in an HTML5 Application - NetBeans Tutorial

This document demonstrates how the IDE provides tools that can help you work with CSS rules to modify the layout of an application. The IDE also provides support for creating and using Sass and LESS CSS preprocessors in your application. The NetBeans Connector extension for the Chrome browser can help you view applications as they would appear on various devices. The extension enables the Chrome browser and the IDE to communicate with each other. The Inspect in NetBeans mode can help you locate elements in your source code by selecting them in the browser. For details on how to install the NetBeans Connector extension for the Chrome browser, see the tutorial Getting Started with HTML5 Applications. IDE 7.3 Release Candidate Release Information. NetBeans IDE 7.3 is out! (NetBeans Web Client)

NetBeans 7.3 sort en RC et intègre Easel, une plateforme pour le développement HTML5 et JavaScript dans un environnement Java. NetBeans 7.3, la prochaine mise à jour majeure de l’environnement de développement open source pour Java, C, C++, PHP, HTML, JavaScript, etc. est disponible en Release Candidate (RC).

NetBeans 7.3 sort en RC et intègre Easel, une plateforme pour le développement HTML5 et JavaScript dans un environnement Java

Cette mouture accorde une place d’honneur à l’amélioration de la prise en charge des derniers standards du Web dont HTML5, CSS3 et JavaScript. La nouveauté phare de Netbeans 7.3 est l’intégration du projet Easel, une plateforme qui permet le développement HTML5 et JavaScript dans un environnement Java. Easel dispose d’une interface d’édition pour HTML5, JavaScript et jQuery, avec le support de l’autocomplétion.

Easel dispose d’un nouveau débogueur JavaScript basé sur des API de débogage à distance de WebKit, mais il peut également s’intégrer avec le navigateur Chrome. An Advanced Guide to HTML & CSS. HTML5 pour améliorer la performance web front-end ? Lorsque XMLHttpRequest a été implémenté dans nos navigateurs, ce fut une petite révolution pour le web.

HTML5 pour améliorer la performance web front-end ?

Nous pouvions désormais échanger des données avec le serveur de manière asynchrone sans recharger toute la page courante. Cette technique baptisée AJAX (sauf si vous avez hiberné les 10 dernières années, vous devez connaître) a permis d’améliorer les performances web et le confort d’utilisation. Avec HTML5, de nouvelles fonctionnalités sont disponibles dans nos navigateurs. Voyons celles qui vont nous permettre d’améliorer les performances web front-end. Stockez vos données en local sur le navigateur. HTML5 mythbusting. The ongoing discussion about the “readiness” of HTML5 is based on a lot of false assumptions.

HTML5 mythbusting

These lead to myths about HTML5 that get uttered once and then continuously repeated – a lot of times without checking their validity at all. HTML5 doesn’t perform? The big thing everybody who wants to talk about the problems with HTML5 is performance. The main problem here is that almost every single comparison misses the fact that you are comparing apples and pears (no pun intended).