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Mixing Positional Audio and WebGL. This article discusses APIs that are not yet fully standardized and still in flux.

Mixing Positional Audio and WebGL

Be cautious when using experimental APIs in your own projects. Introduction In this article I’m going to talk about how to use the positional audio feature in the Web Audio API to add 3D sound into your WebGL scenes. To make the audio more believable, I will also introduce you to the environmental effects possible with the Web Audio API. To get a more thorough introduction to the Web Audio API, check out the Getting started with Web Audio API article by Boris Smus. HTML5 Canvas Rich UI JavaScript Library. How to create a digital presentation with Inkscape. Article license. | Level: Medium | Category: Grafics&DTP Inkscape can be used to easily generate digital presentations that can be opened with any browser that has support for the SVG standard.

How to create a digital presentation with Inkscape

The presentation we will create can be opened without issues in Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera. The presentation can also be saved in PNG or PDF format if it is necessary. Note: current modern browsers have support for the SVG 1.1 standard; Inkscape has already implemented features from SVG 1.2 standard; if you use such elements they will not be visible in the browser but in the PDF or PNG files. SVG Essentials. From WikiContent Scalable Vector Graphics -- or SVG -- is the new XML-based graphics standard from the W3C that will enable Web documents to be smaller, faster and more interactive.

SVG Essentials

This insightful book takes you through the ins and outs of SVG, from the basics to more complicated features. Whether you're a graphic designer looking for new tools, or a programmer creating and managing graphics, this book provides a solid foundation. Contents Author J. Dedication. Rich Text Editing Demo. Rich-Text Editing in Mozilla. Introduction Mozilla 1.3 introduces an implementation of Microsoft® Internet Explorer's designMode feature.

Rich-Text Editing in Mozilla

The rich-text editing support in Mozilla 1.3 supports the designMode feature which turns HTML documents into rich-text editors. Starting in Firefox 3, Mozilla also supports Internet Explorer's contentEditable attribute which allows any element to become editable or non-editable (the latter for when preventing change to fixed elements in an editable environment). Setting Up Rich-Text Editing Rich-text editing is initialized by setting the designMode property of a document to "On", such as the document inside an iframe. Similarly, setting contentEditable to "true" allows you to make individual elements of a document editable. Executing Commands. Using the Firefox Responsive Design Mode. The Basics of Web Workers. The Problem: JavaScript Concurrency There are a number of bottlenecks preventing interesting applications from being ported (say, from server-heavy implementations) to client-side JavaScript.

The Basics of Web Workers

Some of these include browser compatibility, static typing, accessibility, and performance. Fortunately, the latter is quickly becoming a thing of the past as browser vendors rapidly improve the speed of their JavaScript engines. One thing that's remained a hindrance for JavaScript is actually the language itself. JavaScript is a single-threaded environment, meaning multiple scripts cannot run at the same time. Developers mimic 'concurrency' by using techniques like setTimeout(), setInterval(), XMLHttpRequest, and event handlers.

Net - SVG Textbox. Carto:papers:svg:examples:interactivity and svg gui:textbox SVG Textbox, Version 1.1.2, 2006-10-04, (see history at the end of the page) This SVG textbox object should assist authors of SVG webapplications in creating user interfaces.

net - SVG Textbox

Why should you create SVG only web applications? Advantages of SVG only applications are flexiblity (you can control every single aspect of a SVG GUI element) and scalability (in SVG your userinterface elements are scalable as well). If you need a pixel-precise, scalable application, HTML is not very well suited, since HTML form elements don't scale well. See an example of the SVG textbox object.


CSS. JavaScript Popup Boxes. JavaScript get window X/Y position for scroll. WebGL. Rich Text Editing Demo. Cross-Browser Rich Text Editor (RTE) Rich-Text Editing in Mozilla. HTHL5 Desktop. Accessing Your Webcam in HTML5. Accessing your webcam via your browser used to involve a...pardon the profanity, a plugin.

Accessing Your Webcam in HTML5

That's right. In order to connect to a webcam and gain access to its video stream, you had to rely on something primarily created in Flash or Silverlight. While that approach certainly worked for browsers that supported plug-ins, it didn't help for the increasing number of browsers that aim to be plugin-free. This inability to natively access the webcam without relying on 3rd party components was certainly a gap in the HTML development story. At least, that was the case until pretty recently.

The W3C has been attempting to fill this gap by encouraging browser vendors to implement the proposals outlined in the Media Capture and Streams spec. Note: Browser Support Because accessing the webcam natively is a recent introduction, check out caniuse's statistics to see the level of support it has among the major browsers.) Onwards. The Example Attention Firefox 18 or 19 Users! Overview of How This Works. Web QR. Desenvolvedores.